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Chapter 389: Outlining The Sword Dao

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“No matter Life Power or other force, its form can be altered. If we talk about its base alone, there are three forms in short which are the point, line and surface. There are higher forms beyond the three-dimensions but you won’t be getting to that in a short period of time so there’s no need to talk about it yet. Let’s talk about point, line, and surface today.”

“When the force is gathered at one point, the ability to break through will be at its highest. When the force is gathered into a line, it would reach its peak cutting ability. These two forms are usually used in attacks. When force is gathered into a surface, it would form a forcefield that can be used as a shield. Of course, there are more different uses that can be formed with the use of the line and surface forms…”

“No matter which forbidden skills or combat skills you’re using, there are ways to change the form of the force utilized. The base of the form changes are always these three forms…” Mr. Fu’s explanation deepened Lin Huang’s understanding of the use of Life Power.

“The Life Skill  Army Attack Tactics that you train isn’t that advanced in the beginning but it helps tremendously on the use of force. Many people know that level-9 of Army Attack Tactics is comparable with the effect of a Holy Life Skill. To be able to train to level-9, the use of force is much higher than many other Holy Life Skills. But of course, it’s difficult to reach level-9.”

“If you don’t have the confidence to get to level-9 on Army Attack Tactics , I have a Holy Life Skill called the Star Tactics for you. However, if you have the confidence to get to level-9, there’s no need to change your Life Skill.” Mr. Fu said and looked at Lin Huang.

“It’s never too late to change but to be able to train Star Tactics to the level ofArmy Attack Tactics that you are now, it would take at least half a year.”

“I have the confidence to get to level-9, there’s no need to change.” Lin Huang gave a certain answer. Mr. Fu had no doubt when he heard Lin Huang’s answer.

“If that’s so, follow your progress now and proceed to train in Army Attack Tactics .” Mr. Fu said.

“Your major is the Sword Dao and your minor are firearms, you’re also an Imperial Censor. I’ve seen a couple of your summoning monsters, you’ve trained them well. I’m not an Imperial Censor myself, there’s no way that I can guide you when it comes to this. But of course, you can always ask me whenever you have any questions, I’ll get my Imperial Censor friend to help.”

“The firearms masters are adept in long-distance attacks so it’s good that it’s your minor profession. In reality, firearms masters are in high demand within people who are above holy fire-level. Although Life Power will be used in other occupations, the abilities of the firearm master are quite simply the best when it comes to long-distance attacks. Some of the powerful firearm masters could even go against top archery pract.i.tioners. For this, I will provide you with many gunfighting techniques. However, as this is your minor profession, you should always focus your training on the Sword Dao.”

“The Sword Dao is a powerful path. Not only in this era but many other eras in history, no matter the forms of life force, the Sword Dao has always been a major profession. There have been many top Sword Dao pract.i.tioners along the way.”

“I am a sword master but I have also trained in the Sword Dao. I’m not bad at it so it should be sufficient to guide you. I have seen your sword skills and your speed, strength and defensive abilities are good. There are almost no flaws on you. You’re gifted in the Sword Dao as you’ve already arrived at level-2. From what I see, it’s amazing that you have already achieved so much at your age. However, there are still two things that you need to improve…”

What Mr. Fu said made Lin Huang’s eyes lit up. He had always wondered if there was anything that he should break through before he becomes a transcendent hunter. What Mr. Fu was saying was the something that he had always been looking for.

“Firstly, your Sword Dao’s base is high but not firm. I guess the Life Skill that you picked in the beginning was of a higher level which makes your foundation look good but it’s an illusion. Just like the frame of a house that looks good but is built with foam. To solve this issue isn’t difficult but it’ll take time to train up many sword techniques.”

“Secondly, your sword skills are good when you use them individually but you don’t have good combos. It’s like having good books but they’re scattered all over the house. When you need them, you’ll realize that you have no idea where you’ve put them. So, what you need is an outline for your Sword Dao, to rearrange all the sword skills that you’ve learned along the way. It’s like getting a bookshelf to categorize all your books. That way, you could just pick up the book easily whenever you need it.”

“I have already picked a Sword Dao outline for you. It’s a sword skill that I created earlier, it’s called the Star Dome.” Mr. Fu said and looked at Lin Huang with pride.

“So? Isn’t the name great? It took me a couple of days to come up with the name. Star Dome implies the inclusiveness of everything in the universe, it’s perfect for your sword skill.”

“Err… It’s not bad.” Lin Huang smiled.

What he really wanted to say was that there were many fancy names in the novels on earth, but looking at Mr. Fu being proud of himself, he did not want to break his heart.

“After I leave, you can go to the Martial Hunter College’s library during the day and train your sword at the training room at the college at night. Master theStar Dome as soon as possible and only work on other skills later on. There’s no need to activate your Life Skill intentionally as the speed of your level-up is fast enough. Let yourself get to complete gold-level naturally.” Mr. Fu had come out with a plan for him.

“This is the training crystal of Star Dome that I recorded. Keep it properly, destroy it after you’ve mastered the skill and don’t send it to anyone.” Mr. Fu said and pa.s.sed him a black crystal of the size of a first.

“Understand!” Lin Huang kept it immediately.

“Let me think… I think that’s everything that I have to say.” Mr. Fu rubbed his chin and thought.

“Don’t go to the library these two days since I’m still here, let’s train your sword skill in the training room. If there’s anything that you don’t understand, you can always call me and I’ll get to them immediately to guide you on the spot. After I left two days later, you won’t have that privilege anymore.”

“I’ll learn as fast as I can.” Lin Huang nodded.

“Oh ya, let me know as soon as you mastered Star Dome . I will send you the tutorials for other sword skills.” Mr. Fu added. The reason why he did not want to send tutorials of all the sword skills to Lin Huang was that he would put Star Dome aside and learn the other sword skills instead. That would defeat the purpose of his training.

“Sure, I will.” Lin Huang could guess what Mr. Fu had in mind.


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