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Read Memories Of The Night 416 Chapter 416: Everyone Is Happy

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It is just a casual conversation about driving skills…

Katrina does not expect that, in the end, she is almost to s.e.x with Aaron in the car.

Fortunately, Aaron stops in time and doesn’t go on.

If not, the consequence is unthinkable.

The wedding is getting closer…

Katrina is traditionally expected to move back and live with the Simon family before she gets married.

How careless it would have been to live in Aaron’s villa for so long.

When Eric Simon sends Joseph Simon to pick up Katrina and her baby from Aaron’s villa, Aaron stares at her unwillingly as she is packing her suitcase.

Katrina casually packs up a few changes of clothes, turns her head and sees Aaron staring at her unhappily.

Katrina’s eyebrows and eyes curve, she walks to him and takes the initiative to embrace him, leans on his chest, says in a soft voice to comfort him, “It’s OK! Don’t behave like that! I just live there for three days. We’re getting married soon, be happier, OK? After we get married, we can live together as husband and wife!”

Although it is said like that…

Aaron still holds his arms and hugs Katrina tightly, lowers his head and kisses on her mouth. “But without you, I can’t stand it for a day,” he says.

He feels empty at the thought of the villa where there is no her and their baby.

This home also shows extremely cold without temperature.

Although he knows, now the short separation is for a better meet in the wedding three days later.

However, he is still reluctant to let her go and let her leave him.

Aaron now looks childish and self-willed like a young boy.

Sometimes Katrina thinks Aaron is like her father, like her elder, who always takes care of her.

But sometimes she feels as if she had a son.

Katrina leans back in Aaron’s arms and patiently says, “You can think you’re doing it for the baby and me after we get married… We are a family of three and will never part again.”

Hearing Katrina’s words, Aaron feels soft in his heart.

The greatest happiness of his life is to be with her and their baby together forever.

“Yes! Our family of three will always be together, never apart!”

After a big hug, Aaron finally let go of Katrina.

Three days later, they will get married.

Three days later, she will completely belong to him.

So, for the sake of their future happiness, he must go to endure the day of parting from her.

In order not to let Joseph Simon wait so long after Katrina packs up her things and starts walking downstairs with her baby.

Aaron takes her packed luggage and follows her down the stairs.

Katrina greets Joseph Simon with a curvaceous smile, “Cousin Joseph, I’m sorry to keep you waiting.”

Joseph Simon smiles mildly, “It doesn’t matter.”

He reaches out his hand, takes the luggage Aaron is carrying, and says, “The car’s outside. Let’s go.”

Katrina nods, “Yes!”

Joseph Simon takes Katrina’s luggage and leads her out, followed by Aaron.

With a heavy heart, he unwillingly watches Joseph Simon bring his woman and child away.

After putting the luggage in the trunk of the car, Joseph Simon turns his head and sees Aaron. He reaches over to the nephew in Katrina’s arms and says, “He seems to have something to say to you. Give me the child.”

Katrina carefully hands the baby to Joseph Simon, turns her head, and walks over to Aaron.

It’s only three days, but why does he look like she’s gone for a long time?

Thinking about the wedding in three days, should they be happy?

Katrina walks up to Aaron, puts her hand on Aaron’s handsome face and pulls up the corner of his mouth, “Aaron, be happy! Our baby and I will miss you. Even if we can’t see each other for a while, we can talk on video.”

Aaron, unable to hold back, holds Katrina tightly in his arms again.

He leans over and kisses her lips, his voice is low and husky, “Katrina, I love you!”

Katrina is a bit repelled and shy when she is kissed by Aaron in front of Joseph Simon.

However, she can feel that his heart is reluctant to let her go; she can feel his deep love.

Just think of it as their last kiss before marriage.

Katrina doesn’t reject his kiss.

It isn’t until the kiss is over that she blushes and says, “Aaron, I love you too. I’ll stay at Simon’s family and wait for you to marry me!”

I wait for you to come and marry me.

It is her best promise to him.

Aaron stares at her with black eyes and says, “Yes! Wait for me to marry you!”

When Joseph Simon sees Aaron and Katrina kissing, he has the sense to take the baby in his arms and moves to the other side.

Sometimes he could not understand how they could get so intimate together.

However, it is a blessing for the whole family to see their cousin marry a man who loves her so much, isn’t it?

After a long goodbye, Katrina finally turns to Joseph Simon, “Cousin Joseph, give me the baby.”

Joseph Simon hands Katrina the baby to her and lovingly opens the door and helps her into the car.

After closing the door, he nods to Aaron as a goodbye and opens the door on the other side.

Aaron just stands outside the villa and watches Katrina and the baby leave, feeling sad in his heart.

All the people in the villa know the news that Katrina and Aaron are going to marry.

Everyone is happy, especially Randy.

From the beginning, when Katrina, as a thief, was caught back to the villa by Aaron, until now.

He can say that he has witnessed Katrina and Aaron step by step into the palace of marriage from a pair of happy enemies.

He knows exactly how hard they have experienced.

So he also wishes Aaron and Katrina a long and happy marriage.

Randy walks out and sees Aaron still staring at the car. He couldn’t help but think that Mr. Wilson loves Miss Miller so much.

Mr. Wilson is hardly emotional, but once he falls in love with someone, it is a lifetime thing.

Miss Miller is also a gentle, kind, considerate, and warm girl. She is a rare good girl.

Mr. Wilson is truly blessed to marry Miss Miller.

Even now, there’s no wedding…

Randy has predicted their life in the future.

He can imagine that Mr. Wilson and Miss Miller will live happily together, their baby will grow up day by day, and there will be more children…

Imagining that is also a wonderful thing.


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