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Chapter 526: 526

“Oh, let’s see who’ll die first!”

As Qin Ruo said this, the blood of thousands of spectators below started boiling .

One of them was a fameless Tier 5 Aquamancer from Fallen Angels while the other was a renowned leader of the Holy Clan, Raziel . Both of them were Tier 5 Winged Champions, so naturally Raziel was cautious at first . However, after being provoked, he now decided to slaughter this insolent Aquamancer to preserve his honor . He would use everything to achieve this—Mana Cores, Magic Scrolls, potions… whatever it took!

If not, his reputation would all be gone in just one night .

However, to the spectators, Raziel had the upper hand . Raziel was one of the leaders in the league back then and he had powerful equipment on him while being revered for his combat prowess . It was obvious that he had the upper hand .

As for the “Netherspirit’s Menace”, even though he looked strong and formidable, he was nonetheless a fameless Aquamancer . No one knew the full extent of his capabilities . Although he was also a Winged Champion and equipped with a full set of Dark Gold equipment, there was no way that he could take out the experienced Raziel . Not even if he had embedded gems on all of his equipment .

No matter how much they wanted to cheer for the brave underdog Netherspirit’s Menace, one that was brave enough to take on thirteen Winged Champions, the spectating players could not ignore the cold reality before them .

Both of them were Elementalists—one of them was an Electromancer while another was an Aquamancer . Although both their attacks were neither effective nor ineffective against one another, Raziel’s veteran experience was an overwhelming disadvantage for Netherspirit’s Menace . There was no way the latter could win this fight .

Of course, not everyone thought the same . At least, not the members of Fallen Angels, Dark Dragon, and the veterans in the spectating crowd .


Qin Ruo’s and Raziel’s magic attacks struck each other in a blink of an eye!

A splinter of violet lightning and a flock of white frosts wrathfully crashed in the air, sending out powerful shockwaves throughout the area . Everyone’s view was blurred by countless electric sparks and snowy frost flakes…



Both of them groaned at the same time as their attacks exploded in front of them . Then, three silhouettes flew from the sky in two different directions .

The silhouette on the left was able to slap up a huge wind on the ground with his Angelic Wings before he hit the ground, sending him back into the air . It was Netherspirit’s Menace who was still standing and maintaining his Frostbarrier .

As for the other two silhouettes, they were not as lucky . The bigger non-human silhouette disappeared from the sky before it reached the ground while the other smaller humanoid silhouette hit the ground—it was Raziel who had lost his Angelic Wings and barrier from his opponent’s magic attack…

Neither of them had released Tier 5 AoE magic attacks and yet Raziel’s Angelic Wings were torn!

In a short instance, the battle was over!

Due to the wide areas that winged Champions covered, many players did not have the faintest idea of whatever that had just happened . All they knew was that the battle was over in a few seconds and the one who lost was Raziel, the one they thought was winning .

For a long time, everyone was completely silent .

The twelve Winged Champions was shocked . Yet, it was also because of the fact that they were Winged Champions that they were able to see more than the normal players and also were able to endure more shock .

The fameless Aquamancer, who only had a full set of Dark Gold equipment, chose to attack Raziel, the experienced legendary equipped Winged Champion, using the same strategy he used .

The Aquamancer fought fire with fire and still turned out victorious .

“You’ve got to be s.h.i.+tting me!” One of the Winged Champions inhaled sharply then muttered .

The other two Winged Champions from Holy Clan were stunned as they stared at Raziel’s lifeless body . Their minds were pulled back to reality after hearing their friend’s muttering .

They quickly glared furiously at the Aquamancer . They then whispered to each other as they barked at the members of the Order of the Eight G.o.ds to revive Raziel .

They were hoping to ask Raziel . They wanted him to tell them what went wrong—that the Aquamancer cheated!

Only Dark Dragon was calm . He attentively looked at Eight G.o.ds, whose face was as pale as a bleached T-s.h.i.+rt .

“Tell me what happened . ”

Dark Dragon knew Eight G.o.ds’ Elemental Perception was a unique onehe could extend his perception range to hundreds and hundreds of diameters . If there was someone in the crowd who knew what happened, he would be the one .

In the meantime, Eight G.o.ds stared at Netherspirit’s Menace, who was re-activating a new set of Darkfrost s.h.i.+eld and Frostbarrier . Eight G.o.ds opened his mouth but no words came out .

That one instant… was so eerily impossible!

“Holy f.u.c.k! How did the Fallen Angels find this many freaks to join them?!”

Among the crowd, an Elementalist with a crest of the clan “The Executors” turned and looked at the Berserker who was standing next to him . “Clan leader, this Netherspirit’s Menace is really something . He was able to b.u.t.t heads with Raziel directly without the help of a pet… Holy c.r.a.p! I thought this kid had some kind of super pet or unique skill… but… how come we had not heard of anyone like this before?”

“… yeah, he is really something . ”

Remorseless Warrior sighed . “What happened earlier? Tell me…”

“What else do you think happened?”

“It’s like two morons choking each other… that Netherspirit’s Menace kid hurled two magic attacks and then Raziel did the same . Okay… okay… stop glaring at me . I know, you want details… well, Netherspirit’s Menace’s first spell was customized water magic . It has the ability to deliver consecutive strikes and then explode on impact . The second spell was a fling of multiple of Frost Arrows . d.a.m.n, and it was quick too . Much quicker than me . It was almost like it tailed the first spell and landed its strike after the former hit Raziel too . ”

“What about Raziel’s spell?”

“He used high-speed Lightning Bolts—a powerful Lightning attack that could deliver four combo strikes . The damage it dealt was so high that Netherspirit’s Menace’s magic s.h.i.+eld was shattered in an instant . Yet, Raziel suffered more damage—his s.h.i.+eld was gone, barrier and HP were depleted . To retaliate, he immediately activated a spell to summon his pet… however…”

Elementalist paused momentarily before continuing, “The Aquamancer had too much HP . He had lost his magic s.h.i.+eld, so he only had his HP and equipment to tank the rest of the attacks . Raziel, who had a full set of Legendary equipment on him, could not defeat this Aquamancer, who only had Dark Gold equipment . I don’t understand… even after seeing this with my own eyes, I still can’t make any sense out of this . How could a set of Dark Gold equipment beat a full set of Legendary equipment?”

“What about his pet? Raziel’s pet was not able to help at all?”

“Heh, his pet? Raziel was an idiot . Pets are meant to be used as meat s.h.i.+elds . He seemed to be scared of Netherspirit’s Menace’s pet . He was afraid that it could be a pet that majors in physical attacks . So, he flung a Berserk spell at his opponent . Yet, he thought wrong . I’m betting that he would never have thought that he would lose in a raw spell versus magic duel like this… Hahahahaha…”

As they were discussing the battle that happened earlier, something unexpected happened .

Raziel seemed to be refusing the resurrection by the Radiant Priests of the Order of the Eight G.o.ds . His corpse then vanished right away after that . Two Winged Champions, seeing this, immediately hurled their Return Scrolls in the air .

Therefore, there were only eight Winged Champions and Dark Dragon facing him in the air .

“What about you guys? Do you guys want to come at me one at a time? Or together?”

As Qin Ruo reactivated his s.h.i.+eld and barrier, no one in the area a.s.sumed that he was bluffing . At least, the death of the clan leader of Holy Clan had earned him the bragging right to do so .

After Dark Dragon and his Champions heard Eight G.o.ds’ report on the battle earlier, they could not help but feel a heavy weight in their hearts . After hearing Qin Ruo’s taunt, they all instinctively looked at Dark Dragon…

Only Dark Dragon .

Only Dark Dragon could take him on . He was even stronger than Raziel!

After witnessing Raziel losing, they did not think they had the capabilities to take on this opponent . He did not even use his pet—it was apparent that he had been holding back .

Dark Dragon took a deep breath and calmed down from the shock he had endured . Then, he flapped his Angelic Wings and flew into Qin Ruo’s attack range .

Honestly, he was now regretting rus.h.i.+ng over hastily .

He was a renowned Champion, like Raziel, while his opponent was a fameless Tier 5 player . He could not afford to lose . Or else, he would end up like Raziel—all his reputation ruined in just one single battle…

The spectators would definitely record their fights and upload them onto the official website . And then, everyone from “Honor and Glory” would know that Raziel’s instant defeat in the hands of a fameless Tier 5 Aquamancer .

“Let’s see who’ll die first…”

This would, naturally, be spread across the official forum too . Raziel’s reputation was over .

Raziel would need to carry the trauma of this battle for the rest of his time here, while Holy Clan’s influence and power would start to decline .

All this, due to the meddling of a mysterious fameless Tier 5 Aquamancer . This Aquamancer was so strong that it felt like he was the “Second Coming of the Winter Demon”!

However, he had barked out his taunts not long ago .

So, Dark Dragon had no other choice . He had to step up and face this fameless unknown Aquamancer .

Yet, it was not at all over for Dark Dragon—Raziel was much weaker than him after all . So, if he put in everything he got from the get go, his chance of winning the fight was still great .

Black G.o.d was not about to underestimate this fameless Aquamancer .

Suddenly, Netherspirit’s Menace spoke, “So, you’re Dark Dragon?”

“Yes . ”

“Good, other than our Clan Leader Qin Ruo and Homme Fatale, I’ve never really fought any real veterans . It’s a golden opportunity for me . Let’s see what you’re made of . ”

After hearing this, Dark Dragon stopped and asked, “Hold up . You said… that guy… I mean, your clan leader… Winter Demon…”

“Yeah . What about it?”

“Did he ever talk about me? What did he say?”

After hearing Dark Dragon’s inquiry, a keen curiosity piqued amongst the spectators too . In the meantime, several people who knew the actual situation, including Remorseless Warrior, were shaking their heads with a wry smile .

Dark Dragon had fallen into a trap, a psychological trap .


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