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Read MMORPG: Martial Gamer Chapter 410: Peculiar Feng Yun Guild

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Chapter 410: Peculiar Feng Yun Guild

Translator: Sparrow Translations Editor: Sparrow Translations

Ever since they witnessed w.a.n.g Yu’s ability to leap onto roofs and vault over walls, rooftops have become Quan Zhen Sect’s number one method of escape.

After all, normal players were down to earth. Why would they ever consider running on roofs?

One must know that the Middle Street was the busiest street in every home cities. The shortest house was already 4 meters tall. 4 meters might not sound like much, but in the game, the job with the highest jumping power, the Pugilist, could only jump to a height of approximately one meter.

In the game, a difference in height of a single step was enough to affect the outcome of a battle. What more a roof?

There were many experts in Feng Yun Guild. It was not as if there weren’t people with Flight or Feather Drop. However, the people that were currently on the roof were fierce people that even dared to clash with so many of them. If the few of them with these skills were to fly up, they would only be sending themselves to their deaths.

Could they simply learn from Quan Zhen Sect and have their Pugilists throw their team mates up? That would be nonsensical.

w.a.n.g Yu’s throw wasn’t simple. There was no need to talk about the deep skill required to use Tiger Maul in such a way, w.a.n.g Yu also needed Boson to receive from on top…

So there was no point in talking about throwing one another up onto the roof. Even if one of them was really capable enough to throw another onto the roof, they could not prevent the people on the roof from knocking them back down. It was not unexpected that this group of rascals would do such things. Just now, when w.a.n.g Yu and the rest were scaling the roof, Vainglory had already started throwing roof tiles as a distraction.

When a Guardian raises his s.h.i.+eld, he wouldn’t need to be afraid of arrows and magic. However, a Guardian would need to be afraid of close-ranged jobs from forcefully interrupting his raised-s.h.i.+eld state.

After scaling the roof, there was no longer any hara.s.sment from close-ranged jobs. He only needed to face the attacks of ranged jobs, so the pressure on Crotch Lord had fallen significantly.

Spring Halo commanded his demons to form a row on top of the roofs to take Crotch Lord’s place in blocking the attacks. After which, the members of Quan Zhen Sect all turned and ran.

When s.h.i.+ Hu saw that the members of Quan Zhen Sect could still be seen, he shouted loudly, “Chase after them! Don’t let them escape!”

Hearing this order, the members of Feng Yun Guild followed along the houses and started chasing.

Running on the crowded roads couldn’t compare to running on the empty rooftops… Soon, the members of Quan Zhen Sect reached the opposite street.

“Let’s go down!” Fearless stopped the rest from continuing on towards the teleportation formation.

The rest asked in confusion, “Ah? We aren’t going to the teleportation formation back to Twilight City?”

Twilight City was the home of Quan Zhen Sect. Additionally, they would have the help of the Sanguine Alliance there. A mere Feng Yun Guild definitely wouldn’t behave so arrogantly in Twilight City.

“There’s an ambush at the teleportation formation.” At this moment, Frost Blade sent a message.

Ming Du exclaimed, “What’s the meaning of this? Are they bent on beating us back to the beginner’s village?” [1]

Camping at the resp.a.w.n points and teleportation formations was the most basic way of resetting a person’s level.

Fearless shook his head, “No, although these people’s skills are not bad, they are definitely not experts. Moreover, they don’t have enough people to beat us back to the beginner’s village.”

Thorn City had four teleportation formations and seven resp.a.w.n points. Unless it was a big guild like Pure Lands, there definitely wouldn’t be enough people to camp at 11 different places. In fact, doing that would be counterproductive as their forces would be spread too scarcely.

“That’s right. There is no longer anyone camping at the resp.a.w.n points.” The other, Darknorth Fisher, reported in the guild chat.

Boson asked in doubt, “They didn’t arrange for anyone to be at the resp.a.w.n points. What exactly is the meaning of this?”

“I’m also not too sure.” These people were of unidentified origins and they had never crossed roads with these people before. Thus, Fearless also didn’t know why they were doing this.

“Then let’s wait on top of the roofs. It’s not as though they can come up.” Vainglory said contentedly. This kid was frequently throwing roof tiles down and he felt proud of this.

Fearless shot Vainglory an indifferent look, “Do you know what’s the difference between humans and animals?”

“What’s the difference?” Vainglory startled slightly.

“Humans can use tools!”

“I will rub your uncle!” Vainglory raged.

Fearless was right. In this game, there were even flying equipment. There was definitely ladders that could climb roofs. Moreover, there was a row of short houses that wasn’t guarded. The members of Feng Yun Guild would eventually find a way to scale the houses.

Thus, climbing the houses was only a convenient method of escape but it did not guarantee one’s safety.

Yang Nuo, “Then where do we go? Back to the resp.a.w.n point?”

They weren’t familiar with the people of Thorn City and they didn’t have a guild office to seek refuge in. To the members of Quan Zhen Sect, the safest places would be the resp.a.w.n points and the teleportation formations.

Spring Halo stroked his chin, “We just escaped from there. Won’t we be throwing ourselves into a trap by going back?”

“Hehe, we can go and find Red Spiderlily,” Ming Du had an ugly grin as he said this.

Ming Du was merely joking but Fearless actually responded, “Wu, not bad. That’s a good idea. So there are times when Old Li has good ideas. It’s just that his intentions aren’t good.”

“That’s right, that’s right. Old Li is too despicable. This old man no longer wants to work together with you.” Under the leaders.h.i.+p of Fearless, the other sheep started to express their disdain towards Ming Du. Wrinkles appeared on w.a.n.g Yu’s head. He suddenly felt that Spring Halo and Fearless had intentionally led Ming Du to say those words.

Yang Nuo, “Are we close to her? It’s not good to drag her in…”

“Yeah. I also feel bad. Also, she owes me money. What if I can’t get that money back?” w.a.n.g Yu said worriedly.

Against expectations, Vainglory seemed mature as he said, “You guys are thinking too much. We truly can’t pull her into our Quan Zhen Sect. We can cover ourselves.”

Vainglory’s words were truly shameless. They were forced to jump up onto the roofs like scared dogs. Now, he says that they could cover themselves… Even a person with thick skin like Fearless could not but feel inferior after hearing those words.

After which, Vainglory continued, “That way, our Quan Zhen Sect would have one more girl… I get excited just thinking about it.”

Everyone retorted in disdain, “A little kid like you should play in the corner. Even if there are two more girls, they wouldn’t go to you.”


“Because of your age!”

“I’m your grandpa!” Tears started to flow across Vainglory’s face.

The group basically disregarded Yang Nuo’s and w.a.n.g Yu’s opposition and decided to find Red Spiderlily.

After all, Red Spiderlily’s brother had a convenience store. They would be invulnerable in a private property.

“Where is that lady at?”

“4th Street, Number 24.” Once again, Ming Du shows his professional skills.

“That’s the street we just came from. Let’s head back.”

At this moment, the players from Feng Yun Guild had just reached the other side of the houses. When they saw that Quan Zhen Sect had turned back and disappeared, they almost started crying.

“Those b*tches ran back.”

“Motherf*cker, what b*tches!”

Red Spiderlily’s brother’s shop wasn’t as remote as w.a.n.g Yu’s. Moreover, it was very close to Middle Street. Thus, the members of Quan Zhen Sect easily and quickly found it.

“Old Bull, go in.” Although the members of Quan Zhen Sect were shameless people they have never done something like seeking the protection of a woman before. At this moment, they were pleading for w.a.n.g Yu to go in to find Red Spiderlily.

“Why must it be me?” w.a.n.g Yu wasn’t a fool. He also didn’t want to lose his own face.

Everyone, “We just got to know her. You are the one with the deepest feelings towards her.”

[1] ie. reset the level to level 0.


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