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Chapter 379 Ding Ning’s Advertis.e.m.e.nt

Jameson, who was in charge of photography, couldn’t bear to see it anymore. He said in unhappiness, “Mr. Ding, even if you want to prove the effect of Chinese medicine anesthesia, it’s so bad to hurt Tom like this.”

Ding Ning smiled apologetically and replied, “I accept your criticism, and now, I will give Mr. Cruise a hemostatic treatment.”

“No matter how well you cure him, it will still leave two scars there. As a member of the a.s.sessment team, can I consider you to be a person without medical ethics, Mr. Ding? In order to verify the results of your research, you wantonly hurt others’ bodies. This is a crime. Lancet now reserves the right to take legal actions against you.”

Smith, the gold reporter of Lancet, said with a grave expression. He didn’t want to be cut twice when he experienced the Chinese medicine anesthesia.

Although Ding Ning had never been in a western country, he knew that Westerners advocated freedom and democracy. Western laws protected the privatization of citizens very strictly. The safety of people themselves and their personal property was also a part of privatization. If Ding Ning were in a Western country, his behavior would be regarded a serious crime. It was no wonder that these people were so angry with him.

Seeing that the staff of Lancet suddenly changed their expressions, Lu and others secretly broke out in a cold sweat for Ding Ning, complaining that Ding Ning was a little conceited that he even dared to cut Tom Cruise to prove the effect of Chinese medicine anesthesia.

Tom Cruise, however, was very broad-minded and said causally, “Having two scars on me is nothing serious since I can witness the magical Chinese medicine anesthesia. This is my honor, so, it doesn’t matter, Dr. Ding. You can try it as you want to. After all, it can better prove the effect of Chinese medicine anesthesia in this way.”

Ding Ning’s impression of this bearded man immediately became very good. “He lives up to his t.i.tle as a chief editor. These other staffers could not compare with him at all in terms of the devotion to science. No wonder Tom could be the chief editor while they could only do some legworks.” Ding Ning thought to himself.

Nevertheless, Ding Ning naturally had his reasons for doing so. After unlocking Tom’s closed meridians, he took out a bottle of powder and scattered it on his wound, saying, “Don’t worry, everyone. I will now stop Chief Cruise’s wounds from bleeding.”

. ..

Tom felt that he no longer felt sharp pains after Ding Ning scattered the hemostatic powder on his wounds, which stopped bleeding. He also had a cooling feeling from his wounds. He could not help but ask in astonishment, “Oh, my dear Ding, what kind of hemostatic medicine is this? How could it work so well? It not only is hemostatic but also can relieve the pain.”

“This is a kind of hemostatic powder developed by me. It is made of pure Chinese medicine. It doesn’t contain any chemical agent or have any side effect. It not only is hemostatic but also can relieve the pain.”

Ding Ning smiled at the camera and said as if he were making an advertis.e.m.e.nt, “I’m now applying for a patent and registering a trademark for this hemostatic powder. I believe it will be available in the market soon.”

After that, he put the hemostatic powder, which had been used a little, in Tom’s hand and said, “In order to express my apologies to you, Mr. Cruise, I’ll give this bottle of hemostatic powder to you to make an apology.”

The eyes of Jameson and others suddenly lit up. They all looked at Tom enviously. The hemostatic powder that had not yet been sold in the market turned out to be so effective. It was definitely a good thing.

However, before Tom could observe the hemostatic powder with a bright smile as if he had got a treasure, Ding Ning took out a small bottle again like performing tricks and squeezed a little ointment on his wounds.

After that, everyone watched Tom’s wounds being healed at a visible speed and become scarred. Ding Ning gently rubbed the two scars, which immediately fell off from Tom’s skin, exposing his fair skin. There were only almost inconspicuous red marks on Tom’s skin in the end.

“Oh my G.o.d, what a kind of magical ointment is this? There was no scar left on my skin.”

Smith had wanted to use the scars as an excuse to ask Ding Ning to give him a bottle of hemostatic powder. However, he immediately witnessed the scar-removing ointment which shocked him even more than the hemostatic powder did.

“This is Zuihongyan Scar Cream, which was developed by me. It was made of pure Chinese medicine, without any additives. It can make new wounds heal quickly and remove scars. It may be a little painful for you to remove your old scars with it. You need to cut your old scars open with a knife and then apply this ointment to it; then, it will completely remove the scars. Of course, I’ll also give this bottle of ointment to Editor Cruise to make an apology!”

Ding Ning laughed like a little fox. Under everyone’s salivating eyes, he put the scar cream into Tom’s pocket, then shrugged humorously and said, “It isn’t a bribe, is it?”

“Of course, it’s not. This is the reward for I served as an experiment!”

Tom held the ointment and powder tightly and happily and made the statement without blushing.

“Mr. Ding, may I ask, will this cream be available in the market? Where can I buy it? Besides, I noticed that you said it was named Zuihongyan Scar Cream; has it pa.s.sed the clinical test and registered as an trademark?”

Smith lived up to his t.i.tle as a gold reporter. He immediately realized the huge commercial value of this hemostatic powder and scar cream. He raised his microphone and asked without noticing that his question had deviated from the purpose of their trip to Shenzhou.

“These two kinds of pure Chinese medicine medications have been sent to the National Medical Products Administration for medication composition testing. At the same time, I have applied for patents and registered trademarks for them. I have authorized Shengtang (Group) Pharmaceutical Company to produce and sell it.

Besides, I have authorized Zuihongyan Cosmetics Company to produce and sell the scar cream. It will officially go on the market after it pa.s.sed the clinical tests of the National Medical Products Administration. However, because the production capacity is limited, I’m afraid that it will only be sold in China. If foreign friends want to buy it, I’m afraid that they will have to wait for some time.”

Ding Ning smiled and inserted the advertis.e.m.e.nt, saying realistically, “Of course, because the Chinese medicinal herb used in the scar cream is extremely precious, we can’t afford to produce them on a large scale. Therefore, the scar cream to go on the market is a weakened version, but I can guarantee that the effect of Zuihongyan Scar Cream is exactly the same as that of this concentrated scar cream, only that it will be slower to take effect.”

“When will it be available abroad?” Smith asked eagerly.

His eyes became bloodshot with jealousy when he looked at Tom’s happy face. There were many kinds of scar-removing products on the market, but none of them could be as amazing and effective as the one that Ding Ning showed to them. Smith’s wife had scars on her face because of a car accident, and she was a bit depressed. She hid at home all day and was unwilling to go out to meet people. Smith desperately needed such a scar-removing product to comfort his wife. He wondered if he should buy the scar cream from Tom at a high price.

“This is hard to tell. After all, I am from Shenzhou, so, of course, I have to give priority to our Shenzhou market.”

Ding Ning gave an ambiguous answer. He deliberately introduced the scar cream and the hemostatic powder and gave them to Tom while the a.s.sessment team of Lancet came to Shenzhou because he wanted to make propaganda for the two medicaments in overseas markets through the a.s.sessment team.

It was inevitable that Zuihongyan Scar Cream would become popular in Shenzhou. Sales promotion in overseas markets in advance would do good to the development of Zuihongyan Company.

Whatever, Xiaoyao was his woman. He wanted to try his best to help her since she wanted to start her own business.

“Well … Mr. Ding, could you …”

Smith wanted to say that he’d love to buy the scar cream from Ding Ning at a high price, but suddenly, he realized that he was still at work, and it was not appropriate to talk about it now. He finally said with an apologetic smile, “Let’s continue on our topic. Who will be the next one to experience the effect of Chinese medicine anesthesia?”



The other three staffers volunteered to experience it enthusiastically. Their eyes became bloodshot with jealousy that Tom got two bottles of magical drugs after he got two cuts on his shoulder.

Unfortunately, in the following experiments, Ding Ning no longer did the experiments by leaving cuts on them, which made Smith and the other two staffers feel depressed.


Tom Cruise had already been deeply convinced by Ding Ning’s superb medical skills at this moment and had also received a gift from Ding Ning. However, he lived up to his t.i.tle as one of the three chief editors of Lancet that he was scrupulous in separating the public from private interests and conscientious about his work. He said to the camera, “Well, after we experienced it ourselves, traditional Chinese medicine anesthesia has been proved to real and effective. It also shows that the meridians mentioned by traditional Chinese physicians are real.”

After a short pause, he looked at Ding Ning and uttered the question that confused him the most, “Mr. Ding, although you have confirmed the true existence of traditional Chinese physician anesthesia, I would like to say that this method has strong ethnicity and huge limitations. I am afraid that it will be difficult to promote it around the world and apply it widely in the clinic. Do you have any ideas about this?”

On hearing this question, all the people present subconsciously raised their ears and listened to how Ding Ning would answer it. In particular, Chinese medicine pract.i.tioners, such as Mr. Hu and Mr. Zhang, even clenched their fists nervously. Ding Ning’s answer determined whether traditional Chinese medicine could be justified and step onto an international stage. Although they had been prepared for this before, it remained unknown to them whether their final goal would be achieved.

“I have considered this issue carefully, and for this, we have done a lot of work in advance.”

Ding Ning said calmly, “We have convened 500 Chinese medicine pract.i.tioners to accept procedure training in accordance with the meridian flowing points in twelve periods every day. Besides, we have ordered a large number of strength instruments that have been tested in advance. These people will become the first batch of traditional Chinese medical anesthetists who perform surgical anesthesia. We will continue to carry out the second and third phases of this training so that the traditional Chinese medical anesthesiologists will gradually become a regular profession.”

Before Tom and others could pursue the question, Ding Ning continued in an impa.s.sioned voice, “In this case, Mr. Cruise’s concerns about the ethnicity and limitations of traditional Chinese medicine anaesthesia will no longer exist. Compared to Western anesthesiologists who need to spend a lot of time to learn advanced Western medicine knowledge, traditional Chinese anesthesiologists have a lower threshold to enter the anaesthesia field. As long as they could keep the meridian map of the human body in their minds and master the meridians flowing direction, they will get the related certifications and start to work. Traditional Chinese anesthesiologists could be trained on a large scale, and it will make traditional Chinese medicine anaesthesia serve the majority of patients better. Medicine has no borders. Those foreign friends who are interested in traditional Chinese medicine anesthesia can also sign up for our training, and we will treat them equally.”

“Clap! Clap! Clap!”

There was thunderous applause at the scene, and Ding Ning’s statement that “Medicine has no borders” won high recognition among the members of the a.s.sessment team. After all, Lancet was a publication dedicated to health research worldwide.

“In order to prove what I said is practical, I now invite Director Hu and Director Zhang of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Anesthetist Training Center to bring us the successful trainees of the first phase to show us traditional Chinese medicine anaesthesia.”

Ding Ning smiled and pointed at Mr. Hu and Mr. Zhang, which made the latter feel amused. They wondered when they had become the directors of the training center.

But in the presence of Tom and others, they could not pull the rug from under Ding Ning’s feet. They waved their hands and instructed Li Hongchun to urgently bring over the students for demonstration.

The top 20 Chinese medical anesthesiologists with the best performances came over arrogantly holding the strength instruments. As students and students’ students of Mr. Hu and Mr. Zhang, they had sufficient medical experiences and did not look timid at all in such an occasion.

Executive Zhou smiled like an old fox and sent 20 patients as volunteers here, provided that Ding Ning would treat them personally after the anesthesia demonstration.

Those were patients with serious illnesses and were carefully selected by him. He believed that these patients, who came in worries, would definitely come back with satisfaction, adding glory to his resume before his retirement.

The following time would be Ding Ning’s performance time. After the Chinese medical anesthesiologist performed the anesthesia, Ding Ning would treat the patients on the spot.


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