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Read Miracle Doctor Abandoned Daughter The Sly Emperor Is Wild Beast-Tamer Empress Chapter 362 “The Opportunity Of Breaking Into The Dan Realm”

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Chapter 362 “The Opportunity of Breaking into the Dan Realm”

Leaving behind nothing but a tattered mess of the place, only indignation remains for the staffs here. “General, the woman clearly came prepared. If this continues then the Alchemist Hall will soon be beyond our control.”

“How can it be just a matter of being prepared? If my speculations are correct, she had already checked up on the background of every alchemist under her. This notice on the bulletin board, it’s surely just a ploy to lure out the dissenting faction among her ranks.” General Su really hated the outcome of today. All these alchemists that came to him are his men, men that he so painstakingly raised from ground zero and stuck inside the Alchemist Hall.

“Fine then, if she does one then I’ll do two. Let her be cheeky for the next couple of days. Once the time is up then I will show her what it means to cross me.” The general was now determined to remove Ling Yue from the picture. He’s been placed here in Dan City for over eight years, he’s not going to believe a newcomer – a la.s.s no less – would be able to outdo himself with a firm foundation in place.

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Just as the man was going over his next course of action, his back inexplicably began to sweat a little at the thought of the girl’s final finishing move. Though General Su himself was confident he can withstand against that strange dagger combination attack in its current form, but what if the girl improves? Say a new and better weapon? Or the girl makes a breakthrough? By then he can’t be so certain anymore.

This woman is a hidden danger and must be removed…..

After leaving the generals place and out of sight, Ling Yue could no longer keep her composure and collapsed.

“Ling Yue are you okay?!” The big girl scrambles over to help support her sister. After catching wind of the soldiers escorting Ling Yue away, Lan Caier had been prowling the outside of the estate for the time entire duration. Therefore, one can imagine how frightened this big girl was after seeing how ghastly pale and weak her sister was.

“That man plotted against you?!”

“Not so much as plotting, just an ordinary exchange of moves,” Ling Yue attempts to comfort the big girl by downplaying the danger she was in. In truth, things were very dangerous back there and her initial speculation of Su Mu’s (general) strength was far beyond her imagination.

“Sister, I want to break through to the Dan realm as soon as possible. Do you have any martial techniques that can help me achieve that?”

Through the help of her pocket dimension’s support Ling Yue had already reached into the peak form of the upper celestial realm, merely inches away from another breakthrough. Now what she lacked was time and that’s something she can’t afford, she needs to break through now! Not in three months time, nay, but in the next several days.

There’s still the option of using medicinal ingredients like Dan pills as such if urgency requires it, but Ling Yue personally didn’t want to go down that route. According to the codex left behind by Mr. Red Mist, those who rely on outside influences to form their Dan core have a very strong side effect – their future achievement will be greatly hindered. However, if she advances through her own means then such restrictions will not be an issue.

“There is no suitable martial technique that I know of, but there is an individual that may be of help to you and that’s Nie Feng Hang.” Lan Caier offers her suggestion in earnest and surprises Ling Yue in the process.

If even the Lan House doesn’t have it then why would that Nie Feng Hang have it? He’s a lower rank general in the military!

“You still don’t know yet right? Although Nie Feng Hang is a general at the frontier, but he’s also the eldest son of Marquis Guan Wu, a reincarnation master of the fourth element. Unlike the Hong House who recently rose into power, the Guan House had always took first place among the big four houses.” Though Lan Caier hated those so-called n.o.bilities, but there are exceptions like that General Wolf Tiger.

Nie Feng Hang is also a n.o.bleman? Then Mother and he…..

Ling Yue was originally very optimistic about the man being with her mother, but with the n.o.ble background dumped into the equation, things just got very messy.

Likely able to see through to her sister’s worry, Lan Caier attempts to comfort the girl: “You are worried about Auntie Ye right? Actually you don’t have to worry about it. Nie Feng Hang is different from the rest. As long as he have someone in his heart then he will surely fight for it.”

“We will talk about this on a later date. Sister, it seems I will have to make a trip again.”

Upon a quick inquiry, Ling Yue soon got word that the Wolf Tiger Army was stationed nearby at another city. Towards her abrupt visit, the man himself was a tad surprised.

“A martial technique that can help break into the Dan realm?” After listening to the girl’s explanation, Nie Feng Hang was even more surprised because he only knew Ling Yue was an alchemist before, not a martialist too.

A fourteen years old six cauldron alchemist as well as an upper celestial martialist, that’s well beyond the expectations of this man. After some musing, Nie Feng Hang accepts the requests and decides to help in the end. Whether it be privately or publicly, he and the people of the region only stands to gain if the girl improves.

“General Nie, I won’t just take your stuff for free. Here, this is a reincarnation Dan pill, consider it my compensation for the help.”

That did it, the general was now overcome with shock and even raised his voice a wee bit..

“Princess Yue, I won’t keep it from you. I do have a martial technique in my hands that can help you break into the Dan realm. However, whether or not you can successfully master it is up to your own fortune.” Since Nie Feng Hang was no longer relying on his clan’s support since he left years ago, something like a reincarnation pill was a rarity that he drastic needs.

Without further dragging or pulling, the man tosses over a jade carving for the girl. Glancing at it, Ling Yue can see the words “Chaotic Cultivation Technique” written on the surface.


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