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Read Monster Paradise Chapter 441 Farewell

Monster Paradise is a web novel created by 酒煮核弹头, Nuclear Warhead Cooked In Wine, Jiǔ Zhǔ Hédàntóu.
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Read WebNovel Monster Paradise Chapter 441 Farewell

After the three of them finished their coffee, Lin Huang went to the counter to pay immediately. Yi Yeyu was holding onto Si Kongrou’s arm when he came back, and he could not help but feel like a lightbulb between them.

“Big sister, since your family name is Si Kong, do you happen to be related to Si Kongjian?” Lin Huang thought the atmosphere was awkward, so he broke the ice as they strolled.

“You know Xiao Jian?” Si Kongrou stared puzzledly at Lin Huang.

“He was one of the examiners when we were training in the ruins.”

“Oh, he’s my brother. My cousin brother to be exact. But I have more than ten cousin brothers, so we hardly talk to each other,” Si Kongjian explained.

“I knew it when I heard his name the last time, but I didn’t ask.” Yi Yeyu smugly seemed like she had it all figured out.

“You attended that training as well?” Si Kongrou asked with her eyebrow raised.

“Yeah, that was how I leveled up to holy fire-level. It was Lin Huang who helped me to kill the monster.” Yi Yeyu did not forget about Lin Huang’s help.

“It’s nothing.” Lin Huang faked a laugh as he needed to please Si Kongrou. After all, it was not in his best interest to be hated by an immortal-level.

“Oh, which monster did you kill to level up?” Si Kongrou looked at Lin Huang and asked again.

“The Fire Phoenix. It was difficult…” Yi Yeyu started telling the entire story about how they killed the Fire Phoenix.

And that was how Si Kongrou found out that Lin Huang was an Imperial Censor with great abilities. However, she did not have much comment on him.

“The Fire Phoenix is a double mutated monster with phoenix blood. It’s a great choice for people with fire attributes.” That was all Si Kongrou said.

Yi Yeyu then talked to Si Kongjian about her training while Lin Huang listened as he thought it was eye-opening. However, the conversation then s.h.i.+fted to some girls’ talk that included which facial mask was the best, which lip color would be attractive to guys, the latest arrival of the trendiest brands, who just got married and who got divorced, and so on…

Lin Huang was staring into s.p.a.ce as he listened. He even followed the both of them into a shopping mall without realizing it.

The three of them shopped at the ladies’ department. Only Yi Yeyu tried on clothes while Si Kongrou did not. All she did was pick out the largest size for the clothes that she browsed through. Lin Huang did not dare to ask if she was buying them for herself or for someone else. They shopped all the way to the fourth floor where Si Kongrou stopped to gawk at a white wedding dress.

“Such a pretty dress!”

“I think it’s pretty too. Sis Rou Rou, buy it if you like it,” Yi Yeyu encouraged.

“Why should I buy something that I would never wear in my life? Which man would ever want to marry me?” Si Kongrou shook her head and looked away. To Lin Huang, her gentle expression and eyes that dimmed in disdain confirmed that she really was a woman.

“Fate is odd. There’s always someone for you in this world. It’s just that you haven’t met him yet,” Lin Huang comforted her, but he soon regretted what he said as he was afraid that she might think that he was interested in her.

“Maybe…” Si Kongrou only looked sadly at Lin Huang, obviously still down.

To make her feel better, Yi Yeyu brought the both of them to a dessert parlor upstairs.

“Oh my!” Si Kongrou grinned when she saw the dessert cafe.

“Ten years ago, when I was still a little girl, you would always bring me to eat dessert whenever I was unhappy. I would always forget what upset me as I gorged myself on the yummiest things…” Yi Yeyu still remembered the sweet memory that Si Kongrou had given her a decade ago.

“To be honest, at first, I thought you would become fat and blame me when you get older. I didn’t know that you’d have a body that won’t ever get fat no matter how much you eat. That’s why I kept buying you dessert,” Si Kongrou chuckled. That piece of memory seemed to be rather fresh in her head.

After the two ladies picked the desserts that they wanted, Lin Huang initiated to pay. They chatted as they ate in the dessert parlor while Lin Huang listened to their girls’ chatter. He knew more about Si Kongrou as he listened. She was one of the Demon Slayer Troop members back in those days, and she had been sent to be Yi Yeyu’s bodyguard later on for some reason. When Yi Yeyu grew up, Si Kongrou broke through immortal-level and was relocated to work for the Union Government in Division3. Yi Yeyu had no idea why exactly she had gone there. Because she was in the military, she contacted Yi Yeyu less and less. This was the first time she had ever met Yi Yeyu again since she got back to Division7.

“Sis Rou Rou, are you doing well in Division3? If you’re not happy there, I’ll try to get great-grandfather to bring you back to Division7.” Yi Yeyu was concerned. It was rare for Lin Huang to hear Yi Yeyu speak in such a caring tone.

“I’m doing pretty good over there. If I really don’t want to stay there, I’ll speak to the general myself.” Si Kongrou smiled.

“That’s great.” Yi Yeyu was happy to hear that.

Si Kongrou seemed like she was casual about it but Lin Huang could sense that she was hiding something.

“Sis Rou Rou, do you have some mission that you’re in Division7 for?” Yi Yeyu was curious about Si Kongrou’s visit.

“It’s a cla.s.sified mission. I can’t tell you.” Si Kongrou shook her head and smiled.

“Can we still meet after your mission is over?” Yi Yeyu asked.

“I don’t think so as I don’t have much time. I’ll visit you again if I get the chance in the future and I’ll visit the general as well.” Si Kongrou shook her head.

“It’s great that I could squeeze some time for you this morning, but I have something to do in the afternoon.” Si Kongrou looked at the time of her Emperor’s Heart Ring. It was almost 11 a.m.

“Let’s have lunch before you leave,” Yi Yeyu suggested.

“Alright then,” Si Kongrou hesitated as she looked at the time but agreed.

“Let’s have a light lunch since we just had so much dessert.”

Yi Yeyu was familiar with the shopping mall, and she soon found a Chinese restaurant.

“The dishes here are delicious. My brother brought me here for the first time, and I’ve been here by myself for a few times. It’s still early now, so let’s order first since there aren’t many customers here. Our food should be served soon.”

They sat by the window, and their dishes were served a few minutes after they ordered.

As they just had dessert, Yi Yeyu only ordered four dishes and a bowl of soup for the three of them. They finished in less than half an hour, and Lin Huang called for the bill. They then sent Si Kongrou off but not before Yi Yeyu gave Si Kongrou a long embrace.

“Although Xiao Yu is stubborn sometimes, she’s an innocent girl. If you just want to be friends with her, you’re a good friend. But if you would like to be in a relations.h.i.+p with her, you have to work harder as it’s not easy to get into the Yi family. I hope that you maintain the same relations.h.i.+p you have with her right now as you won’t hurt her if you guys are just friends. I don’t wish to see you hurting her…” Si Kongrou whispered into Lin Huang’s ear.

Si Kongrou let go of Yi Yeyu after whispering to Lin Huang. The both of them talked for a while before she left. Yi Yeyu stood where she was until Si Kongjian disappeared, then she turned around.

“Have some dessert.” Lin Huang gave her a cream puff since she appeared upset over the departure of her good friend. Yi Yeyu took the cream puff and ate it quietly. Lin Huang pa.s.sed her a few more later on. She seemed to be happier after eating those cream puffs.

“Are you planning to kill me with these cream puffs so that you can inherit my legacy?” Yi Yeyu asked Lin Huang.

“I can’t even if I wanted to!” Lin Huang said.


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