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Read Monster Paradise Chapter 232 My Prince Charming Is The Hottest!

Monster Paradise is a web novel made by 酒煮核弹头, Nuclear Warhead Cooked In Wine, Jiǔ Zhǔ Hédàntóu.
This lightnovel is currently Ongoing.

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Read WebNovel Monster Paradise Chapter 232 My Prince Charming Is The Hottest!

Lin Huang followed Liang Yin to the morgue and she pulled out the cold chambers containing the four bodies for him before she opened the cover of the bowl of intestine gravy on an empty bed.

“You can take a look for yourself. Let me know if you have any questions.” Putting on a surgical glove, Liang Yin used her fingers to pick up a slice of intestine into her mouth. She was humming happily with her legs swinging.

Ignoring her, Lin Huang took a look at the first body. It was the body of a young man. Since he was soaked in the silt for a long time, his body was well preserved; it looked as it did when he was alive.

The body was clean, just like what Liang Yin said earlier, and completely naked. He was a good-looking man in his early 20s. He was about 1.8 meters tall with a nice, muscular body. He was not the bulky type, a closet hunk.

“I think this man has the best body among the four of them. Although he’s not the tallest, but he has a nice body. Just look at his legs. He has the perfect ratio with a girthy p.e.n.i.s. I bet the girls must have gone crazy for him when he was alive,” Liang Yin commented casually as she ate.

Lin Huang did not say a word. It was odd for a 17 year old to talk about a man’s p.e.n.i.s with another man that she had just met. Lin Huang could not imagine what kind of things she would say if they became friends.

However, Lin Huang could tell that the disturbing comment had nothing to do with s.e.x but was simply a biological observation. He thought that it was inappropriate to carry on with the topic anyway. After some observation, Lin Huang noticed that there really were not many wounds on the man’s body. There were light scratches on his chest and back that seemed like the work of fingernails. The only fatal injury was the hole the size of a thumb on top of his head. Though the hole, Lin Huang could even see the structure of the hollow skull. There was no brain left.

“I bet you guys cleaned the inside of the head as well?” Lin Huang asked.

“Of course we did, or else how are we supposed to see what happened in there?” Liang Yin replied.

“I have kept the silt inside their skulls and did an extraction. There was no brain tissue left at all.”

“How about their internal organs?” Lin Huang noticed that the chests and the abdomens of the bodies had been cut opened and st.i.tched back.

“Nothing odd. We have extracted the residue inside their stomachs, it was just normal food.” Liang Yin shrugged while putting another piece of intestine into her mouth. Such a topic did not seem to affect her appet.i.te at all.

“How about their blood? Is there any trace of poisoning?” Lin Huang asked.

“We have done that too, but they were not poisoned. Can you stop doubting our professionalism? Do you think I wouldn’t think of the possibility of poisoning? I’m much more experienced than you. Whatever you can think of, I have already covered that.” Liang Yin was unhappy with Lin Huan’s probing.

“I managed to graduate from the advanced medical school with Honors. I have also been authorized to work in the forensic field even before I graduated. This must be done by Brain Eater, I have no doubt about that.”

“I’m not suspecting you, I just wanted to confirm with you all the possibilities.” Lin Huang did not mean to judge her. He was merely voicing out all the likelihoods that he had in his head.

Liang Yin did not say a word. She thought about it and realized that Lin Huang was just asking questions like a normal person would and that he did not have a suspicious tone. She was being too sensitive.

“I have checked the organs, blood, and even the spinal cord. There’s no residue of poison that we know of, neither is there any trail of Ecstasy,” Liang Yin added after giving it some thought.

“Hmm, there seems to be nothing wrong with this body. Let me take a look at the rest.” Lin Huang walked towards the second body.

It was a hunk of 1.9 meters with tanned skin and he looked like he was 27 or 28. As Lin Huang was observing, Liang Yin spoke up, “This man was the oldest among all of them and he has the highest rank. Although his Life Wheel was broken, we could detect from the remaining force wave that he was a silver level rank-2. He was the tallest and the strongest one with the largest p.e.n.i.s. From the color of his p.e.n.i.s, we could tell that he had the most s.e.x among all of them…”

Once again, Lin Huang was speechless by her casual comment about the man’s p.e.n.i.s. He decided to focus on the body instead. Soon, he noticed that there were many scars on the back of this body.

“What’s with the scars on his back?”

“Nothing, those are scars of whipping. If you look closely, he has quite a lot of similar scars all over his body. Most of them were healed, but those that we saw were new. Looking at the severity of the marks, they don’t look like punishment, they seem more like a fetish,” Liang Yin explained. Although she was young, she seemed to know a lot about the non-vanilla aspects of the bedroom.

Lin Huang did not ask further after hearing her explanation as it was just skin surface, which was unrelated to how this man died. Just like the previous man, there was a hole in his head.

“Was this man of silver level rank-2 killed in one hit as well? How could you tell that he did not fight back?” Lin Huang asked.

“You can tell from his facial expression. If he struggled or fought back before he died, his facial expression would be ferocious. After the body stiffened, the facial expression would stay. Look at him, he looked happy. This means he was killed without knowing that it was coming since he was relaxed,” Liang Yin said while putting another slice of intestine into her mouth and chewing it hard.

“You know what I meant when I said he was relaxed…”

After keeping the second body, Lin Huang proceeded to check the remaining two bodies. Liang Yin answered all his questions. They then left the morgue and headed to Liang Yin’s office.

“Do you have any more questions?” Liang Yin finished the bowl of intestine gravy as they arrived at her office. She then threw it away and looked at Lin Huang with her eyes eagerly wide.

“I would like to look at the complete post-mortem report,” Lin Huang requested.

Liang Yin then projected the post-mortem report to him. After flipping on the screen, she showed it to Lin Huang. “You can take a look at it yourself.”

Lin Huang then spent more than 40 minutes to finish the report and he had no suspicion on the cause of death anymore. Turning off the report page, Lin Huang looked at Liang Yin. “What do you think about this case?”

“I’m just a forensic scientist, what kind of thoughts am I supposed to have?” Liang Yin had her arms wide open.

“From my professional observation, it was done by a Brain Eater monster or a Brain Eater that was disguised as a woman.”

“How much do you know about a Brain Eater?” Lin Huang asked.

“I studied forensic science, not monsters or monster biology,” Liang Yin replied curtly.

“Alright then. No matter what, thanks for your help.” Lin Huang left.

Just when Lin Huang arrived at the entrance, he was stopped by Liang Yin.

“Wait, I thought of a senior who is a monster expert. I could give you his contact details. However, whether he would be willing to help you is a different matter.”

“Sure, give me his number. I will try contacting him.” Lin Huang nodded.

After adding him as a friend and forwarding him the contact details, Lin Huang left while Liang Yin proceeded to watch other Sword Genius battle videos in her office.

As she watched, she mumbled, “No matter what, my Prince Charming is the hottest. No man can compare to him…”

Although she could not see Lin Huang’s face under the silver mask, that did not stop her from idolizing him…


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