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Read MMORPG: Martial Gamer Chapter 1583 – Luke’s Death

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Read WebNovel MMORPG: Martial Gamer Chapter 1583 – Luke’s Death

Chapter 1583: Luke’s Death

“His mobility increased!”

When he saw w.a.n.g Yu’s BUFF attribute, Zhao Xinpei let out a shout.

Everyone watching was part of the game development team. Even if they didn’t know much about mechanics, their understanding was at a professional’s level.

Naturally, they understood the essence of w.a.n.g Yu and Luke’s battle.

In terms of attack techniques, everyone agreed that Luke, the G.o.d-grade BOSS, was no match for w.a.n.g Yu. That was why speed was the determining factor between the two in this fight.

The only reason w.a.n.g Yu suppressed Luke at the start and now was because of the change in speed.

After Luke turned Dark, he turned into a close-combat BOSS. His speed attribute increased significantly. As such, w.a.n.g Yu, who was one step ahead in technique, managed to suppress him in all ways.

However, w.a.n.g Yu’s Drunk Deity attribute increased his movement speed by 20%.

A 20% increase didn’t sound like a significant number. However, for w.a.n.g Yu, it was powerful enough. Since Luke only suppressed w.a.n.g Yu a little, this 20% was the determining factor.

After his speed buff, w.a.n.g Yu unlocked the [Drunken Fist] state. Even though his footwork looked unsteady, his abilities were extremely unpredictable.

After a round of exchange, w.a.n.g Yu managed to land an [11 Combo] attack. Seeing this, Luke panicked. Pulling out his spear, he was about to use [Stationary Sweep] on w.a.n.g Yu.

However, w.a.n.g Yu was barely a step away from Luke. A Pugilist’s most significant advantage was his ability to dodge. As Luke reached for the floundering w.a.n.g Yu, w.a.n.g Yu quickly unleashed an [Elbow Strike].


w.a.n.g Yu’s [Elbow Strike] landed on Luke’s wrist. He forcibly stopped Luke’s [Stationary Sweep]. He followed up with his right elbow as well.


He slammed down on Luke’s chin from above.

Upon impact, Luke’s body wavered as his left hand grasped at w.a.n.g Yu.


w.a.n.g Yu guffawed as he straightened his right elbow. Grabbing Luke’s hair, he pulled his head down, forcing Luke to bow down.

Without waiting for Luke’s right arm to reach him, w.a.n.g Yu stomped on the ground, leaping into the air. With a light flip, he flipped from Luke’s shoulder onto his back. Then, he swung his fist into the back of Luke’s head.

Luke’s fist tasted the air as he turned around instinctively.

With the hand that grabbed Luke’s hair, w.a.n.g Yu used [Savage Maul] and pulled his head back ruthlessly. Then, he used [Thunder Stomp] at the back of Luke’s knees.


Luke was forced to his knees at once.

Through the screen, everyone fell into stunned silence as they watched Luke get pummeled by w.a.n.g Yu.

As the G.o.d of Light, Luke represented the epitome of strength in >. Dark Luke was also a presence that was much more terrifying than his natural form.

Even so, w.a.n.g Yu played Luke like a child.

w.a.n.g Yu’s unconventional fighting style was something the game designers dared not imagine.

None of the game designers expected their most powerful BOSS to be pummeled by a player who wasn’t even LV70. The terrifying part was how this Pugilist didn’t even use his specialized skills. On top of that, his health didn’t drop at all.

Of course, it wasn’t because the BOSS was too weak. Instead, they met a dominant player who could dominate their BOSS to such an extent. This level of power left one feeling stunned and shocked.

Dark Luke’s defences were more robust than Light Luke. He could reflect long-ranged attacks, and he was so powerful that it made one nauseous.

w.a.n.g Yu was like a sticky bandage that refused to leave Luke as he unleashed a barrage of attacks. Sticking to Luke, he fought for dozens of minutes before he reached a [1000 Combo].


The sound of gla.s.s shattering ensued as Luke’s black armour evaporated into black mist. Luke fell into [Paralysis] state too.

“F*ck! I’ll never fight against something so shameless ever again!”

After destroying Dark Luke’s armour, w.a.n.g Yu wiped his sweat as he cursed, “F*ck, after a [1000 Combo], his defences are finally down. This G.o.dd.a.m.n game has some sh*t designers. Other than wasting time, this design is complete bullsh*t.”


The game development team next to them sneezed loudly. He rubbed his nose and muttered, “It’s going to be summer soon. Am I falling sick…”

With the experience from before, w.a.n.g Yu knew that Luke’s defences had a time limit. Even for w.a.n.g Yu, a [1000 Combo] wasn’t easy to pull off. Especially not against a resilient BOSS like Luke.

To avoid history from repeating, w.a.n.g Yu’s eyes lit up as his body gave off a golden glow.

At the same time, flames circled w.a.n.g Yu’s legs as crackling noises resounded from the fire.

[Descending Dragon Palm]! Activate!

[Raging Flames Walk]! Activate!

[Thunder Wave]! Activate!

After activating these three skills, w.a.n.g Yu’s attributes increased exponentially! Soon after, w.a.n.g Yu unleashed the [Shadow Chain Kick] on Luke’s chest.


A loud sound resounded as Luke was launched into the sky.

[True. Profound Descending Dragon. Holy Dragon Waving Tail]!


A ma.s.sive damage was registered.

As a spirit, Luke’s HP wasn’t very high. It was just 1,000,000 HP. With one kick from w.a.n.g Yu, more than 10% of his HP dropped at once.


When he landed on the ground, w.a.n.g Yu snapped as he unleashed the second stage of the chain kick, [Spirit Blast]. His HP bar fell by another 10%.

With the strength of these kicks, it took away 30% of Luke’s health.

Even so, that wasn’t enough. Without waiting for Luke to fall to the ground, w.a.n.g Yu lifted both hands as he unleashed [Qi Condensing Soldier]. Swinging his spear, w.a.n.g Yu tossed it.

The spear flew straight at Luke.


With a m.u.f.fled sound, Luke was struck by w.a.n.g Yu. He was skewered onto the temple’s pillar. w.a.n.g Yu chased after him, flas.h.i.+ng before Luke as he unleashed another [Martial G.o.d Mighty Kick].

[True. Profound Descending Dragon. Dragon Dance Nine Heavens]



Two significant damage notifications popped up. Luke’s HP bar turned yellow, falling to 35%.


At the same time, w.a.n.g Yu let out a valiant shout as he activated [Inner Breath Roll]. Clasping his palms together, he pressed against Luke’s chest.

In an instant, streaks of gold flew out of w.a.n.g Yu’s hands, latching onto Luke’s body unreservedly.

[True. Profound Descending Dragon. Shocking the Heavens]

This attack reinforced four powerful BUFFS for [The Rivers and The Sea]. However, the current w.a.n.g Yu’s most potent attack was the acc.u.mulation of the palm attacks he learnt throughout his life.

His power was sufficient to shatter a spiritual boat with one palm. Even w.a.n.g Yu had only tried this once in his life. However, he was using it against Luke now. That was a testament of his strength and ident.i.ty.



The golden dragon soared as Luke’s HP bar fell to zero.

G.o.d of Light, Luke, has fallen!


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