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Read Monster Paradise Chapter 925 – The First God Relic

Monster Paradise is a web novel produced by 酒煮核弹头, Nuclear Warhead Cooked In Wine, Jiǔ Zhǔ Hédàntóu.
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Chapter 925: The First G.o.d Relic

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Yun Mei’er became more excited on stage.

It was the very first time in her life that she was auctioning G.o.d relics off. In addition to that, there were two G.o.d relics this time.

It was an exclusive honor for Division 3’s auctioneers in close to 200 years.

She could clearly sense that the guests’ antic.i.p.ation for the last two collector’s items.

“I believe all of you should feel the same as I do. We’re all practically jumping for the arrival of the last two items.

“To be honest, I’m a little nervous right now. Throughout my 16 years of being an auctioneer, this is my second time feeling nervous. The last time I felt nervous was the very first time being an auctioneer 16 years ago.

“In reality, I couldn’t really believe it when Boss Tang contacted me last month, telling me that I’d be hosting this auction. I didn’t expect myself to be selected when I signed up for it.

“The reason being, everyone in the industry knew that there will be two extraordinary finale items in this auction. Many seniors with rich experience signed up for this Wanbao Auction. Even some of the notorious seniors from Divisions 1 and 2 signed up too, hoping to host this auction.

“I’ve no idea why did Boss Tang picked me eventually. I still don’t understand it until today, but since he did, I hope I won’t disappoint his faith in me. I’ll try to do my very best.”

Yun Mei’er poured her heart out sincerely while waiting for the staff to prepare the next item. The crowd cheered for her.

“Now, that we are ready, please allow the team to bring our first final item of the day!”

As soon as she spoke, four staff carried a huge case onto the stage.

The people were already discussing among themselves before the cloth was removed.

“Why is the case so big?”

“It seems to be strenuous for the staff to carry. Man, that looks heavy.”

“I guess it should be the spear.”

“Not necessarily. It could be the sword.”

Although Tang Xu had announced the G.o.d relics before the New Year, he only said that the two G.o.d relics that were being auctioned this time would be a spear and a sword. Apart from that, he revealed no more.

Hence, n.o.body knew what the two G.o.d relics looked like. The staff put the case with the red cloth down slowly. Everyone held their breaths while waiting.

Including the people in the VIP rooms on the second and third floors, they had their eyes fixated on the case.

Yi Yeyu, who was in VIP Room S7, could not help but ask, “Lin Huang, you should know what the two G.o.d relics look like, don’t you?”

Lin Huang turned his head and raised his brow. “Take a guess.”

“Go away!” Yi Zheng peeped at the both of them quietly and stopped the duo’s ‘flirting’ with one sentence.

“You’ll know when the cloth is removed.”

On stage, the auctioneer, Yun Mei’er, pulled the edge of the red cloth and smiled at the crowd. “Well, it seems like everyone’s excited. Oh, then I shan’t keep everyone guessing.”

She pulled the red cloth that was covering the case as soon as she was done speaking.

There was a huge spear placed slanted in the transparent case. The total length of the spear was at least five meters from its handle to the tip and it was dark blue in color.

The spear was in the form of a tower. However, instead of being smooth and conically-shaped, it had a spiral structure like a screw. The bottom of the handle was thick while it got thinner as it went up. The tip of the spear was so thin that it was almost as narrow as an embroidery needle.

Clearly, apart from turning enemies into skewers, this heavy weapon could be used to smash enemies into a pile of mush.

“According to the seller, this name of this spear is Ba Huang. It’s been around for a long time, pa.s.sed down even before the middle era. We’ve read many historical doc.u.ments, but we couldn’t find any direct information about the spear.

“However, there’s a doc.u.ment recorded in the middle era with a similar description. It says ‘a spear that’s six feet long, dark blue, and in the shape of a tower’. We figured roughly that it should be referring to this spear.

“According to the description in the doc.u.ment, the spear appeared in the early era whereby its first appearance was in the hand of a dragon knight.

“Although there are no records of the dragon knight’s exact name, looking at the doc.u.ment, he had the combat strength of virtual G.o.d-level. Also, he had three high-level virtual G.o.d-level dragonkins with him. He was almost the No. 1 person under True G.o.ds at that time.

“A war broke out later on. After he died with his three dragonkins in the war, the spear went missing.

“This is the only information we have, so we can’t verify the authenticity of the information,” Yun Mei’er added, “You can take it as a story.”

“Now, let’s talk about this spear. In reality, this giant form is just its original form. It has a second sharp form whereby it can shrink to two meters long. The tip of the spear will turn into a sharp blade while its weight would lighten tremendously.

“The original form’s suitable for fighting wars while the sharp form’s suitable for hunting or fighting another person.

“Since it can only be activated using Divine Power, there’s no way that we can demonstrate it for everyone.” Yun Mei’er spread her arms helplessly.

Initially, Tang Xu wanted to ask his clan’s patriarch to demonstrate the two G.o.d relics here before the New Year. However, since the opening of the ruins in Division 1, the patriarch of the Tang Clan could not help but join the fun as well. Therefore, the thought of demonstrating on the spot was put aside.

A lady’s voice came from VIP Room S2 when Yun Mei’er was still speaking. “I could demonstrate it to all of you for free.”

Yun Mei’er was stunned to hear that offer. She looked at Tang Xu who was below the stage, wanting to ask his opinion.

Tang Xu hesitated for a second before nodding.

He was rather worried that the person would leave with the spear directly since she was a demiG.o.d. However, he thought about it and figured that she would not do such a thing in public. There were so many eyes watching after all, and she would lose her dignity completely once the news spread.

“Sure. Please demonstrate it for us, Ma’am.” After getting Tang Xu’s approval, Yun Mei’er nodded to the person upstairs while smiling.

A silhouette appeared on stage as soon as she was done speaking.

It was a short-haired lady with a brawny body. She was dressed in quite a masculine way. She wore a black tank top and a blue denim miniskirt with muscles bulging from her arms.

Lin Huang thought her arms were almost the size of his thighs.

The lady demiG.o.d did not even bother to introduce herself and put her hand into the case directly. She held the handle and pulled out the huge spear.

“Watch closely. I’ll only demonstrate once.” The lady demiG.o.d inserted her Divine Power into the spear. A deep blue gleam appeared on the spear’s surface like mist.

A moment later, the lady demiG.o.d shrank the spear rapidly with a speed that could be seen with the naked eye.

Merely three to four seconds later, the spear that was more than five meters long shrank to a deep blue spear that was two meters long.

The diameter of the spear was less than five centimeters. The blade on top was flat, appearing more like a sharp dagger.

The lady demiG.o.d swung it casually for a while and nodded with a grin. “It’s indeed much lighter.”

After some demonstration, she put the spear into the case and returned to the VIP room.

“Alright. Since the lady from VIP Room S2 has shown us the change of form that the spear can do, now let’s begin the auction officially! The starting bid is two G.o.d Figurines! Each increment will have to be an item nothing lower than demiG.o.d-level.”


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