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Read Monster Paradise Chapter 1574 – The Second Battle

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Chapter 1574: The Second Battle

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

In the Nine Gloom Vine’s G.o.d Territory, countless vines blotted out the heavens.

The entire dimension appeared to be an ocean completely made out of vines.

Within it, a figure traveled at high speed.

This was a silver figure. If one were to see it at close range, the figure was actually very tall and broad, fully over three meters tall. However, he was very agile, freely moving through the all-encompa.s.sing vines with complete ease.

Every step he took—every movement he made, even—he could dodge the a.s.sault of the surrounding vines with the highest level of agility.

Even though he occasionally ran into trouble because he could not evade the attacks, he still could snap the vines with his palms immediately and kill them, thus extricating himself in time.

Perhaps other people might have considered the Nine Gloom Vine’s type of attack to be extremely troublesome. However, given that he was the king of close-range combat, Silver Armor feared this sort of close-quarter fighting the least. No matter how many vines there were, how frequent the attacks, or how strange the angles, to him, evasive maneuvers were instinctual to his body.

He even felt that none of these attacks would score a hit on him at all, even if he were to close his eyes.

Giant Sarcoma, on the other hand, was not as fortunate as Silver Armor.

Unlike Silver Armor, he chose to counter the attacks by fighting them.

However many vines attacked him, he would extend the same number of tentacles to combat them.

There was no reason other than his Movement Skill was universally acknowledged to be very weak.

He had never thought about improving upon this point. This was because from the very beginning until the day he rose to his position as one of the six overlords, he had never needed to use his Movement Skill to aid him.

In all his battles, he basically overwhelmed his opponents.

His opponents usually did not even have a chance to escape, so he did not even need to pursue them.

In reality, even if he were to fight an opponent on par with the Nine Gloom Vine, he would still never consider remedying his lack of Movement Skill.

This was because all he needed was a thought, and the number of his tentacles would certainly not be any less than the number of vines that the Nine Gloom Vine sent out.

It was just that this was utterly unnecessary at the moment.

This was the Nine Gloom Vine’s G.o.d Territory, so a similar maneuver would consume far less of the Nine Gloom Vine’s Divine Power. Giant Sarcoma did not want to drain his Divine Power here. It was just not worth it.

The battle between the three of them went into a stalemate for a long time. Suddenly, however, the three of them experienced a slight moment of emotion.

The reason for this was that they sensed the four-faced individual’s aura had returned, but not that of Crimson Eye.

“Crimson Eye’s been killed?!” The red in Silver Armor’s eyes briefly faded, as if he had never expected something like this to happen.

From far away, Giant Sarcoma was rather shocked as well. “So quick?! It’s been less than ten minutes!”

However, he got over it very quickly. Ten minutes might have pa.s.sed in the outside world, but due to the special nature of Crimson Eye’s G.o.d Territory, two people fighting on a psychic level might have already crossed swords hundreds upon thousands of times.

The most shocked of all was the three-tailed snake lady still hiding in the purple fog.

Although she was hiding in the purple fog and could not be detected by the outside world, she could very clearly sense whatever was happening out there. Naturally, she also sensed the disappearance of Crimson Eye’s aura.

As the four-faced individual’s lover, she knew that his close-range combat abilities were powerful—perhaps not that much weaker than Silver Armor. What she had not antic.i.p.ated was that Crimson Eye, who should theoretically have been able to suppress the four-faced individual, turned out to be the first to be defeated by the four-faced individual instead.

“That fellow has never been willing to tell me what secrets his four faces hide. From the looks of it, one of those faces is equipped with a powerful psychic technique—one that’s no weaker than Crimson Eye’s!”

Both of them had been bedmates for years. Although they were not married, the three-tailed snake lady thought she already knew the four-faced individual very well. Never had she antic.i.p.ated that his abilities would far surpa.s.s her expectations.

She was even to the point where she suspected she might be in the wrong camp the moment Crimson Eye’s aura vanished.

She had chosen to side Silver Armor because, for one, the chances of winning were higher when it was four against two. For another, she knew Silver Amor very well and was fully confident in his abilities.

Now it seemed that her other lover, the four-faced individual, possessed abilities that were in no way weaker than Silver Armor’s own.

However, this uncertainty only surfaced for a moment before the three-tailed snake lady firmly snuffed it out.

She knew that she no longer had the chance for a second choice.

With Silver Armor, as long as Nine Gloom and Four Face were killed, she would still be able to get a share of the spoils. However, if she changed her mind now, even if she helped the four-faced individual to defeat Silver Armor and the rest, she might still be killed by the four-faced individual and the Nine Gloom Vine in the end. They might just see her as a threat.

Since she had already made a stand, all she could do was to bite the bullet and tough it out to the end.

After making up her mind, the three-tailed snake lady continued hiding like a turtle in its sh.e.l.l. She watched the goings-on in the outside world, waiting patiently for an opportunity to attack.

Meanwhile, on the vine-filled battlefield, something unforeseen happened again very quickly.

After killing his first prey, the four-faced individual locked onto his second target immediately.

Although he did not sense any energy locking onto him, Giant Sarcoma guessed that he would be the four-faced individual’s next target.

This had occurred to him the moment he sensed Crimson Eye’s aura dissipating.

The reason for this was that Silver Armor’s close-range combat abilities were extremely good, while his defensive capabilities were the best among the six overlords. The four-faced individual, who was also a close-range combat powerhouse, would be at a complete disadvantage fighting Silver Armor, let alone trying to defeat him.

While the three-tailed snake lady remained in hiding, the only possible target could be Giant Sarcoma himself.

However, Giant Sarcoma was fearless. For one, fear was not an innate emotion that he possessed; for another, he did not believe that the four-faced individual could actually kill him.

It did not take very long for the four-faced individual to wend his way through the many layers of vines and appear not too far away in front of Giant Sarcoma.

The moment he appeared, Giant Sarcoma attacked without hesitation.

Countless tentacles extended in a frenzy, surging toward the four-faced individual.

The four-faced individual seemed very much at ease as he evaded the tentacles. “It seems you came prepared. You knew I’d come.”

“From your point of view, if you had chosen Silver Armor, it would be difficult to decide on the winner or loser within such a short time. Naturally, I became the better choice,” Giant Sarcoma’s voice seemed to be squeezed out from wriggling flesh, “However, I don’t think you chose correctly.”

“Based on what? This flabby, limp attack technique?” The four-faced individual jeered, smirking.

“My flabby, limp attack technique might be able to kill you.” The minute Giant Sarcoma finished speaking, the front part of his countless tentacles suddenly began dividing.

One became two, two became four, four became eight…

The number of tentacles increased exponentially in an instant.

Since the four-faced individual was caught off guard, dozens of tentacles rapidly came into contact with his body.

He wanted to struggle but discovered that the tentacles were stuck to him like sticky candy. Not only that, as his movements were now restricted, more and more tentacles began to attach themselves to him.

The Nine Gloom Vine—who had all along been using vines to interfere with Giant Sarcoma and help the four-faced individual—had not expected that Giant Sarcoma would suddenly pull off such a maneuver. By the time the Nine Gloom Vine came to the four-faced individual’s aid, he was already a fraction too late.

In a blink of an eye, the four-faced individual was smothered in countless tentacles, turning into a wriggling ma.s.s of flesh


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