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Chapter 824: Cloud Art

Jiang Feng sat in front of Yin Mei and asked her, “Since you’ve been staying in the Tianmo Area for so long, do you know anyone who has Secret Treasures and is in the city?”

Yin Mei then said, “I know that there are four of them, and all four of them are staying here. But they are all very powerful and I can only take care of one of them. If I encounter the other three, I even have to avoid them.”

“It’s fine, all you need to do is support me. Leave the killing to me,” Jiang Feng said to Yin Mei.

That was because he had heard Feng Qingyang and Kalosi’s voices from the group voice chat. They had already reached the Jubao Pavilion and were on their way up.

This time, he was depending on Feng Qingyang.

Even if the enemy had reached Heaven Realm Greater Completion, they would still die if they were ambushed by Feng Qingyang.

Knock, knock.

Jiang Feng went over to open the door once he heard the door knocking. It was indeed Feng Qingyang and Kalosi who had made their way here.

When Feng Qingyang and Kalosi saw Yin Mei, both of them looked at her carefully.

“She is also from the Xingyue Area and knows this place better. She’s now working with us,” Jiang Feng said to Feng Qingyang and Kalosi.

“Alright.” Feng Qingyang and Kalosi nodded. However, they still looked at her cautiously due to the cryptic and cold aura that she was exuding.

When they were all there, next they would have to choose who to target.

Yin Mei glanced at Feng Qingyang and could sense that he was a threat to her. She then said, “Let’s start with Sheng Tu. He has some history with me. When I look for him, all three of you should follow me. He is no weakling, so it’s best if you can kill him in one attack. Otherwise, it’s going to be very difficult.”

“Come on.” Now that they had a target, they need to move immediately since they had limited time. They could not stay in the Tianmo Area for long.

Yin Mei then left the room as she swayed her hips, with Jiang Feng and the others following her under their Invisibility Cloaks.

When they had reached room 504, Yin Mei then knocked on the door.

After a short while, there were some footsteps coming from inside and the door was opened up. A vicious, horned man appeared in front of Yin Mei.

“Long time no see. I saw what you were doing outside. Since you’re here, Brother Sheng Tu must have a Secret Treasure. I also have one. Maybe we can show our treasures to each other? If it’s something that we both need, we can save some middleman’s fee.” While Yin Mei was surrounded by a cryptic aura, it was something that Sheng Tu felt comfortable with. Especially her b.r.e.a.s.t.s that were almost shown to him. He could not help but gulp and quickly said, “Come in.”

While Sheng Tu was quite violent, which man did not like a beautiful woman?

Yin Mei did not enter the room. With a smile, she lay on Sheng Tu’s chest and asked, “I heard that the Demon Palace is preparing for something huge. Can I join?”

That was something that Jiang Feng wanted to know. He did ask Yin Mei about it, but unfortunately, she did not know anything. He did not expect that she would ask him on his behalf.

Jiang Feng and the others then used this chance to sneak into the room behind Yin Mei.

“They’re going to announce this soon. Then, all the players from the Tianmo Area can join. Let’s talk inside,” Sheng Tu said as he pulled Yin Mei into the room.

“What is it? Can you tell me about it, Brother Sheng Tu? So can I make some preparations?” Yin Mei asked Sheng Tu as soon as she was pulled into the room.

Sheng Tu then said, “We are going to destroy the Xingyue Area before the Great World of Tianji gets updated. Even if we cannot take over the Xingyue Area, we have to deal significant damage to them. That is all I know. I do not know much since I am still one step away from reaching Greater Completion.”

‘The Tianmo Area is indeed plotting something,’ Jiang Feng thought to himself as he stood behind Sheng Tu.

“I see.” Yin Mei nodded and switched to another question with a smile, “Brother Sheng Tu, what treasure are you going to trade? Can you show it to me?”

Sheng Tu then caught Yin Mei’s hands and said with a naughty smile, “The Secret Treasure is boring to look at. Maybe I can show you another treasure instead?”

“Seriously.” Yin Mei shyly pulled her hands out of his hands and then said, “I’m here to exchange Secret Treasures with you. If you’re going to treat me like this, I’m going to leave.”

“Alright.” Sheng Tu was much more powerful than Yin Mei, therefore he was not afraid of Yin Mei stealing it from him. He turned his hand over and a piece of old cloth appeared on his hand.

Cloud Art: Secret Treasure

Stats: None

Special: None

“Hm? Why doesn’t it have any stats?” Yin Mei asked as she looked at the Cloud Art’s stats.

“Let me be honest with you. While this Secret Treasure doesn’t have any stats now, I guarantee you that when the Great World of Tianji has finished updating, this Secret Treasure would have very high value,” Sheng Tu said with confidence.

“How can you be so sure?” Yin Mei asked.

“Because this is the Secret Treasure that the Demon Palace wants,” Sheng Tu said gleefully as he sipped some wine. “While I do not know where the Secret Treasure’s value lies, if the Demon Palace wants it, then it is definitely not something simple.”

“Are you willing to exchange it with me?”

“Then, let me see what you have first.”

Yin Mei did not waste her breath either and took out her Secret Treasure. It was a Wood Elemental Secret Treasure.

When he saw that, Sheng Tu showed disappointment on his face. “An Elemental Secret Treasure is too common. I think our trade won’t be happening.”

“But… What if it includes me?” Yin Mei said temptingly as she stood up s.e.xily. She then slowly pulled down her clothing by her shoulder using her finger, showing lots of skin to Sheng Tu.

Sheng Tu gulped and stood up with a lecherous smile.


Just as Sheng Tu was still drowning in Yin Mei’s charm, Jiang Feng and the others who had been preparing immediately attacked him using their Black Pills and Earth Souls.

Feng Qingyang’s Earth Soul was only at A Rank. But because he was one realm higher than Jiang Feng, his Earth Soul was slightly faster as well. It immediately pierced through where his heart was.

Next, Jiang Feng’s Earth Soul appeared and pierced through his head.

Kalosi’s Black Pill entered his body through his wound and kept on destroying Sheng Tu’s body from within.

“You…” The chain of attack was done in one second. One second later, Sheng Tu could only stare with his eyes wide open as he pointed at Yin Mei. Unfortunately, he could not even say anything when his body fell to the ground.

Jiang Feng waved his hand and put away the Cloud Art on the table. He also removed the Spatial Ring on Sheng Tu’s finger.

An elite that was only one step away from reaching Heaven Realm Greater Completion had died under Jiang Feng’s plot.

“We can distribute the spoils later. Who’s next?” Jiang Feng asked Yin Mei.

Yin Mei put away her Wood Elemental Secret Treasure and said to him, “The next one is Jidesi. While he isn’t particularly powerful, he’s around my level, and he is someone very careful. My charms are useless, so he’s up to you.”

“Let’s go.” Jiang Feng nodded, pushed open the door, and left.


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