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Miracle Throne is a web novel produced by Half-Drunk Wanderer, 半醉游子.
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Chapter 480: Ambush

Meng Qingwu quickly adjusted a Smart Brain.  When the Smart Brain was connected to the Undead Tower, the Undead Spiritual Radar was released.  The Undead Tower’s main tower extracted energy from the death ruins and this energy was sent to the various peaks through the spiritual veins.

These Undead Towers on the peaks would extract the energy and after it was transformed with the source energy array, the detection abilities of the souls would be increased.  Finally it would reach a frequency of once every two seconds, with a range of several hundred miles.

The data collected was just too much!

A normal spiritual body wouldn’t be able to process it.

The abilities of Miracle Commerce’s Smart Brain was displayed.  The Smart Brain was a spiritual body and after it was connected to the Undead Tower, the Smart Brain gathered the data and processed large amounts of it, forming a picture.  After several hours of data gathering, the life form distribution map of the Miracle Mountain Range was completely displayed.

The life forms that were beneath the 7th Awakened Soul Layer were ignored, getting rid of 99% of the life forms on the map.  The rest of them were processed by the Smart Bran and finally the map was formed. Once this map was formed, if any new life forms came in, the Undead Radar would certainly find them.

Demon beasts did not have the same wave as intelligent beings, so they just needed to focus on the waves of intelligent life forms.

In the restaurant in the City Lord’s Fort, Chu Tian was having a meal with everyone.

“Yingying, eat a bit more, your chest will be bigger!”

“Pei, I don’t need it!”

Yingying said these strong words, but she swallowed it in two-three bites before eating the high quality spiritual rice the elves produced in large bites, just like nothing had happened.  Chu Tian was laughing watching from the side and the others all had smiles, instantly causing Yingying’s face to turn red.

Nangong Yun revealed an envious look, “I only find out now that boss is with Yingying now, I really envy you!  I’m already twenty years old and I still haven’t found anyone.”

“You’re also worried about this?  I only thought that the young miss would….”

Before Chu Tian finished, the young miss stuffed a chicken leg into his mouth while glaring at him, “Eat your food, don’t speak nonsense!”

“I am also a woman alright.”  Nangong Yun was a bit dissatisfied with Chu Tian’s words, “Which girl in the world doesn’t wish to find a good husband?  Yingying, I’m too envious of you, why can’t I have met the boss first? I think that no one wants me, I won’t be able to get married.  I might as well ask boss to take me in as a concube, I don’t care about status at all.”


Chu Tian almost spat out his chicken leg.

Meng Yingying was also stunned.

This female devil truly had a big mouth.  Everyone already thought of this, but no one thought that these kinds of words would be said.  Nangong Yung was still a was still a beauty and other than being a bit fierce, she still conformed to the continent’s sense of aesthetics, how could no one wants her?

Nangong Yun saw everyone’s expression and she seriously said, “I’ve very serious, Yingying, will you shut me out?  I am completely loyal to boss, I can go to the bedroom, stay in the main hall, and can even fight!”

Meng Yingying scratched her head and said in a somewhat awkward voice, “Our relationship is this close and we’re already sworn sisters, how could I shut you out?  I always thought that everyone living together is best. Chu Tian, what do you think?”

“d.a.m.n.  Even Yingying is saying this, what else can I say.  I’ll just…..” At this time, the young miss’ fiery eyes swept over and it was like Chu Tian’s lips were nailed shut.  Yingying was soft hearted and was embarra.s.sed to say anything else in front of everyone, so he could only give an embarra.s.sed smile, “Eat first, eat first.  We’ll discuss this issue later.”

Nangong Yun was a bit disappointed.

But she had a lot of nerve, so she didn’t mind too much.

When everyone was in a bit of an awkward mood, there was suddenly a voice that rang through the restaurant, “City Lord, vice City Lords, Second Miracle has already created a life form map with the Undead Radar, do you wish to see it?”

This Second Miracle was the newly send Smart Brain.

This defense system was completely made with the Second Miracle.  Although Second Miracle’s strength and limits couldn’t compare to Zero, it was still a complete Smart Brain, so there were no needs to doubt its ability.

Meng Qingwu stood up, “Let us see it first.”

“Understood, vice City Lord.”

Zero voice had just fallen when several image transfer mirrors came together, forming a giant mirror.  First the image of the surrounding mountain ranges appeared before different dots of light appeared on the image.

Nangong Yun and Meng Yingying saw the dense group of lights and they felt dizzy, feeling a bit of fear at how dense it was.  Perhaps only a fellow with super computing ability like Smart Brain could a.n.a.lyze it!

Zero’s emotionless voice rang out again, “This is the life form map of the Miracle Mountain Range and the intensity of the light shows strong they are.  With the data we’ve obtained, there are five thousand six hundred and thirty one beings with power in the True Spirit Realm!”

“Impossible!”  Meng Yingying put down her silverware, “How could there be so many True Spirit Experts, you must have made a mistake.”

“Smart Brain is never wrong.”  Meng Qingwu shook her head. Although she was shocked by this amount, she still believed Smart Brain’s calculations, “Most of those are probably demon beasts.”

“Yes, vice City Lord.”  Zero soft voice slowly echoed, “From the survey data, there are five thousand and seventy two non human True Spirit Experts.  According to the grading, they should be grade three demon beasts. There are seven of them that are high level grade three demon beasts.”

Everyone revealed shocked expressions.

High level grade three demon beasts were equal to Spirit Transformation True Spirit Experts.

There were actually over five thousand grade three demon beasts equivalent to True Spirit Cultivators hidden in the mountains and there were seven Spirit Transformation level demon beasts?  This was too shocking! Miracle City was in a good position, the activity of demon beasts were low, and there weren’t any super powerful wild beasts, but even like this, the demon beast population in the Forest of Chaos surpa.s.sed their expectations.

“This is too shocking!”  Meng Yingying said, “These demon beasts could destroy Miracle City already!”

Chu Tian smiled, “What are you worried about?  The Miracle Mountain Range is not inferior in size to Qing State’s Green Ridge, what does it count for if these mountains have a few thousand grade three demon beasts?  This is after all the Forest of Chaos!”

“This also means that there are over five thousand True Spirit Experts?”  Meng Qingwu gave a nod of affirmation to this number. The Undead Radar Chu Tian made should be reliable, “This makes looking for a target easier.  It’s likely the enemy will send out large amounts of True Spirit Experts and when these people enter, we can immediately monitor them. Enter the highest alert state right now.”


Zero left.

Meng Qingwu revealed a rare smile, “With this Undead Radar in hand, Miracle City’s security is raised at least ten times!”

“We still can’t be negligent.”  Chu Tian reminded, “There are many ways to cover up a life signature in this world and there are some dark creatures and undead creatures that don’t need to hide.  If we only monitor an area with life energy signals, we are still a bit limited.”

There was no perfect thing in this world.

This surveillance system was enough to make Meng Qingwu pleasantly surprised!

After the Undead Radar operated for a day, Second Miracle had gathered more and more data, even showing the actions of most of those demon beasts.  At this time, there was a strange intrusion on the map that immediately caught Smart Brain’s attention.

A second one, a third one.。

At least several dozen points were being invaded.

There were two hundred True Spirit Experts and two thousand and eight hundred peak 9th Awakened Soul Layer Experts.  This was definitely an elite troop and it was led by a Spirit Transformation Expert.

“The target has appeared!”

“They really did use this kind of method?”

“Since they’ve entered the net, they can’t blame us.”  Meng Qingwu gave an order to Zero, “Pay attention to their movements while Nangong Yun moves with the special unit, keeping communications with headquarters at all time.”


Nangong Yun quickly left.

Meng Qingwu locked onto the strongest group made of twenty five people, including one Spirit Transformation Expert, who should be the leader of this expedition.  Whether it was his ident.i.ty or the threat he posed, there was no doubt this fellow would be a key target.

“Little fox, take a look!”

Chu Tian used the little fox’s Divine Eye surveillance.  The Divine Sense sweep could find targets that were hidden and it could judge the other side’s battle strength, allowing them to form a better battle plan.

“They’re charging at the airship factory.”

“Could it be that they’ve already found out it was the airships that wiped out those twenty thousand people?”  Meng Qingwu was surprised by these people heading towards the airship factory, but she wasn’t surprised for long as she immediately sent the information over to Nangong Yun, “They are pa.s.sing through a canyon, it’s the best place to ambush them.  Nangong, it’s up to you. Remember, you have to be careful, there is a Spirit Transformation Expert among them.”

Nangong Yun obtained the detailed information and was filled with confidence.  She held a portable Source Energy Cannon and said with an arrogant look, “Looking down on Miracle City?  You’ll have to pay a heavy price today! Everyone, follow me!”

This was a group of one thousand elites.

Not only were there fifty True Spirit Experts, there were Shamans, Druids, and Green priests, who were all people with rich battle experiences.  This was definitely a very powerful team.

With Nangong Yun’s lead, everyone began to move quickly.

The thousand people placed four new cannons on the sides of the canyon and also placed large amounts of mines, as well as many other various forms of preparations.  Several hundred Storm Rifles were all waiting for orders with their muzzles aimed down.

The Battle Banner City people never imagined that their carefully planned route would become the gates of death in the end!


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