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Read Monster Integration Chapter 2289 – Hunt

Monster Integration is a web novel produced by Anwan.
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Read WebNovel Monster Integration Chapter 2289 – Hunt

Chapter 2289 – Hunt

I reached my quarters, and just as I did, I took out four dark pink b.a.l.l.s and activated formations on them.


They buzzed as the formations on them activated and flew out of my palm before forming a square door. As it appeared, I moved my hand from up to down, and a spatial rift formed inside the door, big enough that I could easily pa.s.s through it.

I walked into the rift, and behind me, the rift began closing. As four b.a.l.l.s came inside, the rift closed finally without alerting a single system of the fort despite my quarters being one of the most focused areas.

These b.a.l.l.s are a much-upgraded version of the b.a.l.l.s which I had used before to move around without alerting the sensors or senses of a powerhouse. They barely leave behind any trace at all, and the trace they left behind could be detected by these sensors.

Even powerful Grandmaster would be hardpressed to detect them even if they looked at that place, and these faint signs would disappear quite quickly. So, it could be said they are the near-invisible method to travel spatially.

I need to take such precautions as powerful artifacts and powerhouses are tracking every movement. A huge portion of Pyramids power is being used to track the spatial fluctuation of Grandmasters and above-level powerhouses.

As the rift close, I begin to move in the s.p.a.ce sea. I have to be fast; the prey is Grandmaster; it could change its directions in a second.

Ashlyn had worked very hard for the past fifteen days to find this prey, and I should not waste her efforts. If it had got away, I don’t know how long it would take me to find another prey.

I need this prey before Grimms makes their move; I have a feeling it is going to be extremely dangerous for me, and if I do not make the preparations, I will die.

It is not like I did not improve in these past months; I have improved. I burned through an immense amount of resources and got an increase that would shock the old Grandmasters, but that is far from enough; I need to be stronger, much stronger.


A few seconds later, I stopped and activated the batts again. Like last time, they flew out of my hand and formed a gate.

Instead of immediately tearing open the rift, I covered myself with my stealth method. It had grown quite powerful with grounds I had made with my research, and now I will test its power against a Grandmaster.

With my stealth method as its full power, I opened the spatial rift and walked out of it. The rift, on the other hand, did not close; the mist came out of these four dark pink crystal b.a.l.l.s and covered the whole rift, which made it disappear completely from the view; one could not even sense the spatial fluctuation, even if they stand close to it.

I need this rift open, as the second I finish with my prey, I will need to leave as there is a very high chance a very powerful Grimm will come seeing it dead.

I moved toward my prey, it was near me, and I would just need to fly a couple of seconds before I saw it.

Nine seconds later, I saw it; the Apeman is moving through the air silently and seeing the way it is moving and using its soul sense. It is patrolling the area.

This area Thomas Hills is one of few neutral areas where war between the two races is not raging. There are many reasons for that; one of the most important is that its location is not strategic at all, and it does not have many resources or entrances to ruin and realms.

Still, both humans and Grimms send their powerhouses to patrol this area; below me, I could see tens of Kings and Emperors of both sides patrolling.

The appearance of Grandmaster is quite rare, and Ashlyn was only able to discover it when she was flying over this area not long ago. The moment she was sure this Grimm was alone, and there was no trap, she had called me.

Soon, I reached close to it that there was only a mile of distance between us and its soul sense is scanning over the area where I was standing but it still not able to detect me, seeing that smile couldn’t help but appear on my face.

It is very hard to reach such a close distance of the Grandmaster without them discovering them. I reached it, and just as I did, my strings came out of me and moved toward the Grandmaster.

It is quite hard to control the strings from such a distance, especially when I am under so much pressure.

The pressure of not getting discovered, the pressure of finis.h.i.+ng the job quickly. As those b.a.l.l.s are not going to keep the rift open forever, I need to finish the job soon and return through them.

Still, it is a challenge I am willing to face and even quite excited about it. As it is forcing me to stretch the boundaries of my control and would help me a lot extremely if I can do it successfully.

I have to succeed; I could not afford to fail, and it is due to why I am sneaking on the Grimm, which I am not too fond of doing. I preferred to work on my strings while fighting; it gives me a huge thrill and excitement.

Seconds turned into a minute and minute into two before I knew it, three minutes and fifty-two seconds pa.s.sed by, and I had finally wrapped the Grimm Monster in my strings fully; seeing that smile couldnt help but appear on my strained face.

The Grimm Grandmaster, who was patrolling without sensing anything, suddenly stopped. For a moment, a shock appeared on its face before it morphed into horror. 

It seemed to understand the predicament it had fallen into, but before it even does anything else, like contact others for rescue, it had disappeared from its place without leaving a single proof behind.


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