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Chapter 218: Destruction Pursues The Great

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

On the ring, Lin Huang and Yu Moli stood at opposite sides across each other. Lin Huang activated Blood Spirit . His eyes turned a b.l.o.o.d.y red while four Blood Spirit wings extended from his back like they were struggling out of a cage. Meanwhile, purple flames came out of Yu Moli’s palms and were about one foot tall.

The crowd became excited as they finally saw them using their true power. After activating their monster skills, they glared at each other and attacked right away. Since Lin Huang activated Blood Spirit , the force within his body changed. His speed was affected by Bai as well, making him fast. Without the help of Thunder Sting , he would not be any slower than Yu Moli. As he charged towards Yu Moli, his Blood Spirit wings transferred into four ferocious blades, leaving a trail of white flame in the air. Yu Moli’s flame was then transformed into two gigantic fire snakes slithering in the air, distorting the air around them.

The swords and fire snakes collided in the middle of the arena.

“Bang! Bang!”

Lin Huang reacted by thrusting two of his blades towards Yu Moli’s chest. With the power of his Blood Spirit wings that could pierce through The Final Fortress’ defense, it would not matter how powerful Yu Moli’s defense was as it would be impossible for him to stop the power of Lin Huang’s Blood Spirit blades.

The two Blood Spirit blades were like snakes approaching Yu Moli’s chest at lightning speed. Suddenly, two gigantic purple arms grew out of Yu Moli’s waist and collided with the blades.

“Bang! Bang!”

A shockwave was created from the collision, causing the ground and the walls to shake. The audience who were watching could feel the tremors as well.

After a couple of failed attempts, Lin Huang turned his gold-level ring into a gold-level sword. His  Blood Spirit wings expanded and he charged towards Yu Moli with Thunder Sting . He aimed at Yu Moli’s throat, causing his opponent to be shocked as he saw Lin Huang’s sword closing in on him in an instant. He opened his mouth and retaliated with a purple flame that collided with Lin Huang’s sword, foiling Lin Huang’s attempt again.

After the collision, the both of them stepped back to the sides of the ring. The audience excited from watching the battle. A hit from the attacks they performed earlier could easily kill 90% of the people in the audience. As they went to their corners, two gigantic flame arms grew out of Yu Moli’s waist, adding to the existing two.

Yu Moli smiled at Lin Huang, “It’s four versus four now. A fair fight!”

Lin Huang shrugged his shoulders without saying anything. It was obvious that Yu Moli was imitating his combat style. Perhaps he did not have any solutions go against four of Lin Huang’s Blood Spirit wings. However, Lin Huang managed to confirm that Yu Moli’s monster skill came from a double mutated monster as well or else Violetflame  would not be able to go against his Blood Spirit wings.

“I have a question.” Lin Huang said to Yu Moli after they clashed.

“If you want to know how I obtained Violetflame , don’t bother your time because I’ll never tell you.” Yu Moli did not want anyone else to obtain the same monster skill he possessed so he stopped Lin Huang right in his tracks.

“That’s not what I want to know. Why did you lose to The Final Fortress on purpose?” The reason Lin Huang asked this was because he was almost certain that Yu Moli could definitely break through The Final Fortress’ defensive layer.

“From what I can tell, it’d be easy for you to break through his defenses.”

The crowd was shocked at what Lin Huang asked. However, many of them believed what he was saying. He definitely had the right to say something like that especially since he had defeated The Final Fortress himself.

“The reason was simple. I don’t want a 70-win streak.” Yu Moli said with his arms open.

“Why?” Lin Huang was puzzled.

“Someone told me that during ancient times, there was an idiom – Destruction pursues the great . Nothing good will come to the person who went after fame without first obtaining true power.” Yu Moli explained.

“I’d advise you not to continue with your battles after you defeat me. If you manage to achieve a 100-win streak, there’ll be more people watching you and they won’t only be from Division7…”

“Thanks for the reminder.” Lin Huang heard about something similar in the past.

As long as someone in the arena achieved a 100-win streak, the Hunter a.s.sociation division would report to the headquarters and in turn, the headquarter would notify other divisions. By then, everyone would know that such genius existed and he’d be targeted by all the underworld organizations…

Although the Hunter a.s.sociation would keep his ident.i.ty a secret, it was still possible that there would be an ident.i.ty leak. Moreover, there were many brainwashing techniques in the underworld organizations. If he was captured, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Since Yu Moli reminded him, Lin Huang gave up his intentions of continuing further. He was curious about the kind of opponents the system would a.s.sign to him if he defeated Yu Moli. However, it seemed like he had to give up on that thought and keep his life in one piece.

“However, I think it’s a little too late now. I think you’ve already been targeted by the underworld organizations. Although your ident.i.ty is sealed, some of them will always be able to find ways to get to you. It’s just a matter of time.” Yu Moli looked at him with pity.

“The methods that the underworld organization uses are unimaginable…”

“I’ll worry about that later. The battle between us hasn’t ended yet.” Lin Huang did not want to talk further.

“Let’s fight!” Lin Huang charged towards Yu Moli and Yu Moli did the same. Soon, the Blood Spirit blades and fire snakes collided in the middle of the arena…


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