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Read Monster Paradise Chapter 483 Predator Fly

Monster Paradise is a web novel completed by 酒煮核弹头, Nuclear Warhead Cooked In Wine, Jiǔ Zhǔ Hédàntóu.
This webnovel is presently Ongoing.

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Read WebNovel Monster Paradise Chapter 483 Predator Fly

Lin Huang stepped into the dimensional relic, observing the surveillance that was following Lin Xin’s team as the dimensional relic was closing. He noticed that the screen that had been foggy was now blacked out. He was shocked! As he stepped out of the dimensional relic, he was no longer at the Martial Hunter College anymore but in the B-grade foothold Frost City that was 4,330 kilometers from the Mist Forest.

It was entering winter in Frost City in October. Lin Huang, who was only wearing a layer of clothing, attracted the attention of many. He did not care at all as he projected the map. He then summoned Thunder after confirming his location and the direction towards Mist Forest.

“4,300 kilometers towards the southeast!” Lin Huang hopped onto Thunder’s back and started flying. The disappearance of Lin Xin’s team’s surveillance did not bode well, and he was worried.

Along with the cold wind, there was a thin layer of snow on the ground. The temperature mid-air was even lower. However, Lin Huang did not seem to notice the chilliness at all while getting Thunder to fly as fast as it could. It was around 5.20 a.m. and the day was breaking while the fog in the forest was fading away. Thunder landed in the central zone of the Mist Forest. Lin Huang had no idea where exactly Lin Xin and his bunch of students were in this stretch of forest.

As they landed, Lin Huang recalled Thunder and summoned b.l.o.o.d.y. b.l.o.o.d.y’s form was different from how it had previously been. It no longer looked like a vine. Instead, it floated in the air like a cloud of violet haze.

“I’ll have to ask you to look for Lin Xin and the students. Also, check who is messing with them,” Lin Huang instructed.

“Sure,” b.l.o.o.d.y said.

“You can talk now?” Lin Huang was stunned.

“Yes, I didn’t have vocal cords before, so I couldn’t speak. I still don’t have one now, but I can speak through body vibrations,” b.l.o.o.d.y explained.

“Let’s talk more when we have the time. Let’s do what’s important first.” Lin Huang did not want to dwell on the topic. Knowing that it was urgent, b.l.o.o.d.y released a ma.s.sive amount of purple dots which then mixed into the fog and spread far away.


A gigantic bug that was three meters long flapped its wings occasionally on the ground. The big looked like an enormous fly with six legs and a pair of wings. There was thick, black hair on its back. The front half of its head consisted of an infinite number of eyes; there were at least a hundred thousand of them. What differentiated it from a normal fly was its back that was releasing white bubbles resembling foam. When one looked closer, there were black baby bugs in the ten-centimeter bubbles that were growing fast. Within seconds, the baby bugs were completely formed. They poked the bubbles with the needles on their mouths and flew out rapidly.

Given the contact with the air, the baby bugs grew bigger as they flew. Soon, all of them became 30 centimeters long. There were two men in white robes standing next to the mother bug with a huge cross on the back of their robes. Although both of them had silver cross patterns streaked on their foreheads, the way they were painted on was different. However, if Lin Huang could see them, he could definitely tell that they belonged to the Saints and they were in the higher management!

“There are only a total of 600 Surveillance Mosquitoes, and you’ve released almost 2,000 Predator Flies. Is this necessary?” A man who looked like he was in his thirties looked expressionlessly at the young man next to him. The young man had red hair and green eyes that did not look like a human’s. He turned around and grinned when he heard what his partner said.

“Since we’re here, let’s have fun. It’s not every day that we get to let the mother fly out. Let’s let her feast.” The red-haired man licked his lips after saying that casually.

“Don’t look at me with your disgusting face. I’m afraid I might chop your head off.” The man was exuding a terrifying aura.

“Oh man, don’t be like that uncle. You’re scaring me…” The red-haired man’s eyes turned into crescent moon shapes.

Suddenly, the red-haired man felt tightness in his neck like a metal hand was strangling him. His body dangled in the air.

“Talk to me like that again and I’ll kill you!” The man remained expressionless, but the red-haired man could tell that he was not joking.

“I’m sorry, I’ll never do that again.” The red-haired man raised his hands innocently while smiling.

The man released him slowly and stood aside. He seemed like he did not want to be in contact with the young man.

“I’m just joking. Why are you so mad?” The red-haired man rubbed his asphyxiated throat.

“How long does it take to finish this?” The man asked stonily.

“Now, the fog is still lingering. Although we have the signals of the Predator Flies, the activities of the people must be affected. Looking at the progress, it might take more than an hour to complete the capture,” the red-haired man explained.

“The Martial Hunter College is coming. Warn them to watch out,” the man instructed.

“We’ve locked the forest, so no dimensional relic will be able to enter. The nearest C-grade foothold is more than 2,000 kilometers away. Liu Ming isn’t around, so at the speed of the two deputies, they would need around an hour to get here. The rest who ride on flying mounts will take more than two hours. As long as I block the two deputies, we’ll be able to capture all of them by the time the rest get here. It’ll be useless for them to come.”

“This batch of offering to the G.o.d is ma.s.sive. We can’t afford to miss anything. Please take this seriously,” the man warned.

“Don’t worry. This is the first time I’m partnering with you. I’ll give my 120% to make you happy.” The red-haired man raised an eyebrow.

“Uncle, would you consider me as your full-time partner?”

“No, I’m good on my own,” the man rejected straight away.

“Sigh, such a heartbreaking response…”


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