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Chapter 359: Formation Destroyed By Mannequin Spiders

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Having risen from Level 40 back to Level 41 once more, Qin Ruo wrinkled his brows, sat down, and comfortably breathed a sigh of relief.

‘Since the appearance of the event in the Graveyard of the G.o.ds, it seems like I haven’t broken through the levels in a long time. Also, it’s been a long time since I’ve undergone what’s known as “brus.h.i.+ng up the Experience”. This is…’

In under forty minutes, the ten people in the corridor of the Secret Dungeon had crushed the first and second wave of thousands of monster spiders, madly rounding up more than millions of XP.

Qin Ruo, Xiaoxiao, and Little Apple rushed to Level 41 at the same time, while Brother Da rose to Level 44. Others also showed signs of upgrading their levels…

The rise in levels for Pets was the most aggressive!

Little Fang had zoomed from Level 35 to Level 37, skipping two levels. Furthermore, it had immediately risen to the border of Level 38. With Violetmoon Devilite’s additional support, it was already able to fully contend with Tier 4 monster spiders.

Little Poochie had jumped from Level 32 to Level 35, and immediately to Level 36! Its attack power also increased slightly, while its Physical Attack broke through the 200 mark.

In that trip of rus.h.i.+ng up the levels, the biggest beneficiary was Ironpot. The original Earth Enchanted Spider that had been silently absorbing Experience Points in the corner was now at Level 29. The diameter of its body had expanded to five meters, and the small lump of metal on its back had also increased in size explosively, with a current diameter of one meter. The metal had changed from black and silver to gold, gradually revealing the slight dominance of a Boss.

After the battle, Ironpot received more and more attention from everyone…

Several of the girls speculated about the extent to which Ironpot could rush through the levels. Even Qin Ruo felt a burst of jealousy: it had taken less than an hour for it climb up to Level 29. It simply made the others speechless. He recalled the year when Little Poochie skipped a level; it took an entire day of attacking monsters to only jump to Level 31.

That fellow only took an hour…

F*ck! The treatment gap was just too big! (One practiced alone, while another rapidly brushed up in a group).

As depressed as he may have been, Qin Ruo nevertheless felt encouraged by the rapid upgrade of the Earth Enchanted Spider, which was about to reach Tier 3:

The Earth Enchanted Spider’s Physical Attack and Defense Growth Rate were 4.5 and 3.5 respectively.

Its Magic Attack Growth Rate was 3.2.

And its Magic Defense Growth Rate was 2.

Its HP Growth Rate was still above the Shadowfox’s… by up to 120 points.

With the current overall attributes of the Earth Enchanted Spider, it would now be possible for it to kill a Tier 4 Spider in single one-on-one combat—if there was a chance for one-on-one battle.

To proceed at that speed, with the Earth Enchanted Spider tagging along during battles, it was extremely possible for it to appear on the scene like Little Poochie! The only thing still lacking was the Earth Enchanted Spider’s Skill Mastery Points, which were still zero.

The Earth Enchanted Spider was a comprehensive battle monster. For Tier 1 and Tier 2, it had many attack skills and magic. However, it was still in its growing stage, thus it could not be like the actual Earth Enchanted Spider, which had heavy iron limbs and numerous metal spikes covering its dense body. It also did not have powerful or outstanding skills.

In addition to some ordinary Warrior fighting skills, it had some common Tier 1 and Tier 2 Earth Magic.

Compared with the Ice Python or similar types of ordinary monsters, the advantage held by the Earth Enchanted Spider was really great! It could also easily deal with a Tier 4 monster. But, when compared with Little Poochie, the Earth Enchanted Spider lacked the outstanding ability to become strong. The old man who was fis.h.i.+ng was probably referring to this—the gap between skills related to the talents of special monsters. Therefore, Qin Ruo was very sure that in a one-on-one battle with Poochie, the Earth Enchanted Spider would be beaten up badly at any time or place.

On the chaotic battlefield, the ten people searched for all the small battle spoils such as lightweight Mana Cores, Poisonous Sacs, Toxic Spider Silk, jewelry, and Pet Eggs. They also picked up a few pieces of Gold Equipment. They had not paid too much attention to the Violet Equipment scattered on the ground. Once the rest were done, they got up immediately and advanced to the inner part of the dungeon.

“None of us have ever experienced the third wave before so everyone needs to be careful! The real battle is just about to begin!”

Along the way, Violet Orchid reminded everyone.

Everyone nodded and focused their minds, but not much tension was shown on their faces.

As Violet Orchid mentioned, the real battle had just begun. Despite that, everyone was fully-prepared when they entered, so naturally, it was impossible to die at the starting line—even if the next wave was a group of Tier 5 Spiders, everyone had great confidence in being able to tackle the next attack one by one.

Everyone… was not the same as each were previously in ordinary Parties of mismatched strengths!

In the wake of the sound of flapping wings breaking through the air, the third wave of attacks in the dungeon officially started…

It was similar to the line-up of the first wave of attacks!

Open-s.p.a.ce combination!

One by one, flapping their wings in the air, Level 48 Mannequin Spiders carrying black Elemental Pikes on their left and right, fluttered over from a distance in the long corridor. As they closed in, heads with human-like faces appeared before everyone. The sinister faces wore abnormally wicked smiles and let out heinous, terrifying sounds at the same time, arousing fear.

As soon as the Mannequin Spiders were sighted, Qin Ruo and Slayer’s Heart revealed serious expressions and simultaneously sighed in their hearts…

Their good luck had really come to an end. The group of Tier 4 monsters had changed from short-range monsters to long-range-attack monsters. The Mannequin Spider was obviously a type of monster that specialized in magic attacks. As such, it was impossible to simply combine their attacks and kill the monsters from a distance.

The only thing they could be thankful for was the level of the Mannequin Spider, which did not reach Tier 5. So, its Magic Defense was only 110 points, and it only had 5,000 HP. Although it was slightly stronger than the other four types of magical spiders in front, it was only a little bit stronger, thus it was not difficult to deal with.

Paired with the Mannequin Spider was another Tier 4 monster, a Level 49 Vampiric Spider. It was a Melee type, but it was moving faster than the Mannequin Spiders that were flying in the air!

In less than three seconds, it had shortened the distance of about a hundred meters to less than forty meters. Qin Ruo had promptly replaced Xiaoxiao’s Fostrampart, and he rushed over to launch the Twelve Frostramparts Formation when the Vampiric Spider got within thirty meters.

Swoos.h.!.+ Swoos.h.!.+

The Twelve Frostramparts Formation had just been activated. In the distance, the Mannequin Spiders hovering at a height of four meters in the air and fully spreading their wings of six meters in length, immediately felt a surge of strong cold air. It made them feel uneasy. The chill originated from the Frostramparts… Without another peep, several Mannequin Spiders at the front maintained their speed and synchronously brandished the Elemental Pikes in their hands. Strong, ear-piercing sounds broke through the air as they shot towards the activated Twelve Frostramparts Formation.


Qin Ruo’s heart trembled. At lightning speed, he concurrently altered the impact trajectory and orientation of his Frostramparts, halted the magic cohesion of his Million Arrow Sleet, and shouted at Xiaoxiao.

“Continue launching the Frostramparts!”

As Qin Ruo shouted, Slayer’s Heart and Little Apple simultaneously sensed the abrupt urgency of the situation. Like an arrow leaving the bow string, the both of them launched forward at the same time…

Slayer’s Heart quickly consumed a bottle of Great Tree Sap, its fragrance permeating the whole place. After that, as Slayer’s Heart retracted Pazuzu’s Warhammer, he fished out a golden s.h.i.+eld and bellowed an order.

“Little Apple! Brother Da! Use the Great Tree Sap!

“I’ll defend to the death if I have to!!”

Slayer’s Heart and Qin Ruo had the same thought. They were very clear of the fact that in the huge dungeon corridor, should they lose the Twelve Frostramparts Formation, they would be in an extremely dire situation. There were only ten of them, how could they possibly deal with more than a thousand, or even thousands of max-level Tier 4 monsters?

Hence, when Qin Ruo noticed the Mannequin Spiders attacking the Frostramparts from a distance, he immediately prepared for the worst scenario—what they were encountering were monsters with human-like intellect. In terms of attack, if there were no players to attract firepower, the monsters would not stop their offense against the Frostramparts.

At that point, Slayer’s Heart had already rushed out!

He activated Berserk, took out his s.h.i.+eld, and used the Great Tree Sap!

The powerful t.i.tanwraith Berserker instantly turned from an attacker to a human defensive s.h.i.+eld…

Little Apple was the number two warrior in the team. She had been with Slayer’s Heart for a long time, and her to the situation had reached an astonis.h.i.+ng degree. She realized that the situation was not good almost at the same time as Slayer’s Heart.

In the midst of Slayer’s Heart’s bellowing, she did not hesitate to gulp down the precious Great Tree Sap, which Qin Ruo had brought to them from the Graveyard of the G.o.ds. She activated her Combat Aura.

Although Brother Da was a little slow in getting into alignment with the rest, once he moved, it instantly felt like he was tempting fate! His speed in consuming the potions and lifting his s.h.i.+eld made it seem like he was bursting forth from the shadows of death. He was definitely not slower than Little Apple and Slayer’s Heart.

His fat body followed Little Apple closely, ready to face the overwhelming group of monster spiders coming from the end of the corridor!



Despite Qin Ruo’s swift control, they were still not able to keep all Frostramparts in position to avoid the attacks. Both sides of the Frostramparts Formation were pierced through…

The power that exploded from the dark Elemental Pikes above instantly broke the pierced Frostramparts in front.

They were crushed!

At that moment, the Twelve Frostramparts Formation were only left with ten sides.

For the first time, the Twelve Frostramparts Formation was broken through while it defended against ordinary monsters…

The coldness, which pierced through the air, immediately vanished, and the ten people lost the protection of the Twelve Frostramparts Formation in an instant. They were stripped bare and fully exposed in front of the rapidly-approaching ma.s.sive group of monsters.


Slayer’s Heart gritted his teeth and directed his Earth Enchanted Spider, Ironpot, which had yet to reach Tier 3, to march forward with limbs like sharp, curved blades. It quickly moved to the front line.

Although Ironpot’s HP was as high as 3,980 points, it was confronting a tide of Tier 4 max-level monster Spiders, thus its situation was also extremely dangerous! However, in order to withstand the impact of the wave of attacks, what did this one beast need to sacrifice? At most, its resurrection would cost 10,000 gold coins and a two-hour resurrection cycle.

Right then, Violetmoon Devilite also directed her Ice Python to rush forward; at the same time, there was also the intensely uneasy Poochie, which was letting out a series of angry shrieks while pouncing on the group of monster Spiders.

Even so, the situation of the ten individuals and three beasts was still looking bleak. With their futile attempts in using manpower to fight the raging waves of monsters, which could swallow up the world…they appeared so powerless!

Upon terminating the Frostramparts Formation and rendering it ineffective, the Mannequin spiders then s.h.i.+fted their focus instantly. Dozens of dark Elemental Pikes accompanied by intense air-piercing sounds, fell like raindrops upon Slayer’s Heart and Little Apple, the two people who were facing both ends of the corridor…


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