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Monster Paradise is a web novel made by 酒煮核弹头, Nuclear Warhead Cooked In Wine, Jiǔ Zhǔ Hédàntóu.
This lightnovel is presently Ongoing.

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Lin Huang had been at level-3 of the Sword Dao for quite some time now. He was well-grounded, and with the addition of the external trigger, he managed to make a breakthrough.

The level-4 Sword Dao was called Oblivion. Lin Huang could be regarded as an expert in Sword Dao the moment he achieved this level.

Oblivion was when the user and the sword merged.

The sword had become part of one’s life and they could not be separated, becoming an extension that was not unlike the limbs of a human body.

Previously, Liu Ming’s combat strength was actually on immortal-level rank-9 as he only had a level-4 Sword Dao. His Sword Dao was one of the strongest among the people of that generation. Very few in Division 7 could surpa.s.s him in terms of his Sword Dao. This was also the reason why he was capable of killing an imperial-level when he was still an immortal-level.

At this moment, Lin Huang had made a breakthrough, albeit one that was out of Lin Huang’s expectation. He thought that it would take him at least a year to level-up.

The moment the upgrade on his Sword Dao happened, Lin Huang slowly closed his eyes, reviewing the various types of sword skills that he had learned in the past, practicing them in his mind to further stabilize his sword skills.

Lin Huang closed his eyes for several hours, and when they opened, the sky had turned dark.

Yi Zheng and the rest had learned something as they waited for Lin Huang.

Seeing that the sky had turned dark as he opened his eyes, Lin Huang immediately summoned the Dimensional Portal. All of them strode over it and returned to the site near them.

Everyone was quietly having their dinner underground.

“It seems like you guys have learned something today.” Lin Huang sized them up and noticed that they were behaving oddly.

“I think the etches on the building have something to do with our dao level improving. My Saber Dao has somewhat benefited from that. I’m not going to kill any monsters in the following days as I can feel that my Saber Dao is about to achieve level-3.” Leng Yuexin explained.

“I feel the same way too. If we continue observing the etches, perhaps in two to three days, I’ll be able to achieve level-3 Saber Dao.” Yi Zheng agreed with her.

“I’m not going to kill any monsters too.” Although Yi Yeyu was still far from achieving level-3 Saber Dao, she could feel that her Saber Dao was improving.

“I’ve been looking around the palace for several hours but I can’t seem to find any etchings for a spear. I’ll try again tomorrow.” Seeing that the rest had improved, Li Lang panicked.

“Lin Huang, you’ve closed your eyes for so long. Was it a good learning experience?” Li Lang asked.

“Yes, I’ve achieved level-4 Sword Dao.” Lin Huang smiled, nodding his head.

“…” Comparisons were odious and the rest were speechless.

“In the following few days, we shall stay in this site to upgrade our skills. I’ve just made a breakthrough in my Sword Dao. Therefore, it’ll take me some time to stabilize my skills. We can hunt monsters after that.” Lin Huang agreed with the rest of them.

The next morning, they arrived at the large site through the Dimensional Portal.

Lin Huang was standing at his original position and closed his eyes once more to focus on strengthening his skills. Meanwhile, Yi Zheng and the rest stood still before the etches on the walls.

When it was slightly past one o’clock in the afternoon, Li Lang finally discovered an etching for spears and stood still before the etchings.

In the next few days, Lin Huang and the rest went there during the daytime. They were there when the sun rose and left before sunset.

On the fourth day, Yi Zheng’s had achieved level-3 Saber Dao — the Illumination level.

On the fifth day, Leng Yuexin managed achieve level-3 Saber Dao as well.

Yi Yeyu and Li Lang had arrived at the Consonance level.

They then stayed at the site for another few days. Yi Zheng and Leng Yuexin had strengthened their level-3 saber skills whereas Lin Huang’s sword skills had been completely stabilized. He was much stronger than he was before.

Both Yi Yeyu and Li Lang were incapable of getting into level-3 as both of them were still lacking experience. It was because of this that they could hardly achieve level-3 within a short period of time.

“It seems like there aren’t any entrances to the underground area in this site… After completely stabilizing his level-4 Sword Dao, Lin Huang had been exploring the site in the past few days. However, he could not find an underground entrance.

According to the normal practice of a site, there had to be a big building under the site.

Yi Zheng and Leng Yuexin joined him after their Saber Dao had been stabilized.

Leng Yuexin sized up the surrounding while walking at the center of the hall and accidentally stepped on a crushed stone and twisted her ankle. She immediately grabbed the border of the stone tower and at that moment, the stone tower moved a little.

Leng Yuexin immediately noticed something unusual about the stoner tower and informed Lin Huang and the rest. “It seems like the stone tower here can move.”

They immediately rushed over there. Even Yi Yeyu and Li Lang stopped observing the war etchings.

“I accidentally touched the stone tower earlier and I found out that it can actually move.” Leng Yuexin said.

“Let me try.” Lin Huang took a step forward, pressing against the white stone tower that was more than a meter in height. Soon after, it started moving in an anticlockwise direction. After rotating for 180 degrees, it stopped.

Right this moment, the ground suddenly trembled. The people floated up into the sky and soon, they saw a circular entrance with a five-meter diameter next to the stone tower being activated. The position of the entrance was right at the center of the hall.

There was a stone staircase near the stone tower.

“I was right. There’s indeed an underground are here.” Seeing the appearance of the underground entrance, Lin Huang confirmed that he made a right guess.

“The site is so big. There must be a lot of treasures there. We’re going to be rich!” Li Lang smiled wryly. He wanted to enter rashly but was stopped by Lin Huang.

“Please wait, I’ll ask b.l.o.o.d.y to investigate the situation first. Twisted around Lin Huang’s wrist, b.l.o.o.d.y released purple specks of light and spread them throughout the underground entrance.

Soon, several projections created by b.l.o.o.d.y appeared in front of Lin Huang.

The few of them looked at the projections as well.

In the projections, as they reached the end of the spiral staircase, there was a big underground plaza. There were coffins in the plaza that were arranged accordingly and neatly. The leech pods were flying in different directions.

There were only coffins in the plaza and there were nearly 10,000 of them. Not a single monster was discovered.

There were four rooms outside the underground plaza where the treasures were stored. Lin Huang and the rest were staring at those treasures greedily.

Aside from that, at the end of the plaza, there was a red wooden box with a length of less than one meter. There were black intricate patterns all over the box that looked like black chains.

“It seems like it’s not dangerous in there. Let’s go in.” Li Lang spoke excitedly.

Lin Huang frowned, seeing the red wooden box. He was afraid that things might not be that simple.

After a moment of hesitation, he nodded his head. “After collecting the items in the palace, leave immediately. Don’t touch the coffins and the box.”


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