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Read MMORPG: The Almighty Ring Chapter 898 – One Slash, One Dead

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Chapter 898: One Slash, One DeadTranslator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Even though Hong Yu and the girls were not stronger than the Scarlet Hunters, they were still able to pin down five of them.

This time, the tides of war were on Jiang Fei’s side. With determination, Jiang Fei swapped the Chengying Sword with the Zhanlu Sword and charged.

The only factor that allowed the martial artists to have the upper hand in the fight was their numbers. However, it would not last forever as the Scarlet Hunters were extremely tough to kill. If one could not kill them off instantly, they could easily rally with Lincoln’s Mutant army. That outcome would be incredibly undesirable.

Ding! Crack!

Jiang Fei attacked one of the Scarlet Hunters and managed to break the Mutant’s dagger when he tried to block Jiang Fei’s attack. Their daggers were made with superhardened metal that was so strong that it could carve through two inches of steel wall without chipping. However, they were no match for Jiang Fei’s Zhanlu Sword!

“Die, annoying creeps!” Jiang Fei grunted as he kicked off the ground hard, leaving a small crack behind. He leaped forward, slas.h.i.+ng the Mutant’s neck.

“Urgh!” the Mutant groaned as he dodged Jiang Fei’s subsequent attacks. Even though he was able to dodge most of Jiang Fei’s fatal attacks, he failed to notice that Jiang Fei had made a one inch-long slash on his forehead. For a Mutant with the blood of the first vampire progenitor flowing in his veins, such a wound would only require half a second to heal completely, without leaving a scar. However, he had made a fatal judgment. He had thought that minor wounds would not matter, thus, he would not mind taking one or two cuts. Another fatal flaw that the Mutant had was thinking that Jiang Fei’s sword was a regular steel-cut sword!

Jiang Fei was holding the G.o.dly sword! The infamous G.o.dblade that could kill any Metahuman, be it Mutant or Bio-Human. As long as they had energy flowing in their veins, Valium would react with it and became fatal to their bodies. The stronger they were, the more fatal it would be for them to be wounded by a blade coated with Valium!

“What’s going on?!” cried the Mutant. His head hurt and he could feel his blood boiling underneath his skin!

The G.o.dblade was so infamous that only Level 5 Metahumans were known to keep them out of public hands. No ordinary Metahuman would know about the sword, merely the name. All they knew was that the weapon was the bane of all Metahumans in the world. They did not know what would happen if one were to be used in a fight!

Right then, the Mutant that was cut felt the effect of the Zhanlu Sword, thinking it was due to Jiang Fei’s Qi flowing into his body, causing him to be disoriented and weakened. He would never think that the sword in that man’s hand was an actual G.o.dblade!

“Boss! Be careful with this one. His attacks are weird!” cried the man before exploding to his death. His head went off first and his body followed next. There was nothing left of him, except liquefied innards and blood.

“No. 6!” Baron Blood bellowed. The man was furious. It was only a few minutes into the fight and he had already lost two of his men. The anger from being caught off guard and having his men killed sent Baron Blood into a fit of rage.

“Shees.h.!.+ That’s awesome!” Jiang Fei snickered away. That was obviously not the first time he had used the Zhanlu Sword to kill another Metahuman. Even so, he could not get used to seeing an enemy exploding into tiny bits.

That was the prowess of a G.o.dblade. Besides a Level 5 master, every Metahuman that was cut by the G.o.dblade would be killed. Even if the wound made was less than a millimeter, the effect would still kick in, only slightly slower. That was the true definition of one slash, one death!

“Let’s go, ladies and gentlemen!” Jiang Fei bellowed to encourage the rest of his group. The more he killed, the better he became. The man was channeling Origin Force to all parts of his body, granting him superhuman speed and strength, turning him into a blur that killed anyone before they could even see him!

“Be careful of that boy! Do not let him cut you!” Baron Blood grunted, cringing maddeningly as he did because he knew that he could not take him on just yet.

Because of the warning by the first Mutant that was killed by Jiang Fei, every other Scarlet Hunter was convinced that the source of Jiang Fei’s abnormal killing method was of his own Qi. That was why no one dared to approach him nor get approached by him.

As such, every Scarlet Hunter ran as far away from Jiang Fei as they could. That instantly slowed down Jiang Fei’s killing speed severely. It was extremely hard for him to chase after an enemy that was making an effort to get away from him. Once the Scarlet Hunters had recognized which of the enemies were strong, they began to target the weaker ones.

“Blood! Give me your blood!” roared one Scarlet Hunter that was wounded by Ganyang Zhenren’s Qi attack, leaping towards one of the weaker Level 3 martial artists and plunging his teeth into his neck.

With one quick suck, a gush of blood rushed out of the Level 3 fighter’s body and into the Mutant. All the wounds and internal injuries that were inflicted on him were instantly healed. The Scarlet Hunter was literally healed to the brim in just 2 seconds.

“Do not be consumed by bloodl.u.s.t! Prioritize killing them first!” roared Baron Blood when he noticed one of his men was trying to suck as much blood from the now-dead martial artist as he could. It was crucial for them to be on their toes with fighting a bunch of martial artists and Jiang Fei with his G.o.dblade.

The Scarlet Hunters were changing their tactics. They were now trying to reduce their numbers simply by weeding out the weak ones first. That would grant them more breathing s.p.a.ce to properly fight Jiang Fei and the other elders.

Because the Scarlet Hunters were targetting the weak disciples, Ganyang Zhenren and other sword users did not dare to simply attack the Mutants for fear of friendly-fire. It was inevitable since their sword techniques were rather flashy.

Now that the Scarlet Hunters had found their weak point, they continued to linger around the large crowd of Level 3 disciples and stayed there until they had killed everyone. They were ruthless when it came to killing. They did not mind playing dirty because they were merely buying time for Lincoln and the rest of the Mutant army to reach!

“Brother Jiang Fei! We are losing our disciples!” cried Ganyang Zhenren as he was chasing after one Scarlet Hunter. He had accidentally injured a few of his disciples when he was attacking the Scarlet Hunters.

“This is not good,” said Jiang Fei, gritting his teeth disgruntledly. Desperation grew as Level 3 martial artists were dropping like flies. To make things worse, 0541 was constantly alerting Jiang Fei about the presence of a large group of Mutants heading their way.

“All disciples, get down!”

During that critical moment, Zhu Tianfei roared louder than he had ever roared in his life.

The man was a huge man that could be easily mistaken for a brute. Even so, there was precision within his brute strength. He came out with a sudden plan to let those that could not fight the Scarlet Hunters to just squat down to make room for the others to kill them.

Zhu Tianfei’s roar was infused with Qi energy. That was why his voice literally shattered a few Mutant eardrums that were extremely close to him. While he was able to momentarily dis…o…b..bulate a few Mutants, all the disciples immediately heeded his call and quickly got down to the ground. A few others that were far away also joined the cause. At first, everyone thought that it was a stupid idea but they found out that they would be to attacks by both their allies and the enemies if they stood up.

“Time for some harvesting!” Zhu Tianfei snarled, smiling eerily as he leaped forward to kill the closest Scarlet Hunter.


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