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Miracle Throne is a web novel made by Half-Drunk Wanderer, 半醉游子.
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Chapter 121: Ten thousand houses lighting up

Qi Refining Pill!

It was the exclusively developed Miracle Commerce Qi Refining Pill!  Even some major families couldn’t even buy one and it’s said that it was selling for ten-twenty thousand gold coins on the black market!

Lin Fan had only spent a few silver coins to buy a desk lamp and had earned something worth ten thousand gold coins!

As long as he sold it, Lin Fan would become a rich young master with over ten thousand gold coins.  He would no longer need to risk his life to kill Demon Beasts for a few gold coins!

What kind of luck was this?

It was enough to make people go mad with jealousy!

The loudspeaker had broadcasted it all to the customers!

The news had been pa.s.sed to every corner of the shopping center.

As soon as the customers heard it, every single one of them were scared silly.  There was even Qi Refining Pills, wasn’t Miracle Commerce being too generous?  The entire crowd became ten times more excited!

Chu Tian personally handed a porcelain pill bottle over to Lin Fan, “This is your prize.  Your luck is pretty good kid!”

Lin Fan, Lin Xuan, and the others were about to faint from their excitement.

Winning this large prize was like a pleasant surprise falling from the heavens, but what they never would have thought of was that Chu Tian would personally present the prize to them.  Being this close to their idol, how could these youths not be excited?

Each one of them was so anxious that they couldn’t even talk.

Chu Tian clapped his hands, “The price of the prize is relatively high, so I’ll have several Miracle Commerce guards escort you home for free.  There is no need to worry about your safety.”

So intimate!

Miracle Commerce’s services were too satisfying!

The Miracle Commerce Guards immediately came out and sent the six people home!

Once they returned home, Lin Fan finally recovered his sense.  He tightly held the Qi Refining Pill in his hand as his innermost feelings began to contradict itself.

He could sell it and get enough money to spend a life without any worries.  He could also use the Qi Refining Pill and become stronger, gaining the ability to enter a larger world.

No matter which choices he picked.

It was possible he would lose a lot of things.

Yet this was a simple choice.

The rest of them could all understand Lin Fan’s thoughts.  Lin Xuan encouragingly said, “Little brother, there’s no need to worry.  No matter what decision you make, we will all support you!”

Lin Fan nodded in grat.i.tude.  He did not consider this issue for long.  He turned on the desk lamp and the light illuminated the entire table.

Under the bright and gentle glow, he looked at all the newspaper clippings on the table and walls.  It was all like faith being poured into Lin Fan’s heart, giving him infinite courage.

“I’ve decided!”

“I want to become stronger!”

Lin Fan directly swallowed the Qi Refining Pill.  The Qi Refining Pill truly lived up to its reputation as it directly pushed him into the 6th Body Refinement Layer.  A youth younger than seventeen with a 6th Body Refinement Layer cultivation was rarely seen in South Sky City.  It was more than enough to shine at the South Sky Summit Meeting!

It saved him at least two-three years of hard work!

This was all given to him by Miracle Commerce!

Lin Xuan excitedly pulled him into a hug, “Congratulations!”

The other six people were all genuinely happy for Lin Fan.  The fatty shouted with an excited face, “Let’s go, we’ll go drink to celebrate!”

The night hung over them and the stars shined bright.  It was now late at night.

The eight youths bought several barrels of cheap beer and brought them to the top of a desolate building.  Looking down over South Sky City, over all the major streets, the entire city was covered in lights.  There were quite a few electrical lamps shining in people’s houses.

The stars twinkled in the sky.

The lights shined in unison with the stars in the sky!

Miracle Commerce had truly done it!

When they had established themselves a month ago, Meng Qingwu had promised that they would light up the entire South Sky City.  At that time, most people thought it was just an empty promise, but who would have thought that in just a month, they had already accomplished this.

With the current trend, South Sky City would eventually be covered in this miraculous glow.  Even the entire Central State would be covered soon, and perhaps even the entire Southern Summer Country.  Eventually the entire continent would be covered in this glow.

Lin Fan and the others were choked up with emotions!

Would this moment be recorded down in history a few years later?  Will it become a legend pa.s.sed down by people?

They had witnessed a miracle!


“For our idol!”

“We will do our best!”

“Even if we are not enough now, one day, we’ll definitely become a member of Miracle Commerce!”

The eight hot blooded youths raised their wine cups.  Facing the starry sky, facing the glowing city, they made this promise that inspired them to pursue their dreams.

It was unknown how many youths like this there were in South Sky City.

Chu Tian had not just changed the views of the people.  He had become the example of many youths, inspiring people to try to follow in his footsteps.

The next day.

The Miracle Commerce Headquarters was completely tied up.

Meng Yingying had been in charge of the statistics.  The data from just a single day’s sale was terrifying.  They had actually sold over three million gold coins worth of product!

Meng Yingying almost thought that she had calculated incorrectly.

She carefully calculated a few times but found that there was no mistakes.  They had made a killing with their business!

Out of the three million gold coins, one million and five hundred thousand came from Miracle Commerce products and the rest came from the products of the other South Sky City companies.  This was the data generated from the goods sold at the Miracle Commerce Store.

This was too shocking!

It would be hard to believe if she hadn’t personally seen it.

Once Nangong Yi found out the profit Miracle Commerce made, what he felt wasn’t pleasant surprise, rather he was shocked.  How could there be such a large economy in South Sky City!

The economy of South Sky City had actually been forcefully driven by Miracle Commerce.

The Mayor’s Palace had suffered a large lose!

Miracle Commerce was currently exempt from paying taxes!

Regardless of how well Miracle Commerce did, as long as it was a Miracle Commerce product, the Mayor’s Palace would not receive a single bronze coin.

Miracle Commerce’s profit was truly shocking.

The luxury lamps would cost over a hundred thousand gold coins.

But they only cost a thousand gold coins to make!

The black market was even selling the Qi Refining Pills for ten-twenty thousand gold coins.

But they only cost several hundred gold coins to refine!

Miracle Commerce had become the company with the most influence and income in South Sky City.

While Nangong Yi was being depressed about his personal losses, Meng Qingwu came to find Nangong Yi to discuss the matter of buying stocks.

“What?  You’re letting me buy stocks!”  Nangong Yi could not believe what he was hearing, “What’s your conditions?  Tell me!”

Meng Qingwu nodded, “Miracle Commerce is not lacking in money right now, but we will transfer 10% of the store’s stocks to you if you act as the manager.  You’ll be responsible for the layout of the store and relationships with suppliers.”

It wasn’t stocks for Miracle Commerce.

It was just stocks for the store.

Meng Qingwu said, “The Miracle Commerce Store’s goal is to become the nation’s largest trading platform, so we need support from the Nangong Family.  Since Sir Mayor is an elder of the Nangong Family, if you work as the store’s manager, it will be very suitable to our expansion strategy.”

Meng Qingwu had come to give shares.

But of course she was also here for a favour.

Meng Qingwu was a very astute merchant, but she was more considerate towards Miracle Commerce’s development.  A Nangong Family elder like Nangong Yi was hard to invite, but it would be great for their business.

If he held a manager position, it would make the company’s expansion much easier.

Meng Qingwu was not just trying to win Nangong Yi’s support, rather she was looking for the support of the entire Nangong Family!

In order to let Nangong Yi completely understand everything.

Meng Qingwu had very clearly introduced her plan.

The Miracle Commerce Store’s full name was “Miracle General Goods Store”, or it could be called “Miracle Supermarket”.  It was a store that integrated all kinds of goods into a single location.  There were only a few in the Southern Summer Country, and even on the continent, there weren’t many stores like this.

The companies of the continent were like ox hairs or stars in the sky, even if they carried the same product, different companies would sell it for different prices.  There were a variety of different selling strategies which made it hard for consumers to choose.

The continent was also very wide and there were many different species.  Each area, each environment all had their own special products and special unique goods, which was hard to circulate.

The Miracle Commerce Store wanted to establish a large scale fair priced shopping centre.

It would offer long term stable prices and with its own specialty products, it would attract a lot of customers.  With its own products and other companies products, it would become a selling platform!

Meng Qingwu was prepared to contact the best and most cost effective supplier to provide products for their store.  Miracle Commerce would then subtract a certain percent from the profit.

In South Sky City, the Miracle Commerce Store had already formed contracts with several suppliers.

So when the Miracle Commerce Store opened, it did not just have Miracle Commerce merchandise, it also had merchandise from several other South Sky City companies.  That was how it was able to make a profit of over three million at once!

These companies all sent a part of their products to the Miracle Commerce Store and sold it through Miracle Commerce’s channels.  Miracle Commerce would then take a part from the profits.

This was actually a win-win situation.

Miracle Commerce was already a very big company.  The other companies were all afraid that Miracle Commerce would expand forcefully and buy out their companies.

But now the situation was completely different.

Miracle Commerce had not only not bought them out, but it was even giving them an opportunity.  It allowed them to take all their best products and place them in the Miracle Commerce Store to sell.

The Miracle Commerce Store was becoming bigger and bigger.

Miracle Commerce’s influence was destined to become broader.

This also meant that as long as their goods meant the standard, they would be able to follow Miracle Commerce’s rise.  They would be able to sell their goods to surrounding cities and maybe even the Main City.

Each city had their own special products.

With a closed environment, many people had their own system set up in their territories.  Only a company like Miracle Commerce that was full of compet.i.tive spirit could break through by expanding like a wolf.

Let me ask you.

Which city could resist the enticement of electrical lamps?

Let me ask you.

Which city could resist the beauty of source energy cooking?

In the future there would be even more talismans and pills, and even a miraculous thing like the radio.

With these stepping stones, Miracle Commerce could easily break into other cities’ markets.  They had to confidence to easily find a strong partner in these new cities.

This was a company with the potential to go to the national scale, so who would reject them?

From the consumer’s perspective, this wasn’t just making their lives more convenient.  This was a store that could sell all kinds of products and would offer it at a fair price.  This was a store where they could buy all kinds of local products that were hard to get before.  This was something that had never been done before.

From Miracle Commerce’s perspective, they did not need to waste money producing the products themselves.  They only need to invest in suppliers and make them supply goods to Miracle Commerce for a long time.  This would allow Miracle Commerce to become a very strong main ent.i.ty.

Where this main ent.i.ty went, they would sweep away all their compet.i.tion!

It was because this main ent.i.ty brought different areas’ local products to different urban areas.  Would there be a local company that could compete with them?

There was no doubt.

Meng Qingwu’s business ideas were ahead of her era!

With Miracle Commerce’s “electrical lamps” and the other products they develop as the main products of the stores, did they have to worry about being unpopular?  As long their company was popular, did they have to worry about people not wanting to cooperate with them?

They had a strong influence!

Plus a strong protective shield!

The Miracle Commerce Store’s success was inevitable!

Meng Qingwu was completely confident!

Nangong Yi was shocked by Meng Qingwu’s words, “With Chu Tian’s talent and your wisdom combined, Southern Summer Country will definitely be changed!”

Meng Qingwu gave a faint smile, “My wisdom is just the icing on the cake, Chu Tian’s talent and wisdom are the true core of the operation!”

Luckily Chu Tian was not present.

Otherwise his nose would have ascended into the heavens.

“So what does the Mayor think about this offer?”

“There’s no need to consider anything.  With this kind of good offer, how could I refuse?  I’ll act as the store’s manager!”

Meng Qingwu took out a few contract, “After signing the contracts, you’ll have officially joined Miracle Commerce.  Also please note that while you are a member of the Nangong Family, you still cannot undermine the interests of the company, otherwise Miracle Commerce has the rights to take back your stock shares.”

Nangong Yi emotionally said, “Chairwoman Meng is truly careful and prudent.  With Miracle Commerce under your management, there will be nothing that goes wrong!”

Nangong Yi read through the contracts.

Then he signed his name on all of them.

“From now on Sir Mayor is now a member of Miracle Commerce.”  Meng Qingwu nodded in satisfaction.  Then she pa.s.sed a jade slip over to Nangong Yi, “This is the «Starlight Immortal Body» cultivation technique.  All the high level personnel of Miracle Commerce is allowed to learn this cultivation technique.  Remember it and then burn it.  This is considered a secret of the company, so you can’t give it to others!”

Starlight Immortal Body?

Nangong Yi revealed a face filled with joy.

This incomparably powerful defense cultivation technique, Nangong Yi had wanted to learn for a while now.  The Volcano Source Spirit had strong attack powers, but it took a long time to charge and he could be injured during the process.  If he had a strong defensive technique like this, Nangong Yi had confidence to fight a 5th Layer Awakened Soul Cultivator with his 4th Layer Awakened Soul Cultivation.


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