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Read MMORPG: The Elementalist Chapter 317 – A Trick, A Breakthrough

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Read WebNovel MMORPG: The Elementalist Chapter 317 – A Trick, A Breakthrough

Chapter 317: A Trick, A Breakthrough

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

On the way to the Tomb Region, the two Bowmasters from Bauhinia Clan, “Mad Dog” and “Bird Hunter”, were sizing up the cold and austere man stood next to them. They could not seem to read the man’s mind.

They knew Qin Ruo only recently from the rumors in the forum and some table talks in the league. The first time they had heard of Qin Ruo was the call-up made by Violet Orchid who had the greatest respect in the clan.

The news that a Level 41 Aquamancer had offended Holy Clan of Netherspirit’s Claw League was widely circulated in the clan. Violet Orchid had even resorted to seeking Homme Fatale and the League Master’s aid. Homme Fatale had slaughtered many players from Holy Clan with his own hands. Since then, Bauhinia Clan had accepted a Tier 3 female player, Xiaoxiao for the first time since the formation of the clan.

Initially, not many players recognized Qin Ruo. It was Xiaoxiao who had piqued the curiosity of many players. Now, everyone wanted to know her origin. Qin Ruo had risen to fame in the Graveyard of the G.o.ds since.

As a red-tagged player, Qin Ruo had escaped from a Tier 5 Supreme Champion, Dark Dragon, with a quirky trick and even defeated him on the first level of the Graveyard of the G.o.ds. With his powerful pet Poochie, players from the Demon Faction had fallen into their hands and even the Tier 5 superior Boss was frozen by his unusual magic.

On the second level of the Graveyard of the G.o.ds, he had summoned the Amethyst Orc who was equally strong as the Tier 5 Miniboss, Cerberus, in the dimensional portal that was followed by hundreds of thousands of players. That was not all. He seized all the loot and herbs and escaped safely from the Tier 5 Elite Miniboss with the Amethyst Orc.

He even came out with some crazy ideas by riding on the Tier 5 Miniboss, the Amethyst Orc. As a result, the second level of the Graveyard of the G.o.ds had immediately sunk into chaos and everyone ran to escape. No one dared to get close.

If there were an achievement to be awarded to the most popular player of the Graveyard of the G.o.ds, it would be to Qin Ruo.

But how could a regular Tier 4 player improve in such a short time? The two players were rendered speechless.

The atmosphere was extremely still in the tomb. Violet Orchid and the other twenty over players from the Angel Faction were exhausted.

Two hours had pa.s.sed. Violet Orchid had appealed for reinforcements twice but it was all in vain. Nothing had happened. If it was not for the presence of the Captain—Violet Orchid and the strong-willed players from the Bauhinia League, the other players stranded in the tomb would have given in to desperation.

However, since half an hour ago, there was a growing number of the Demon Faction players gathering outside the tomb. Under the command of Tiger Cub, two attacks were launched in an attempt to completely wipe out all the players stranded in the tomb.

Tiger Cub had always been on his own. Commanding was not his expertise. On the other hand, the Captain, Violet Orchid, could perfectly understand him. Numerous counterattacks with Pets, Swamp, AoE a.s.sault, and Magic were seamlessly repelled under her command. As time went by, the fall of the players from the Demon Faction had driven them into a panic. The Angel Faction was not completely free from injury either as a warrior was sacrificed in the battle.

Seeing this, the Violet Orchid brows were furrowed in concentration continued motivating the party. “Our reinforcements should have arrived. Or else, they would not have taken such a high risk to attack us twice! Cheer up! Keep going!”

Violet Orchid’s words were as like a beam of light in the dark. She lifted the party’s spirit. There was no noise coming from the outside, everyone chose to believe in her as they also wished that they could turn the corner.

But as soon as she was finished talking, a low m.u.f.fled sneer sounded. “Hehe… Reinforcements? Stop dreaming!”

The voice was obviously not from Tiger Cub. Everyone in the tomb was startled. Tiger Cub was no longer there? Who had replaced him? Was it someone from the Demon Faction who stood guard outside the tomb?

Violet Orchid frowned as she contemplated. A dreadful feeling filled her heart.

The voice from the entrance, as it spoke the cruelest truth that Violet Orchid could not accept, “Your reinforcements did come, in fact, a few came. However, your poor reinforcements were outnumbered. No one survived. Also, I would like to officially announce that we have taken over this place now. Guarding all of you is too boring. Brother Tiger Cub has gone out looking for your new reinforcements. Hehe…originally, that was my duty. Sigh… There’s nothing I could do. I wonder how many of them could actually escape from him.”

Hearing this, the players in the tomb were stunned. Tiger Cub was taking out the reinforcements?

At that very moment, their beliefs were shaken and the fear took over. Even the morales of Bauhinia League players were weakening.

Tiger Cub was powerful after all. It was widely known in both the Angel and Demon Factions. Coincidentally, Scarlet Bauhinia suffered a great deal during the battle with him. If he were to fight the reinforcements, it was no doubt that none of them would survive. Moreover, the Tier 5 Supreme Champions of the Three Great Leagues should have gathered at the fifth level of the Graveyard of the G.o.ds by now. None of them would come to their rescue.


“Sister Violet, let’s go out and fight!” A group of people suggested indignantly.

“No!” Quickly, Violet Orchid regained her composure and brushed away the thought of breaking through the encirclement.

“Perhaps, this is an ambush laid by Tiger Cub. There are still more than twenty hours before the end of the Graveyard of the G.o.ds. Steel Dude and the players from Black Jail Clan are on their way here. We still have the chance.”

“Steel Dude and Black Jail Clan?”

“Yes, Slayer’s Heart is also coming with another party from Carefree Clan led by Dark Annihilator.”

“I have heard of the powerful Dark Annihilator. He is the Field Commander of Carefree Clan. But who is Slayer’s Heart?” A non-league player asked.

As soon as he asked, a proud voice responded, “She is the first Field Commander of our clan.”

“c.r.a.p! There are three Field Commanders coming to our rescue! Haha! We will be saved!”

Violet Orchid was a true captain. Her words had immediately restored the players’ spirits. At the same time, the player who stood outside was rendered speechless. Was she conveying the message to Tiger Cub?

However, little did he know, it was just a trick. All these champions coming their way were too good to be true. Steel Dude, players from Black Jail Clan, Slayer’s Heart, Dark Annihilator… They were nothing more than just a trick.

Steel Dude from Black Jail Clan had indeed entered the Tomb Region. However, in a place where the elites gathered, players from Black Jail Clan looked like regular players. They were nothing compared to Tiger Cub.

As for Slayer’s Heart and Dark Annihilator, it was true that the Slayer’s Heart had entered the fourth level. However, she was too far away from Dark Annihilator. No one knew where they were. It was certain that they would never come to their rescue.

So, Steel Dude’s party was the only hope she could count on. However, if the opponent was Tiger Cub, Steel Dude would be in extreme danger.

Violet Orchid gathered the Bauhinia Clan players and quietly commanded, “Get ready to break out!”

Startled, the few Bauhinia Clan players stared at her, bewildered. Solemnly, Violet Orchid nodded. Her determined gaze had removed the doubts in their hearts.

It had been two hours. Although the Violet Orchid had been asking everyone to persevere, was she not the person who needed motivation the most?

Initially, when Violet Orchid knew that there were more than a dozen reinforcements at the Tomb Region, she was not worried at all. However, knowing that the reinforcements could not even get close to the tomb and nothing was heard from outside all this while, her anxiety grew over time.

Presently, she was completely awakened by the voice from the outside. That person was actually trying to attract warriors from the Three Great Leagues of the Angel Faction with Radiant Priest that was rarely found in the Graveyard of the G.o.ds. In doing so, there would be fewer Angel Faction players entering the fifth level of the Graveyard of the G.o.ds. With the high proportion of the Demon Faction players, they would no doubt have more advantages.

Thinking of this, Violet Orchid could no longer sit idly. She decided to give it a try.

Even if it was an ambush laid down by the Demon Faction and that Tiger Cub was still here, after listening to what that person had just said, he must have left to look for reinforcement by now. The other players from the Demon Faction who were guarding the tomb might be distracted by the news of the reinforcement. The situation was favorable for a breakout. Not only were the players stranded in the tomb able to escape, but even Steel Dude could also be saved.

Just as the Bauhinia Clan players quietly pa.s.sed down the command, a sudden uproar was heard outside the tomb.


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