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Chapter 394: An Acquaintance… Fusion!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

As soon as the words were spoken, Casanova, Daisywave, Apocalypse, and Corrupt Lord focused their attention on Qin Ruo. Despite the four of them appearing solemn and not making any sound, their unusual gazes displayed their immense efforts to conceal their amus.e.m.e.nt.

As for Psycho Demon, there was no need to look at him. At this very moment, he was the one with the most complex expression…

A fit of purple and blue could be seen on Psycho Demon’s face. He glared at Qin Ruo’s back from behind him. As there was no way for him to make a reb.u.t.tal, he was almost driven mad with misery.

At this time, Casanova explained on Qin Ruo’s behalf in a roundabout way, “Oh, no wonder… As Brother Qin has been busy going about in the Buried City these past few days, and so might not have paid much attention to the news on the official forum. Not knowing is not at all that surprising…”

After that, he separately explained Psycho Demon’s information and deeds to Qin Ruo.

Psycho Demon.

A dozen days ago, as Field Commander of Angel Faction’s Unruly Clan, he had revolted against his clan due to some reason. Relying on a flying-type Pet “Six-Eyed Moth”, he had seven Field Commanders, and more than forty Tier 4 pros, including the Clan Leader of Unruly Clan in one fell swoop.

This kind of turning against and annihilating all the elites of one’s previous Clan was momentary news on the official forum and became a topic of discussion among many players.

However, this matter did not end at that point.

All the members of the Unruly Clan were a group of rebellious and insane people. After being provoked by Psycho Demon, they were not willing to let the matter slide and went to engage the help of another elite player familiar with the Clan. They had vowed to eradicate Psycho Demon…

As a result!

The Six-Eyed Moth that had reached Level 49 was so scary that it could release three different types of long-ranged Magic Attacks in an instant. Furthermore, it was a flying-type Pet which players could not actively attack. Psycho Demon then struck down one after another, exterminating all those whom Unruly Clan had engaged! Along the way, he had also killed more than a dozen members in the Graveyard of the G.o.ds which simultaneously offended two major Clans!

Once the Graveyard of the G.o.ds event ended, it began to repeatedly follow Psycho Demon…

Normally, this kind of thing was definitely a very good news. Unfortunately, at that time, information in the Graveyard of the G.o.ds were countless, with an extremely fast refresh rate. Furthermore, everyone would not bother about the lives and deaths of ordinary Clans during such a critical activity. Hence, Psycho Demon’s reputation was not boosted.

At the end of the event, Psycho Demon gradually attracted the attention of many players…

In the past few days when Qin Ruo entered the Buried City, Psycho Demon had successfully advanced to Tier 5, and succeeded in killing two newly-advanced Tier 5 Champions whom the Unruly Clan were able to engage.

After that, Psycho Demon frequently entered the Mythical Battlefield and wildly farmed Honor Points. As he gained more Honor Points, he started to hit out at members of Unruly Clan. A good Clan was rashly torn apart and crushed by a single person—Psycho Demon.

Since then, Psycho Demon’s reputation started to soar!

Known as the most unruly player!

Many players had made comparison between Psycho Demon and Winter Demon Qin Ruo, with some even saying that Psycho Demon was a stronger star than the Winter Demon…


Qin Ruo was speechless upon hearing this. At least now he finally knew why Psycho Demon has always been targeting him since the beginning.

Implication due to a false reputation.

Qin Ruo then understood why Apocalypse did not budge at Psycho Demon’s sarcasm previously. Perhaps it was not purely due to having peace of mind and no intention of disputing with other people. Perhaps it was because Apocalypse absolutely feared Psycho Demon’s ability and petty personality. It was better to avoid unnecessary trouble and he thus allowed Psycho Demon to verbally abuse him, so as not to provoke such a fiend.

The Six-Eyed Moth, tri-attack flying-type creature…

If it was a similar type of creature as the Cerberus with an additional ability to fly, then it really was a headache to deal with. It could be said that it had the absolute advantage. Fighting one-on-one with same-level players, his winning chances were increased to the maximum! No wonder even Tier 5 Champions were defeated in his hands.

Psycho Demon’s Pet was indeed extremely tyrannical!


Qin Ruo was still not too concerned about Psycho Demon.

On one hand, due the arrogant att.i.tude shown by Psycho Demon, there was no way Qin Ruo would have a good impression; on the other hand, he did not have much interest in this person. Psycho Demon’s Pet was indeed powerful but had no effect on him. Magic-type Pets did not pose a threat to Qin Ruo at all…

Looking at Qin Ruo’s current Magic Defense, he still had a base of 216 points. Even if he did not put up his defensive barrier, it would be impossible for the Six-Eyed Moth to pose any threat to him in normal battles even if it was a Tier 5 Miniboss Pet.

“There’s still one more?”

When Casanova finished his introduction, Qin Ruo immediately changed the subject.

Everyone gaped as they did not expect Qin Ruo to have no feelings whatsoever toward Psycho Demon’s past deed of killing Tier 5 Champions and causing the collapse of a major Clan. At the same time, he appeared to be preoccupied…

Psycho Demon wore a nasty expression and and his eyes flashed with annoyance.

“The last one is here,” Casanova promptly spoke, s.h.i.+fting his attention from Psycho Demon whose face had once again turned purple. Casanova’s signaled to the direction where everyone came from, when Hollow Cast was just leading an Elementalist in.

“Black Rock?”

Qin Ruo exclaimed in astonishment, having recognised the approaching person in a single glance.

Black Rock followed behind Hollow Cast. Upon seeing Qin Ruo, his eyes lit up. Abandoning Hollow Cast and taking large strides, Black Rock went over to hug him in front of the astonished gazes of the others.

Qin Ruo only just realized that Black Rock had reached Level 50, and so gave him a light pat.

“Great job! You’ve already advanced to Tier 5.”

“d.a.m.n!” Black Rock rolled his eyes and feeling extremely dumbfounded, replied, “I have been Level 49 for so many days. It would be unnatural if I didn’t advance to Tier 5. If was you who’s fast! When the Graveyard of the G.o.ds event ended, you were only Level 40. You have caught up to me now.”

“How are the rest?”

“Fateless has also reached Level 50… Others are still the same. Judge and Subjugator are still making preparations to advance to Tier 5, while Snowleaf is having some difficulty. ”

“It’s not surprising, since she’s a Summoner…”

The two were talking as if the others did not exist—completely disregarding Casanova and the rest aside.

Hollow Cast did not know whether to laugh or cry. He walked over to remind them. “You two, better to allocate the Divinity first before any further discussion. ”

Remembering the business here, Qin Ruo smiled and nodded. He then sent a whisper to Black Rock and asked, “Right, when did you get your Divinity?”

“Hehe… Two days after leaving Graveyard of the G.o.ds, I had advanced to Tier 5. Then I got my hands on Divinity. How about it? Isn’t it amazing?” Black Rock mysteriously smiled.

“Where did you get it?”

Qin Ruo listened as he felt intrigued. At present, in the whole of H&G, the number of Divinity was extremely rare. He only knew that the system for Divinity-related quests could be found in the Buried City. If there were other quests that were easier to obtain, then it might be easier for him to get Divinity.

“I’ll tell you about it later.”

Black Rock mysteriously said those words to Qin Ruo. After that, with Casanova’s signal, Black Rock took out a pure white, smooth and rhombus-shaped crystal from his backpack…

‘Light-type Divinity?’

Qin Ruo looked at it, furrowing his brow slightly before turning his attention to the only female player in the audience.

Unsurprisingly, at the moment Black Rock took out the Light-type Divinity, it immediately caught the Daisywave’s attention. Held in her hand was a piece of Divinity that was translucent.

Wind-type Divinity!

Qin Ruo glanced at Apocalypse and Corrupt Lord. Held in the hands of these two were yellowish clay-coloured Earth-type Divinity and Dark-type Divinity respectively.

Finally, all their gazes fell upon the hands of the approaching Psycho Demon.

A piece of Water-type Divinity.

Surprisingly, it was in his hands…

Wrinkling his brow, Qin Ruo put out the Thunder Divinity in his hand.

Casanova’s allocation was very simple. It was a system contract—altogether there were six portions. The content had stipulated the attributes of the Divinity needed by each person and the acquired Divinity respectively.

After everyone had signed their agreement, they would also obtain the type of Divinity which would meet their respective needs.

Qin Ruo touched the Divinity in his hand, but was not as excited as the other five—this would be the second piece of Water-type Divinity after all, and so the most exciting moment had pa.s.sed.

The excited ones were not only the six players who would have their own required Divinity attribute, but also included Casanova and Hollow Cast who were both exceptionally gleeful.

Nowadays in the whole H&G, players who had fused Divinity could be counted on ten fingers!

However today, there were five Tier 5 Supreme Champions who were about to fuse with their Divinity in Casanova’s Trading Hall. These five would be set apart from among the 400 or more Tier 5 Supreme Champions…

Today was destined to be an unforgettable day!

“Let’s imbue it.”

Under the excited gaze of Casanova, with the exception of Corrupt Lord, the Qin Ruo and the other five solemnly nodded their heads at the same time. As the other middle men who had arranged for them to obtain the required Divinity, Casanova and Hollow Cast must be given their due credit. Furthermore, they did not charge any fees for their services. As a thank-you, the group would imbue their respective Divinity in Casanova’s Trading Hall right, instantly fulfilling their duty by advertising the Trading Hall.

Qin Ruo sat down on the ground and held the Water-type Divinity with both his hands. Following the instructions on Divinity, he began to wholeheartedly absorb the acc.u.mulated pure Elemental Strength contained inside it.

His Intelligence had only come into contact with the Divinity, and rich Water Element immediately gushed out of the Divinity at an alarming rate…

After all, the Divinity came from different elemental fragments. Therefore, the acc.u.mulated Elemental Strength was also incomparable to one another!

At the beginning of the imbuing process, Casanova and the others only saw thick blue chains emerging from the Divinity crystal. The blue chains were increasing in number and becoming more and more concentrated. The blue chain encircled Qin Ruo’s body. At the same time, the blue chains were also connected to Qin Ruo’s body at an extremely fast absorption rate. However, more blue chains were emerging from the Divinity at a faster rate.

Soon, Qin Ruo was surrounded by more and more blue chains. The entire person appeared to be swallowed by blue rays!

Seeing this, the other four people followed suit and sat down…

Holy white light!

Strange black bristle!

Thick earthy halo!

Rapidly surging, rotating wind ma.s.s!

Each with their own characteristics had appeared on the second floor lounge of the Trading Hall!

Such a spectacular scenery with majestic elements of magical fluctuations deeply astonished Casanova, Hollow Cast, and Corrupt Lord, the three people who were recording this scene.

Ten seconds later…

In the beginning of the process of fusing with Divinity, Qin Ruo felt that the weight in his hand was getting smaller and smaller. In the end, the Divinity seemed to disappear completely in the palm of his hand.

He felt a similar feeling to what he had experienced in the Buried City, being unusually strong again! It was as if there was something was trying to squeeze itself out from behind his own back…

Casanova and Hollow Cast were instantly drawn to Qin Ruo who had completely absorbed the Divinity!

With the previous experience, Qin Ruo was no longer unprepared. He was seen to be calmly and quietly sitting up from the ground, silently pulling the power of the Angelic Wings to make them slowly acc.u.mulate together…

After a few seconds, when he almost could not control it…


With an explosive roar, a pair of Angelic Wings sprouted from Qin Ruo’s back! The dazzling light that burst out in an instant made him s.h.i.+ne in front of everyone!


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