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Chapter 210: The Most Powerful Spear Versus The Toughest Shield

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

What just happened in the ring shocked everyone around the audience.

“Is that vampire’s blood power?!”

“Could Sword Genius’s real ident.i.ty be a vampire?”

“That’s a dumb thing to say, how is it possible that the Hunter Arena could not recognize a monster?! Sword Genius must be a human with monster skills!”

“This is interesting.” The young man in the golden robe who had been sat quietly chuckled to himself.

“The four Blood Spirit wings are a monster skill of a gold-level. However, no matter how strong it is, it would be the same with a gold-level weapon. It is quite impossible that this could break through the defensive layer which was from a blood inheritance,” said a man in a black robe.

“The blood power of a gold-level vampire is the same as a gold-level weapon but if it is a mutated vampire, the strength of the blood power should be much more powerful than a gold-level weapon. If Sword Genius obtained his Blood Spirit wings from a mutated monster, it’s quite possible to break through the defense when it’s used together with the sword attack earlier.” The man in golden robe replied.

“A vampire is a human type of monster with high intelligence. The mutated ones would have even higher intelligence and ability. Do you think Sword Genius, who is only a silver-level rank-3, would be able to kill a gold-level mutated vampire?” The man in black robe asked. The man in golden robe went into silence.

Lin Huang unleashed his four Blood Spirit wings in the ring. The b.l.o.o.d.y color camouflaged his Blood Spirit wings which now looked the same as blood power wings. It meant he did not have to do anything to conceal them. Now that his eyes were red, everything he was seeing was red too. What surprised him was the ball across from him changed color as well. It was not a grayish-white ball anymore but was now a flaming red. It seemed like it was made of lava that was rotating in circles.

“The rotation must be the internal force of the defensive layer…” Lin Huang smirked as he did not expect himself to be able to see how the ball’s internal force worked when he activated Blood Spirit .

“The light color must be the weak point of the defensive layer. As it rotates, the weak point changes its location. That’s why the defensive layer seems to be flawless from the outside.” Lin Huang could see that where ever the color was darker, the force that was protecting that particular point would be stronger while the lighter the color, the less force would be protecting it which meant it had lower defense.

His vision now allowed him to see the flaws in a seemingly flawless defensive layer.

“I shall use Worldly Purification again; I don’t believe that it can’t break your tortoise-sh.e.l.l!” Underneath the mask, Lin Huang looked confident. The Blood Spirit wing on the top right transformed into a long sword with Life Power flowing through it. This time, the Blood Spirit wing drained three circles of his Life Power. The surface of the sword was burning in a golden flame.

“He’s using that again!” Seeing the sword on fire, everyone in the audience became excited. Lin Huang stepped on the defensive wall behind him and leaped towards the ball at lightning speed. His speed was even faster than the last time, like a shooting star in s.p.a.ce. Once again, even the air was retreating from its existence, and in an instance, Lin Huang had leaped 20 meters away and arrived right before the ball. The Blood Spirit wing covered in golden flames was like a star destroyer when colliding with the invincible wall.

“Bang!” A spark that was brighter than before lighted up the ring. It was as bright as the sun at noon. This time, all of the people in the audience closed their eyes as they could not look into the blazing sun. The gigantic blood spirit wing released boundless sparks right at the weak points of the ball. Lin Huang did not feel any force coming against his wing while it transformed into a sword and pierced through the ball landing on the wall across from them.

Although the people could not see what was happening in the ring due to the intense golden flame, most of them heard a cracking sound.

“Is the defensive layer broken?!” They were shocked as they tried to open their eyes to look. However, it was impossible for them to do so as it was too bright so n.o.body could tell what happened in the ring. What they did not know was that the cracking sound came from the wall in the ring, not the defense layer of The Final Fortress. It was the first time the defensive wall on the sixth floor arena had cracked…

The ball blocked Lin Huang’s vision, so he did not know what had happened to the defensive wall. He thought the cracking sound was the breaking of the ball. He looked at his wing, most of it was inside the defensive ball. He was relieved as from what he was seeing; he had won the battle. Above all, The Final Fortress who was sitting inside the ball was the one who got the biggest shock. Although n.o.body could see through the ball, he could see everything from the inside.

From the inside, the ball was the same as a pane of transparent gla.s.s. He saw everything Lin Huang had been doing for the last 20 minutes.

He was shocked the first time when Lin Huang used the Worldly Purification form as his sword had penetrated almost 30 centimeters into the ball. It touched the last layer of defense before he withdrew it. What shocked him the most was Lin Huang’s last attack which seemed like it was not even affected at all. Instead, it pierced straight into the ball, through his chest and back. What was more terrifying was that the sword even pierced through the defensive layer behind his back…

It was the first time that The Final Fortress lost a battle on the sixth floor of the arena. He always thought that he was invincible.

“I didn’t know a silver-level rank-3 could be this powerful…” The Final Fortress spat blood while in shock, he could clearly feel that the wing had pierced through his body and was absorbing his will to live. Within seconds, he was dead.

His body then disappeared altogether with the grayish-white ball.

“Congratulations. You have won the battle!”

Before the golden flame faded, Lin Huang received the notification of him winning. In the next second, an announcement from the system echoed through the entire arena.

“Congratulations! Player Sword Genius defeated keeper The Final Fortress on the sixth floor of the arena and has won 80 consecutive battles!”


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