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Read Monster Paradise Chapter 862 Killing Seventh Prince

Monster Paradise is a web novel completed by 酒煮核弹头, Nuclear Warhead Cooked In Wine, Jiǔ Zhǔ Hédàntóu.
This lightnovel is currently Ongoing.

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In Enlightenment City, Lin Huang had been performing simulated cultivation on a variety of local methods while his Twisted Fate Scripture had advanced all the way to rotation No. 4. All he needed now was eight million mastery level to proceed to rotation No. 5.

For the past few days, b.l.o.o.d.y had come up with all the types of crystal cores needed for the monster card.

Lin Huang traded the unwanted crystal cores with Tan Lang and the rest for all the crystals cores that could whet his monster cards’ appet.i.te.

Naturally, Tan Lang and the rest thought it was a little odd, but Lin Huang did not explain much about it. All he said was that the Herculean King and the rest of his pet monsters found some crystal cores delicious. Those rejected crystal cores were those that they found yucky.

For that, Lin Huang even got the Herculean King to eat a crystal core that he liked. Since the Herculean King enjoyed himself, whatever doubts Tan Lang and the rest had were cleared. Naturally, Tan Lang suspected Lin Huang might be hiding something, but he did not delve further.

“I’ve recorded how everyone felt and the effects every time they consumed those crystal cores.” b.l.o.o.d.y carried out a series of comprehensive recording. “I think I’ve got the approximate effects of the crystal core now.”

“Tell me more.” Lin Huang was interested in learning about the crystal cores.

“According to my current observation, every time they consume the crystal core, they obtain the memory of the crystal core’s owner. However, they won’t be able to inherit 100% of its contents. Moreover, different skills have different probabilities of inheritance. The highest one was above 90% while the lowest one was less than 20%. I’m speculating that the success rate of inheritance should be related to our skill slots.

“As long as we don’t elevate, the main branch of our skill slot will remain the same. Meanwhile, the skills that we obtain through these crystal cores will only appear at the very end of our skill slot. The closer the skill that can be placed on the main branch of the skill slot, the higher the chances of the skill being accepted and the higher probability of inheriting it. On the contrary, the more conflicted the skill is with the development of the skill slot, the easier it is to be rejected by the skill slot and the lower the probability of inheriting it.

“The main branch of my skill slot is parasitical ability. Almost all parasitical skills turned into branches in my skill slot. This is the precursor of the core crystals being absorbed into my body. However, there’s a division in parasitical skills too. I’m developing more into group parasitization at the moment, so group parasitical skills will be easier to be a.s.similated into my skill slot and has the highest probability of being inherited.

“Moreover, my parasitical control is more focused on refined control, so low-level or parasitical skills that have poor control will be expelled from my skill slot by instinct, mainly because such skills aren’t exactly useful to me. They might even burden my elevation and development of skills unnecessarily in the future. They contribute zero value to my skill slot, so the inheritance probability will be lowered automatically.”

“I get it now.” Lin Huang somewhat understood what b.l.o.o.d.y meant. “Find time to discuss with Bai and the rest about the direction of their development. You guys will decide which crystals cores to consume by yourselves. I won’t interfere with that.”

The more skills one had did not guarantee better performance. After all, everyone had limited time and energy, so it was impossible to master each skill to their peak.

Nevertheless, some people could master a group of skills to their peak and that allowed them to become a formidable powerhouse. For instance, the demiG.o.d Qi Muxiong who had virtually invincible telekinesis could fight equally with a True G.o.d despite having a demiG.o.d’s body.

One of the reasons why Lin Huang gave up being a firearms master was because of the powerful telekinesis ability that he had. The battle direction of a firearms master would overlap with what he was cultivating. Another reason was that he did not have extra time and energy to cultivate that.

If he were to insist on picking up firearms, his cultivation speed might be heavily affected by this sideline while his ability would definitely not be as great as it was now.

The most powerful talent that he was mainly cultivating was Sword Dao. The telekinesis which he was talented in came in handy. It had undoubtedly saved him a lot of time when it came to his elevation.

It would not hurt for him to work on those side skills such as sorcery, firearms and mechanical mastery when he reached a bottleneck in his main cultivation.

After all, there would be times when his Life Power or telekinesis would be limited. By then, he could rely on those side skills.

Since he was done speaking with b.l.o.o.d.y, Lin Huang went into the simulated cultivation again.

Not long later, b.l.o.o.d.y slipped out of Lin Huang’s sleeve all of a sudden.

“People from Dynasty have appeared. They’re coming to the city that we’re in!” Lin Huang stopped his cultivation immediately upon hearing that.

A couple of hours ago, he heard from b.l.o.o.d.y that the people from Dynasty were coming northwest and had entered a mountain not far away from Enlightenment City. They vanished all of a sudden when they went into the mountain.

Lin Huang was rather skeptical when he looked at the six people b.l.o.o.d.y projected.

“Only the six of them?”

“Yes, just the six of them. Apart from Seventh Prince, the rest don’t seem to have much Life Power left in them,” b.l.o.o.d.y confirmed, “I was watching them the last time and Seventh Prince noticed my Leech Pods immediately, but he didn’t notice them at all this time. Although I’m further away compared to the last time, under normal circ.u.mstances, he should be able to notice me. However, he hasn’t until now. Seems like he’s in a rather bad condition.

The Leech Pods were far away and they could not really see their faces clearly. However, Lin Huang had outstanding eyesight and instantly noticed their gait. “From their flying speed and clumsiness, they seem to be running for their lives.”

“Should we attack them?” b.l.o.o.d.y hesitated. “The people that are coming after them must have terrifying ability judging from the fact that they rendered Dynasty so inept and only six of them have survived.”

“We can’t let go of this opportunity to attack them. As soon as they enter the city, it’s difficult for us to find them when they go into hiding. Judging from their character, they’ll definitely attack the Heaven Alliance as soon as they’re healed.” Lin Huang knew underground organizations very well and had no sympathy for this bunch that was with Seventh Prince. “Moreover, the enemy’s enemy should be treated as friends. People who are after Dynasty probably won’t attack us if they see us stopping and killing Seventh Prince.”

After making up his mind, Lin Huang brought b.l.o.o.d.y out of Enlightenment City secretly.

As the Dynasty members ran for their lives to Enlightenment City, they had to travel 500 kilometers. Lin Huang hovered in the sky casually while waiting for Seventh Prince and the few injured Dynasty men patiently.

In less than 20 minutes, Seventh Prince appeared with the Dynasty members as expected.

Seventh Prince noticed a silhouette that was blocking their way from a distance. At first, he was shocked as he was afraid it was the old Taoist devotee who had caught up to them. However, he realized that it was a young man upon closer inspection. Furthermore, he found the person’s face familiar.

“Lin Xie of the Heaven Alliance, what are you doing here?” Seventh Prince squinted a little to scrutinize Lin Huang when they flew closer.

He was familiar with Lin Huang since he was a member of the Genius Union too.

Before entering the Fallen G.o.d Land, he recognized Lin Huang immediately after taking a glance at him. However, he did not bother to talk to him because he thought he was weak.

Lin Huang blocking their way now caused him to feel insecurity that came out of nowhere.

“I’m here because I know you guys would come. I’m here to kill all of you,” Lin Huang said casually and did not hide what he was planning to do at all.


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