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This meteor gra.s.s was meteorite gra.s.s.


Meteorite gra.s.s, as the name suggested, is a herb grown from the special component of a meteorite falling to earth and mixing with the soil.  


This material was not a medicinal herb, however its value was very astonishing.  Only direct descendants of real n.o.bility would have the capital to purchase it.


In this era it was used as a medicine to cure bone injuries?


It was simply abusing heaven’s gift!


This was similar to getting hidden treasures like with the oil mine.


This was not Chu Tian’s luck, but rather this era’s stupidity!


Chu Tian said, “I want to make long-term purchase of large quant.i.ties of meteor gra.s.s, the first batch should be ten thousand!  We’ll see after that.”


“Ten thousand?”  Meng Qingwu was surprised.  Although meteor gra.s.s was not a medicinal herb, it still costed several gold coins for one unit.  “Do you want all of the meteor gra.s.s in South Sky City?”


“Meteorite gra.s.s isn’t used the way you think it’s used, it needs to be used in large quant.i.ties for it to display its true value.  Ten thousand is too little, it’s only enough for a few people to use for a few days.  To be honest, I plan on acquiring the whole basin.”  


Acquiring the whole basin?


Although the meteor gra.s.s was not a medicinal herb, it was still a good healing drug.  


The liquid medicine made from meteor gra.s.s sells very well and the demand for it is very high.  The meteor gra.s.s basin was already controlled by a large family and to contract them would require a large sum of money.  


Meng Qingwu, who could not bear it anymore, finally asked, “What use does the meteor gra.s.s actually have?  Is it worth attaching such importance to it?”


Chu Tian did not reply, but looked her up and down.  


Meng Qingwu felt his gaze and took a look at her own body.  Her cheeks flushed red with embarra.s.sment.  Angrily she rebuked, “I’m asking you something!  What are you looking at me for?!”


“Does young miss have any chronic injuries?”


“How did you know?  Did Yingying tell you?”


“I can tell.”  Chu Tian lightly smiled said, “Your innate meridians are injured, causing you to be sick from birth.  It’s hard to endure every night and it’s worse when you use spirit energy, am I right?”


Chu Tian even knows this?


This brat could deduce so accurately!


Even my little sister doesn’t know about this!


When her mother was pregnant, she was once ambushed by her personal enemies and was injured.  Two months later, Meng Qingwu was born, but Meng Qingwu’s innate meridians were damaged.  Although it was not enough to cause her to be a disabled person, it still brought inconveniences.


Meng Qingwu could not fight whenever she wanted.  Whenever she stimulated her meridians and used spirit energy, she felt pain like being gnawed by a hundred ants which was hard to endure.  However this was a congenital deficiency, and therefore could not be cured by medicine.  


Chu Tian said confidently, “There are many methods of treatment.  Remoulding your physique with meteor gra.s.s is one of them.”




This congenital deficiency could be cured?


This deficiency had brought too much trouble and distress already.


For more than twenty years, she had already gotten used to it.  She did not dare think that it could be cured.  


Chu Tian was still grinning, “If you don’t believe me, then let’s make a bet.  If I can cure you with the meteor gra.s.s, then you’ll kiss me.  If I can’t do it, then you kiss me.  n.o.body owes anyone anything, what do you think?”


Meng Qingwu stared at him, “If you speak such nonsense again, I’ll really get angry!”


The young miss, her face was thin and she was fierce, one could not crack a joke with her.


Chu Tian quickly put on a laughing face, “Calm down, calm down, but we must buy the meteor gra.s.s.”


Meng Qingwu said worriedly, “To buy ten thousand, we need at least one hundred thousand gold coins.  The company is on a tight budget right now and I’m afraid we won’t be able to spend that much.  Yingying and I have no problems as long as there is enough for use for now.


“What are you afraid of?  The restaurant should be open for business soon.”


“That may be, but….”


“Don’t worry about it.”  Chu Tian had a lot of faith in the Miracle Restaurant, “I have a hunch that our first pot of gold will be in our hands soon.  I don’t like to drag my feet.  We need to obtain the ten thousand herbs as soon as possible.  I have use for them soon.”


“Fine, you want ten thousand herbs, then I’ll get ten thousand herbs.  After all you are the president.”


To get ten thousand was actually a big burden on the company, but she did not doubt Chu Tian’s words about money being sufficient, plus she could always borrow more money form Xiong Tianyan.


Lacking money!


Really lacking money!


It was imperative to begin the operations of the Miracle Restaurant soon.


The important brand of Miracle Commerce, the Miracle Restaurant’s grand opening was being paid close attention to.  However the company heads were Meng Yingying and Nangong Yun, both of whom had caused a great uproar once in South Sky City.  


One was the witch of destruction.


The other was the stupid silly girl.


These two were famous for their beauty, but they were not business capable people.  Appointing them as the ones responsible for such an important part of the company, was that not asking for trouble?


As soon as the news was released, ridicule, questions, and all kinds of gossip spread throughout the city.  




Meng Yingying and Nangong Yun held in their anger and clenched their teeth as they advanced forward.  Let the people think of them as useless, but when the time came, they would not believe their eyes.


For the opening of the restaurant, both of them worked from day to night and spent all their time in the restaurant.  Without resting, the two finished the planning, layout, and publicity.  They a.s.sumed full responsibility for every matter.


Meng Qingwu also wanted her sister to get some experience, and therefore took the role of providing backup support.  Any people they needed, any things they required, and provided money when needed.  Only if there was a big mistake in decision making would she personally step in.  


Chu Tian, this hands-off store owner was ignorant of it all, but was curious why he had not seen Meng Yingying in two days.


On the day before the opening, Meng Yingying called in Chu Tian to perform a technical maintenance before the grand opening.


This was a prime location in South Sky City.  


The four story tall building was situated near the crossroad, so transportation was convenient.   The restaurant was tall and big, in good repair with big glittering advertis.e.m.e.nts, that had flying dragons and dancing phoenix written out in clearly distinguishable words even from hundred of meters away that read, Yingying Hot Pot City.


[TL note: I really wanted to write city hot pot….G.o.d d.a.m.n mongolians broke my city wall]


Chu Tian took one look and was happy, “This name has some meaning behind it.”


Meng Yingying small face turned red, “Elder sister said that Miracle Restaurant must be divided into low, middle, and high—three different  This is the low cla.s.s dining room which is targeted at ordinary cultivators and mercenaries, so the low cla.s.s facilities serves hot pot to attract guests.”


Chu Tian did not understand, so he asked curiously, “What are the middle and high cla.s.s dining rooms called?”


“The middle cla.s.s dining room is called, ‘Secret Cloud Territory’.  It was named by Sister Nangong and is mainly a large scale buffet.  Finally the ‘Grand Miracle Hotel’ is targeted towards high end clients and serves exquisite luxurious cuisine.”


The hot pot was cheap, the buffet was quick and convenient, the saloon was high grade.


Three different dining rooms corresponding to the customer’s social status.


Chu Tian did not excel in business, but as long as he had the young miss, everything would turn out fine.


Yingying Hot Pot City’s four floor building was something that Southern Cloud Commerce spent several tens of thousand of gold coins to acquire this restaurant.  Each floor was equipped with more than a hundred dining tables and several elegant private rooms, altogether it was enough to accommodate one hundred people.  After around ten days of refurbishing, each table had a source energy pot attached to the table to ensure that it could not be stolen.  


Everyone was nervously preparing.


Sixty-seven workers built a platform in front of the restaurant’s gates.


The waiters of the restaurant were eighty staff members sent over from Southern Cloud Commerce.  They were busy cleaning the grounds and decorating with potted plants and ornaments.  In the kitchen, there were more than a dozen chefs preparing pork, lamb, beef, venison and the like.


Naturally they were all low level demon beast meat.


Preparing the hot pot soup base was also hard work.


Dead demon beast meat was stewed with herbs beforehand.


Chu Tian’s job was to inspect the the source energy pots to ensure that they work properly for the grand opening.  Otherwise they would have problems on the first day which would not be good for their reputation.


“Everything has been inspected.  There’s nothing wrong with it.  You can relax now.”


Nangong Yun and Meng Yingying both let out a sigh of relief.


Several people returned to hold a short urgent meeting to prepare for any possible incidents that might happen tomorrow.  They were very meticulous in their preparations over the past few days, there shouldn’t be any internal incidents that occur.  


The most important thing was to guard against outside interference.  


However, tomorrow Nangong Yi, Xiong Bing and the others would be here, so even if Ye Xiong wanted to cause trouble, it would not be easy for him to do so.


Meng Yingying was excited, but also worried, “You think we’ll be alright tomorrow?  What do we do if it goes wrong?”


Nangong Yun slapped the table, puffing in indignation and said, “Crow’s beak, our tired days, our dried out brains, how could there still be an accident that’ll occur?”


That being said.


It was obvious to everyone that the one most worried was Nangong Yun herself.


Meng Qingwu understood their feelings, who did not have a first time doing something?  She smiled comfortingly and said, “We’ve already done everything that needs to be done, so stop overthinking it.  You two haven’t rested in several days, so go home and sleep well tonight.  You need to be full of spirit for tomorrow’s grand opening.”


This was the summit of advertis.e.m.e.nt.


Just with the allure of the gimmick of cooking with source energy was enough to attract countless people.  


Moreover, the Mayor, General, and Symbol Guild Master were all expectantly waiting.  With this group of famous people coming, this was the star power effect don’t you know?  Since these people are coming, there wouldn’t be a lack of people following them.


The star power effect, the top level hype, the gimmick of cooking with source energy, with this set of trump cards, it was hard for this restaurant to not become popular.  There was nothing to even be worried about.


Chu Tian was about to say a few words of encouragement, who knew that before he could open his mouth.


The gate was knocked open.


A bodyguard scrambled to crawl in.






“A big problem!”


“Two people are fighting outside, not only did they damage our dining room, but when the staff went out to stop them, they injured them too.  The situation is bad and I’m afraid it’ll just become worse, please come out and see.”


As soon as they heard the news.


Everyone was startled.


f.u.c.k, which b.a.s.t.a.r.d unexpectedly dared to disturb them at such a crucial time?


Bad enough they had to compare martial arts, they had to do it on the street.  Bad enough they fought on the street, they had to pick this street.  Bad enough they had to choose this street, they had to fight in front of the restaurant!


What was even more hateful is that!


They had to damage the dining hall before the day of the grand opening!


Wasn’t this clearly targeting them?!


Nangong Yun jumped out infuriated, “b.a.s.t.a.r.d, whoever dares to cause trouble here, this old lady wants their lives!”


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