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Chapter 405: Elemental Array

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ron was super unlucky. Not only was he unsuccessful in his move against the Elementalist, but his Pet also died first; just as he had strenuously crafted a solid, heaven-defying killing plan and was about to watch Qin Ruo die, it was ruined by Majestic Hero and Black G.o.d’s sudden appearance. Qin Ruo was blessed to have escaped death, and all of Ron’s sacrifices went down the drain!

The incident that shocked him the most was Qin Ruo’s fusion with a Divinity Crystal!

The moment Qin Ruo disappeared from his sight and spread his Angelic wings to soar into the sky, Ron’ heart sank…

At that moment, Ron clearly understood!

The “rookie Advanced Tier 4 Aquamancer”, previously labeled by his woman, had completely undermined their positions…

Just like the current scene!

One was on top, one was at the bottom!

Ron had to look up at Qin Ruo, a Tier 4 Aquamancer whom he had played his own toppling, swindling game with; an “ordinary player” whom he greatly regretted engaging.


As Majestic Hero and Black G.o.d left, Ron immediately realized that the two guys were not there to fight, but to a.s.sist Qin Ruo. He cursed angrily and fled.


Just as he was about to escape, someone did not quite agree with his actions.

“Lycan Barrage!”

Qin Ruo roared as he chased him through the corridor from above. Three wolf skulls howled as they appeared; Poochie steadied itself on the tip of Qin Ruo’s shoulder before it locked its gaze on the human and Hawk.

The Terramancer, Thousand Face seemed like someone who posed a bigger threat and brought greater pressure to Qin Ruo when compared with Ron…

His Thunder Hawk’s Magic Penetration effect was as fast as a lightning strike. The oppressive energy it brought was even more than Ron, an ordinary Tier 5 Umbra Swordmaster’s!

If Qin Ruo wanted to kill Ron, he could not ignore Thousand Face.

As he made his move, Qin Ruo did not dare to bring out all his strength. He summoned Poochie and the Twelve Frostramparts to follow his movements. At the same time, he used his most powerful Lycan Barrage as his first attack on Ron.

“AoE Earth Thorn!”

The situation suddenly changed—the attacker had become an a.s.sailant. Thousand Face finally suppressed his last bit of guilt and no longer hesitated to attack him full on.

If one of them were killed by Qin Ruo in the presence of the two Tier 5 Champions, they would surely make things difficult for Netherspirit’s Claw.

While Thousand Face was maneuvering the Earth Element, the Twelve Frostramparts Formation, which was pursuing Ron closely from behind, ended up being quickly pierced by countless Earth Thorns that emerged from the corridor grounds. There were large holes all over it. That magic move seemed to be different from other ordinary Terramancer’s AoE Earth Thorn. After the Earth Thorns emerged, more thorns emerged from the original Earth Thorns. The Frostramparts, which were already previously damaged, were further destroyed, collapsing directly into the middle!

The single AoE a.s.sault became a multiple AoE a.s.sault.

That guy’s elemental skills… were very powerful!!

Fear rose in Qin Ruo’s heart as he noticed the change. He stopped his a.s.sault mid-air! He switched his gaze to Thousand Face who was about thirty meters away, allowing Ron to escape his range of attack.

“What a unique Elemental Array.”

“Hmph, Netherspirit’s Claw has somehow gathered a few potentially good apprentices.” Majestic Hero and Black G.o.d judged from afar at one end of the corridor. Beneath their feet, a giant, black figure was half-kneeling idly on the ground. The ground shook as a huge fist rapidly punched the poor Darkspirit Archer over and over again! Next to him was the Pigasus. It could not bear to watch the Darkspirit Archer’s pathetic situation, but it was also an accomplice. Every time the Darkspirit Archer awakened, it immediately radiated an invisible mental charge to diffuse the flames in the Darkspirit Archer’s eyes, putting it back to sleep.

Majestic Hero was not worried at all about the Tier 5 Elite Miniboss escaping the Dark Vajra and Little Angel, which were strong against Dark-type beings.

“I thought Qin Ruo could finish them up… Seems like… just facing Thousand Face alone could be enough of a threat to him.” Black G.o.d raised his arms as he observed the three who were crossing fires. His eyes showed a trace of deep worry.

“Hehe.” Majestic Hero arrogantly asked, “Who wins and who loses, is it that really important?”

“Nonsense! Do you want to see the underlings of Netherspirit’s Claw win?” Black G.o.d glared at him. He really hated the way Majestic Hero just spoke. It was as if he looked down on others while he thought himself above everyone else. That made Black G.o.d feel really, really irritated.

Majestic Hero laughed bitterly. ‘It’s obvious enough. That Terramancer from Netherspirit’s Claw has a thorough knowledge and foundation of Elementalism. His capabilities are undoubtedly no weaker than Qin Ruo’s; as for his Pet, the Thunder Hawk’s Magic Penetration and Blink Strike are fatal. They’re possibly comparable to the Shadowfox’s unexplored abilities. Any one of them could win, and any one of them could lose…

‘Their victory depends on their individual performances on the battlefield.

‘Black G.o.d, this fella, he loves to bring up subjective opinions when he speaks or acts. To put it plainly, he’s just an idealist. Maybe only people like him can be grounded. In his heart, there’s always a solid goal, and that’s to build a strong enough army, purely consisting of elite Champions…’

When Majestic Hero was done thinking to himself, there were a couple of new advancements on the battlefield!

“You sure you wanna do this?”


Without hesitation, Thousand Face suggested that Ron retreat from the battlefield. Even if the plan was something Ron had proposed, it had nothing to do with him now.

Just as he was sneaking up on his attack target, he was caught red-handed by Majestic Hero and Black G.o.d in the process. That had badly bruised Thousand Face’s honor…

If he were to do anything at this point, it was to at least save his own reputation!

To reach his objective, the best way was to fight fair and square by facing Qin Ruo one-on-one and defeating him. That would wash away his shameful act from earlier on.

Ron could not help Thousand Face with his struggle.

In terms of power, the Field Commander of Netherspirit’s Claw Clan, Thousand Face, was obviously on another level…

Under that circ.u.mstance, if he were to make a move or interfere, not only would he be unable to pair up with Thousand Face to finish off Qin Ruo, he might even offend Thousand Face. The potential losses were too great!

As he reached that thought process, Ron glanced at the corpse of the bloodied Silver Werewolf nearby and retracted his gaze hatefully before he agreed to Thousand Face’s request.

“I believe you can get rid of him!” As he finished this sentence, Ron slowly left the battlefield and retreated roughly more than fifty meters away!

After Ron left, Thousand Face locked his heated eyes on Qin Ruo…

He looked at Qin Ruo and spoke slowly, “One on one, a fight to the death!”

Qin Ruo had listened to their conversation. He slowly flapped his Angelic Wings and looked at Thousand Face as well as the Thunder Hawk sitting on his shoulder. Then, his gaze fell on Ron who was retreating another twenty meters.

“You’re next!”

Qin Ruo’s crazy talk and self-confident att.i.tude further angered the Terramancer, Thousand Face! With a cold expression, he hastened his speed and entered Qin Ruo’s field of attack.

“You’re too arrogant!”

“Oh really?” Qin Ruo coldly replied.

He and Thousand Face attacked at the same time…


The ceiling of the corridor suddenly collapsed. A gigantic Earth spike tore through the ceiling and charged towards Qin Ruo’s back at full power…

As the two pros crossed fires, every second and minute became intense. There was no room for pause. But that move alone caused Qin Ruo to feel a certain pressure, which he had never felt before!

If the attack landed, even if Qin Ruo activated his dual defense magic, he would still be knocked out of the sky…

One shoulder was tight while the other was loose.

Poochie retreated from the Frostbarrier, swished its tail to unleash Shadow Break, and saved Qin Ruo from the dangerous attack—the giant spikes disappeared instantaneously.

However, Qin Ruo still did not relax. As Poochie left the Frostbarrier, he noticed via his Elemental Perception that the Thunder Hawk was quietly spreading its wings to fly away from Thousand Face…


The sound of a loud thunderbolt rang inside the corridor. Purple lightning struck, followed by thunder! Right before the Lycan Barrage reached them, lightning struck Poochie’s body and sent it flying away from the Frostbarrier’s protection.

As expected!

The opposing party’s thought process was the same—attack the Pet, which was easier to kill; as long as one party’s Pet had a winning chance, that party would have a definite win in the battle!

Under Qin Ruo’s control, the three water wolf skulls, which were already reaching Thousand Face’s Earth Barrier, suddenly changed their course. They accelerated and attacked the Thunder Hawk, which was about to return to its “nest”…


It screeched desperately and flew down from the air.

The color drained from Thousand Face’s… face.

His deceptive move had actually ended up like that. The Thunder Hawk dealt no more than 600 damage to Poochie. The moment the Thunder Hawk was struck while it returned to base, it lost nearly 4,000 HP! Adding on to the damage from Poochie during its previous attack, its HP bar was dangerously lowered. It was now in a weakened state where it had to walk on the ground.

If it received another blow, the Thunder Hawk would surely be finished off.

Moreover, those Healing Potions and all could not be used on Pets…

At that moment, Thousand Face was extremely dejected!

He was actually defeated in the first round of his attack…


Thousand Face’s deep understanding of the multiple attack attribute of Qin Ruo’s Lycan Barrage was no longer of any use. He quickly drew out a scroll from his bag and flipped it open…

Qin Ruo suddenly felt something earthy and yellowish appearing in front of him. A wall engraved with a magnificent magic pattern emerged between him and Thousand Face!

Qin Ruo was at a lost for words.

He immediately recognized that it was a type of Tier 5 Defense Magic, possessing Endurance in the hundreds. It could resist a single direction homing magic attack, pretty much the same as a Chaos Frostrampart.

Seeing how Thousand Face was using that magic move, Qin Ruo was surprised. Did the guy not know that such an obstruction would not block his visual field? As long as his Elemental Perception was present, Thousand Face’s every move would eventually be captured.

In that awkward situation, Qin Ruo did not stop his movements. He flapped his wings to keep a distance between them while he controlled the Lycan Barrage, quickly preparing to cast Condense a second time!

However, just as he was using the Thunder Hawk’s inability to return to its nest as a chance to secure his victory, a warning notification popped up—shrouded in purple lightning, the Thunder Hawk suddenly disappeared from his Elemental Perception zone…

Blink Strike!

‘d.a.m.n, this ability can actually tear up s.p.a.ce?’

As soon as Qin Ruo had that thought, a bright, purple lightning Thunder Hawk spread its mighty wings. It Air Dived majestically into the sky, right outside his barrier…

Thousand Face, who was on the opposite, had drawn out a second Magic Scroll and flipped it open!

From afar, Ron had been initially nervous for the heavily-damaged Thunder Hawk. But now, he was looking elated!

On the opposite of them, Majestic Hero and Black G.o.d were grinning while watching. They both nodded at the same time.

It was over…


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