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Read MMORPG: Divine Monster Transmuter Chapter 646 – Return to Tianji

MMORPG: Divine Monster Transmuter is a web novel made by Qing Yan Yi Ye.
This lightnovel is right now Ongoing.

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Chapter 646: Return to Tianji

After Lunch, Jiang Feng then headed to each of the Animal Arena and began to trans.m.u.te the Lower-Rank Beast Pills.

He managed to get 153 in total.

He did not have much of a choice. In order to lessen their losses, the beasts within the Animal Arena would be given first aid treatment. Not to mention that they no longer used life and death to determine a match’s winner.

The wild beasts on Earth were getting less and less. It would be difficult to replace one if it died.

That was why the number of beast corpses he could take was reduced, so did the Lower-Rank Beast Pills.

At night, he then went over and looked for Qingqiu after they had dinner.

Ling Feiyu, Ling Chen, Su s.h.i.+ning and he rode on Qingqiu’s back and headed to Miami.

The reason that Jiang Feng wanted Su s.h.i.+ning to come along was that mainly, he was hoping that Su s.h.i.+ning could help Ling Chen deal with his previous relations.h.i.+p. If not, Ling Chen would have to keep on living in the shadows of the past.

As for the elderlies at home, they would be very safe under the protection of the Yin Sect and Youbai.

Because they were flying at night, with Qingqiu’s speed, he would need at least five hours before they could reach Miami.

Luckily, he had already reached the power of Abyssal Realm. As long as the chi s.h.i.+eld was not attacked, he could keep on maintaining it as it would not expend much of his chi.

While they were on the way, Ling Chen and he kept on eating the Lower-Rank Beast Pills to increase their powers.

After eating a few, Jiang Feng frowned.

He noticed that the Lower-Rank Beast Pills effect on him was extremely minute.

“Looks like the Lower-Rank Beast Pills are useless for me now. I will need to hunt for monsters in the Great World of Tianji and trans.m.u.te them into Mid-Rank Beast Pills then!” He mumbled to himself. However, he did not train and instead closed his eyes and rested as he rode on Qingqiu.

Five hours pa.s.sed by quickly and they landed at a nearby resort in Miami.

After they had jumped off Qingqiu, Qingqiu also transformed into a human form and walked toward the resort.

When it was noon, he had already asked his men to prepare their accommodations. It was a mansion by the sea. There was even a big swimming pool in it. It was very beautiful.

Therefore, once they had arrived, they immediately entered the mansion.

As soon as they entered the mansion, a woman that was somewhat good-looking came over and said to them respectfully, “Young Master, I have prepared supper for all of you!”

Jiang Feng nodded and entered the mansion.

Sis Hua then came out of nowhere. When she saw Jiang Feng and the others entering the mansion, she moved her huge hips and greeted them, and then said to Jiang Feng, “Oh my! You must be in quite a good mood, Young Master! Bringing your wife along on such a leisurely trip! I am so envious!”

Jiang Feng looked at Sis Hua curiously. “Sis Hua, how did you get here?”

Sis Hua then rolled her eyes at Jiang Feng, “You think you can live in such a lavish place without me? Alright, come on, go and have your supper or it’s all going to go cold!”

Sis Hua’s authority is quite high in the Animal Arena. And that was why she was able to interact with a lot of people. While others might not be able to rent such a mansion, but it was such an easy task for Sis Hua. She even bought the mansion without spending too much money.

After supper and helping everyone settle in, Jiang Feng then informed Ling Feiyu about leaving and then left together with Qingqiu to the Bermuda Triangle.

“Qingqiu, that mermaid still hasn’t woken up yet?” Once Qingqiu sent him to the place, he asked Qingqiu curiously.

Qingqiu shook his head. “Not sure why, she has yet to wake up.”

Jiang Feng then said, “Go back and protect Feiyu. Tell her to bring the mermaid over and place her in the mansion.”

The mermaid was quite powerful and she also had the player slot to enter the Great World of Tianji. Once she had awakened, she could then follow him into the Great World of Tianji and help him.

Qingqiu nodded and transformed into a dragon, and quickly headed toward the sh.o.r.e.

When he saw that Qingqiu had left, he jumped and entered the Bermuda Triangle. In the next second, he could feel his entire body being pulled down.

He did not resist and dropped directly into the water. His body was then quickly pulled down toward the first layer of the ocean.

Once he was in the first layer, he activated his chi s.h.i.+eld and dived toward the third layer.

Very quickly, he once again arrived at the gateway that would lead him to the Great World of Tianji.

He did not hesitate and directly entered the Great World of Tianji’s gateway.

There was a flash in front of his eyes, and he appeared in a room within Tianji Hall. It was not the room that he had entered the first time.

There was a backpack in this room.

He walked over and opened it, and there was the manual for the Heaven Rank Tyrant Fist, A Pair of Supreme Rank Treasure Expeditious Boots, one Earth-Rank Beast Pill, and one Upper-Yellow Rank Treasure, the Qingfeng Sword.

The items that he had obtained from the Great World of Tianji were all here with none missing.

He wore the Supreme Rank Treasure Expeditious Boots, slung on his backpack, and then checked his stats in the Great World of Tianji.


Character: Jiang Feng

Level: Yellow Realm Six Stars

Reputation: 1,100

t.i.tle: Commoner

HP: 600

Combat Rating: 1327 (1 Star equal to 20 Combat Rating)

Inner Chi: 600

Luck: 100 (Max)

Insight: 100 (Max)

Charisma: 100 (Max)

Talent: Master-Level Xingyi Fist

When he came in this time, his combat rating had increased again, even though it was only 80 points. It should be because of the increase of his powers in Divine Dominion, causing his powers in the Great World of Tianji to also increase.

“Perhaps it was because I killed the Tyrannosaurus, my realm has increased too quickly despite my combat rating only being so-so. Seems like it’s time for me to kill some monsters and trans.m.u.te some Mid-Yellow Rank Beast Pills or Upper-Yellow Rank Beast Pills so that I can use them to increase my own powers.”

When he thought of that, he then carried his backpack and walked out of Tianji Hall.

When he was leaving Tianji Hall, he was being very careful. He quickly left the Tianji Hall without alerting anyone and melded into the streets and the crowd.

At this point in time, he wanted to increase his power. That meant that he needed to kill monsters.

Killing monsters solo would be quite dangerous because if he died in the Great World of Tianji, he would really die.

That was why he was going to find a party. Not only could he guarantee his own safety, but he could also take the chance to understand more about this world and gather more information.

“I have received a Rank C Quest to kill 20 Gold-back Wolves. I need to farm for B rank evaluation. Looking for fighters with Yellow Realm Five Stars with 1,000 combat ratings to help! I need two! I am paying a high price of 100 gold pieces! Please come to me!”

Just when he was looking for a suitable team, a young woman’s attractive voice entered his years.

He turned and looked at the source of the voice, and saw a cute and lively girl with blonde hair pulled back into a pair of ponytails shouting out loud.

The girl’s face was quite similar to a Chinese, but her blonde hair was very eye-catching.

Hearing the girl’s yell, a group of people walked over and was prepared to join her.

When Jiang Feng saw that, he was quite nervous as he ran over too.

As soon as he reached her, he saw the young lady saying to the group of people in front of her apologetically, “You don’t meet my conditions, your combat rating is too low, I’m sorry.”

“Can I join?”

Jiang Feng appeared in front of the girl and waved his hand, and a yellow card appeared. He then pa.s.sed it to the young girl.

Different levels of players would have their information recorded on different color cards. He was at Yellow Realm Six Stars, which meant that the card he gave out was yellow in color and the back of the card had six stars. The front of the card showed his combat rating.

Others had no way of checking his other information.

“Yellow Realm Six Stars with a combat rating of 1,300. Not bad. Welcome aboard, I am Jinli,”

The young woman looked at Jiang Feng’s card for a bit. She then smiled and gave the card back to Jiang Feng.

After he had successfully joined up with a party, Jiang Feng put away his ID card and stood next to Jinli, waiting for her to recruit another party member.


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