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tTranslator: Sissy That WalkLan Cai’er returned to her tent and found Yan Jiu standing beside a tree with an faint smile.

Yan Jiu was good-looking and was an elegant gentleman before others. But he no longer disguised himself before Lan Cai’er.

At this time, he was a playboy among playboys.

Seeing him made Lan Cai’er think of what happened last night.

His hot breath and kiss on her lips.

Then Lan Cai’er’s body grew rather hot. She glared at Yan Jiu and thought to herself,“I don’t see anyone. There is nothing but air.”

But the air was not easy to get rid of.

“It turns out you always have a secret affection for me. No wonder you were so eager to sleep with me. Sure enough, I am a handsome and powerful man liked by all.”

Lan Cai’er took several steps backwards. She was not scared but “sickened”.

“You! You are so shameless. Why did you eavesdrop on me? Stop the illusion that everyone likes you.”

Such words were spoken by her when she was talking with Dao Ge. Unexpectedly, Yan Jiu heard all these words.

“Hey, it’s time to admit it or I will ask Captain Dao to tell the truth. By the way, I will also invite Lady Song, Little Black and our Captain to witness your love for me.” Yan Jiu gave a mischievous smile and was about to find them with his long legs moving forward.

Lan Cai’er was in shock and covered Yan Jiu’s mouth with her hands without hesitation.

If this sharp-tongued and gossipy man made a real fuss, then Lan Cai’er would lose all the dignity as an elder sister before Ye Lingyue.

“You can’t tell them! If you dare to say a word, I will…” Lan Cai’er wanted to say “kill him”, but she soon realized that he was much more powerful than her.

Temporarily, she could not think of any threatening words.

Then her palm went numb. Lan Cai’er shrank her hand as if getting an electric shock.

Surprisingly, Yan Jiu bit her affectionately on the center of the palm.

“Fine. I can keep my mouth shut, but you must sleep with me in the same tent every time we carry out a task in the future.” Yan Jiu still looked annoying.

“No way.” Lan Cai’er dared not to sleep with the big wolf once again. Moreover, she would totally lose face if the word got around.

If her parents knew about it, they would surely chop… No, they would burst out laughing and try to make Sha take responsibility for her.

d.a.m.n it! Except that he was a mercenary soldier, she knew nothing about this man.

“Then I will ask Dao Ge to tell the truth. Listen! Just now…” Yan Jiu raised his voice. Lan Cai’er was in panic and was about to cover his mouth but stopped when thinking of what Yan Jiu did earlier.

All of a sudden, she lost ration and grabbed Yan Jiu’s shoulders with both arms. Lan Cai’er kissed Yan Jiu on the lips and stuck to Yan Jiu like a koala.

Then the whole world quieted down.

Lan Cai’er was taller than most girls but still shorter than Yan Jiu. The difference in height rendered her arms sore.

The cold lips of the man warmed up little by little.

Lan Cai’er groaned and was surprised to find that Yan Jiu had directly lifted her legs and put them around his stout waist.

His tongue was moving around in her mouth and sipping her sweetness little by little.

Right at this time, there was a little cough behind them.

Only then did Lan Cai’er recover her ration.

Not afar, Ye Lingyue and Captain Di stood side by side. Between them was the little boy Long Baobao.

Long Baobao covered his eyes with his chubby hands. But he peeped outside from time to time through the gap. His action was quite funny.

The three stood together and looked like a harmonious family in every way.

Lan Cai’er was struck dumb and even forgot that she was still on the body of Yan Jiu.

Something wrong!(Ye Lingyue and Lan Cai’er had the same idea altogether)

“Black Moon, I will leave Long Baobao with you and Lan Lan. Sha, I need to talk with you.”

The low voice of Di brought Lan Cai’er back to her senses. She immediately pushed Yan Jiu away like throwing a hot potato. Then she grabbed Ye Lingyue and Long Baobao who was like a young adult and fled away as soon as possible, leaving the two man right there.

“She is the elder sister of Lingyue.” Wu Chong said in a low voice.

Wu Chong would never take a second look at any other woman, but Lan Cai’er was different.

“Captain, don’t look at me like this. I have made a big sacrifice for you. Little Lan has agreed to sleep with me in the same tent in the future. You can now rest a.s.sured that no one will disturb your pursuit of Little Yue.” Yan Jiu smiled mischievously as if his scheme had worked.

What a loyal friend he was! He had to sacrifice his good look for his brother.

“You cannot.” Wu Chong humphed.

“What?” Yan Jiu was stupefied.

“You cannot call her Little Yue.” Wu Chong said with an extremely cool look and then left.

It was his exclusive right to call her Little Yue. Moreover, Yan Jiu who was as cunning as a fox could not be so warm-hearted as to seek benefits for him. He guessed that Lan Cai’er might be tortured to death even before his revolution succeeded.

In Wu Chong’s eyes, Yan Jiu might be playful but was always cautious about his relations with women.

Whether it was in the Underground Palace or the City of Mercenaries, Yan Jiu might be flirtatious before others but had no intimate relations with any woman.

Due to his birth, Yan Jiu would show lifelong loyalty as long as he determined that the woman was the right one.

Wu Chong could see that Yan Jiu liked Lingyue’s elder sister to some extent. Whether the likeness would develop into love would be dependent on the future stories between them two.

On the opposite side, Xia Meng entered Song Jingyun’s tent.

“Lady Song, you need to take caution against the ugly monster Lan Lan. Just now, I saw her seducing Captain Dao by the pond.” Xia Meng repeated the dialogue between Dao Ge and Lan Cai’er by exaggerating the seriousness.

After she knew that Lan Lan was Lan Cai’er, Song Jingyun’s pretty face eventually showed a slight change of expression.

No wonder Dao Ge acted so abnormally last night. He had been staying outside the tent and did not walk in. After dawn broke, Song Jingyun walked out of the tent and found Dao Ge had already left.

Song Jingyun had believed that Dao Ge had left to arrange what should be done in the daytime. She could never expect him to be tempted away by the little b.i.t.c.h Lan Cai’er.

Song Jingyun knew about what had happened between Dao Ge and Lan Cai’er. When Dao Ge disguised himself as the follower of Lan Yingwu, he had been writing letters to her.

Dao Ge had mentioned in his letters that Lan Yingwu’s daughter was quite clingy.

Somehow, as time went by, Dao Ge mentioned Lan Cai’er much more often.

Gradually, Song Jingyun had come to realize something wrong. But Dao Ge himself was still unaware of it at that time.


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