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Read Miracle Doctor Abandoned Daughter The Sly Emperor Is Wild Beast-Tamer Empress Chapter 483 “The Divine Thief’s Inheritance Lower Half

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Chapter 483 “The Divine Thief’s Inheritance [Lower Half]

Unlike the large-scale sects that continues to stand atop of this world today, the inheritance of the Swift Finger Sect doesn’t have any rules about exclusivity. The meaning behind that was even if Ling Yue does learn the He Lao brothers’ skills and abilities, she could still continue learning everything else as she sees fit.

Besides, when He Lao Dai (big) was already showing this level of pa.s.sion, there’s no way she could continue to deny the request. After all, they did help her big time regarding A’bone’s matter.

“Then I have to thank you Big Grandpa for this. From today onwards, Ling Yue is a disciple of the Swift Finger Sect. Please take my three kowtows as my form of respect to all those who came before me.” Not overly exaggerative, she immediately went on the knees to give the elders her respect.

This translation is only hosted on bcatranslationTowards this, the He Lao brothers naturally couldn’t be anymore happier because those gratified expression said it all. And as a way to show their emotions at the moment, the elders would of course want to give some gifts to the girl. But this was the wilderness, not the Treasure Cave back at Moon City, they only had what’s on their bodies.

“La.s.sie, our Swift Finger Sect isn’t known for our martial arts, but rather our treasures. Because of how rushed we were in coming we couldn’t prepare anything properly, but here’s two things that should intrigue you nevertheless.” That said, the biggest brother immediately brought out a stone tablet as well as a flesh-colored glove from his pocket.

The stone tablet would of course be a martial skill. It’s engraved with the ability called “Great Steal”, a fifth-grade martial technique. As for the gloves, they are called “Dragon’s Claw Glove”, a precious treasure handed down within the Swift Finger Sect.

“Now don’t underestimate this pair of gloves. Although its unattractive in its appearance, it’s actually very powerful and is said to be made from a dragon’s claw, making its sharpness and durability incomparable to those regular artifacts out there. Furthermore, it’s also impervious to swords and could withstand most of the elements in this world. For us treasure hunters, this is a must for those who wish to venture into the unknown.” Though He Lao Dai’s explanation did hold some exaggerations in there, but it’s not too far of a stretch from the truth.

“And there’s another point. After you learn the Great Steal technique in that tablet, the benefits of the gloves will also truly shine through. You will see in time.” Maybe its because he’s afraid the girl wouldn’t believe him about that precious thing, He Lao Dai made sure to add in that final sentence to emphasize his point.

But words are cheap, actions are better. In a split second, Ling Yue’s focus had lost sight of the senior’s hand like it just disappeared. By the time it reappeared again, He Lao Dai’s hand was already holding a certain badge that was supposed to be on the girl’s body – it’s the Phoenix Edict!

Upon realizing what has happened, Ling Yue literally popped her eyes in astonishment.

She’s an alchemist, meaning her five senses are magnified and honed to an exceptionally high level. To have something so precious to her being s.n.a.t.c.hed away without notice, it just goes to show how amazing that move truly was.

“Hoho, La.s.sie, scared you right?” Showing off his smug smile, the elder cheekily tosses the item up and down from his palm.

What he did just there was putting his words into practice. By using the Dragon’s Claw Glove and the Great Steal skill together, he could instantly deceive the enemy into losing track of his hand like it had become invisible. So long as he’s fast enough then there’s nothing he couldn’t steal.

“Isn’t that right. If not for that Great Steal skill then a good portion of the treasures in our vault would’ve been impossible to steal. This is all thanks to Big Bro’s unique skill.” The one speaking this time was He Lao San (Three) who appears to be quite proud of his eldest brother’s ill.u.s.tration.

Coughing hard at his third brother’s careless remark, He Lao Dai really wanted to smack the old fart a big one, Such a shameful thing and he’s talking so proudly about it.

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Then just when the senior was ready to return the item to the girl, that’s when he finally noticed the true nature of the badge, “La.s.sie, why do you have the Phoenix Manor’s most valued treasure?!”

Most in this world wouldn’t know about the meaning behind the Phoenix Edict’s existence, but who’s He Lao Dai? He’s supposed to be the heir to a legendary sect specializing in thievery. Such a precious item would be among the prized list to steal!

“That was given to me by a friend. I intend to return it to him after I head over to North Qing.” A tad embarra.s.sed, Ling Yue started to choke on her own words.

This translation is only hosted on bcatranslationThe fact that Feng Shen gave her such an amazing gift was something she wanted to keep a secret. To be caught red-handed in front of everyone, it’s only normal the girl would want to hide her blushing face somewhere.

I better keep everything important inside the Red Mist Sky from now on. Even my body isn’t safe from thieves!

“Your friend wouldn’t be Sir Ten, the Phoenix Lord right? Ling Yue, you and him…. Oh forget it. These matters are for you young people to decide, us old folks should just watch. But a word of advice La.s.sie, the Phoenix Edict is no ordinary item, it’s meaning is very special. If you truly don’t want to accept it then I suggest you to return it as soon as possible.” Casting a meaningful look from his eyes, He Lao Dai wanted to make sure his point got through by emphasizing it through his gaze.

The senior already knew Feng Shen held the girl in a special position back when they first entered their establishment, but never in his wildest dreams would he expect it to be this intense. To be clear, the elder knows full well what the Phoenix Edict stands for. It’s a love token shared between the mistress and master of the House.

“I understand Grandpa, but why would you make that strange face when seeing the Phoenix Edict though?”

“Removing the value of the Phoenix Edict itself aside, there’s actually another rumor I heard from my master long ago. It’s said that the jade tokens contained a great secret, as to what it is, I don’t know. But know this though Ling Yue, it must be extremely important of amazing to be regarded so highly by those in power.” Readily handing the item back over, He Lao Dai didn’t want to mention the other part in his mind and only focused on the dangers it might involve.

“This Feng Shen, really, how could he so casually hand out something so important?” Ling Yue’s made up her mind’s now. Once she’s made it to North Qing then she would certainly hand the thing back over to the boy, “Grandpa, the martial tablet is enough, why don’t you keep the gloves for yourself. I’m sure its very precious to you.”

“Just take it La.s.sie. Its already bad enough that we couldn’t do more for your venture into the Star Cave this time, this is all we can do. Let’s not mention anything else, just the part about grabbing the treasures inside that place would require this Dragon Claw Glove. It’s indispensable for such a task.”

“Haha, now as your third grandpa I can’t be too stingy either. Here, this is an Aura Bead, it can mask your aura once you hold it in your mouth. If you use it with that Invisibility Dan pill of yours then it would be foolproof. As for your second grandpa, you can go blackmail some good stuff from him once you return to Moon City. The old fella may sound all poor and penniless at all times, but he’s actually the one with the most treasures.”

Once the fun chatting was finished and the He Lao brothers were sent away, it was then time for some planning of the ancient forest. After further discussion between A’bone and Jin Wu Monster, it was eventually decided that a portion of the gold and jewelry be sold away in the nearby settlements to help fund the development during this period.

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