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“It’s not the first time you’ve called me annoying. The last time you even called me Ugly Peng, that kind with food stuck in the teeth,” Gao Peng said humorously.

“Humph!” Da Zi turned his head and decided to ignore Gao Peng for a day… or half a day.

The earth tremored, from the distant horizon, a black line was approaching.

Gao Peng narrowed his eyes and stood up. Finally, a monster that could not tolerate it.

In front, it had a dragon head, a horse body and deer feet. It looked like a lion with gold and jade fur. The wings were very short and its tail was curled. The dragon had a single horn at the top of its head and a mane around its neck.

Gao Peng recognized the monster instantly, at first sight. It was indeed the greedy fellow who ranked fourth in the killing list – the Mystical Pi Xiu.

The mystical Pi Xiu stood on the top of the hill, with its head and chest held high. All the monsters behind him took half a step back and were quite afraid of it.

The big eyes, as big as a bra.s.s bell, glared. Its neck outstretched and looked left and right. Sniffing with its big nose, it tried to identify the smell in the air.

After sniffing for a while, it couldn’t tell anything. There was only a thick smell of blood in the air.

“What are you doing?” Pi Xiu resounding voice, like thunder, a thick and loud sound that could burst eardrums, spreads throughout the area.

Gao Peng looked at it and then looked back down, ignoring it.

Goldie snorted disdainfully; his disdain clearly shown in his face.

Da Zi was angry with Gao Peng at the moment. Naturally, he couldn’t answer the question.

Fatty Big Sea flipped over and flicking its tail leisurely.

Floating Light was helping Desolion trim his nails. Silly and Monkeymaker were arguing over the treasure storage rights.

Dumby was squatting on the hill smoking, smokers generally don’t speak much. The air grew cold for a few seconds, and the Pi Xiu wasn’t expecting that they ignore him, and a trace of ferocity flashed across his faces.

Although Pi Xiu was a type of auspicious animal, unlike the other gentler Mythical animal, Bai Ze, it was ferocious and could ward off evil spirits and fight demons.

“You won’t tell me…” Pi Xiu’s eyes with violence. “Then we’ll dig it out ourselves! Go! The treasure belongs to him whoever who finds it! 

With a command from the Pi Xiu, the group of demons and monsters behind rushed forward. Immediately, they displayed their magic powers, moved mountains, excavated earth, and some of them went into action with their dozens of hands. Everything was a smoky mess.

The demons stared at the scene in shock and even stopped their work.

Are these monsters fighting with us for work?

A demon was b.u.mped off by the b.u.t.tock of a Power King Kong Ape. Then he bent over where the demon was digging, squatted down with his arms and plunged them into the earth. He then gave a loud groan, mud splattered all over, a large amount of soil was lifted up.

Other than finding more soil, there is nothing under the soil.

The Power King Kong Ape was not discouraged. He threw the soil aside, continued bending over and dug crazily.

Fatty Big Sea was swis.h.i.+ng his tail, his gills twitch twice.

“You guys go dig in another area,” Goldie instructed the demons to switch location and let them have the area.

Seeing the demon s.h.i.+fting places, these monsters couldn’t get their heads around it. Are we digging in the wrong spot…?

“Humans are very scheming,” a monster that looked like a fusion of a giraffe and a camel whispered.

“Is there a trap?”

“So… we’ll go too?”

Bang, Bang.

A herd of monsters rushed to Goldie, raised their heads and looked at him for two seconds. Then hastily pushed the demons away and eagerly started to dig up the ground.

The demons looked at Goldie tearfully.

“Boss, you can’t blame us for this.”

Goldie turned to the monsters and said, “Just now, you wanted to take over that area and I gave it up to you. Now you are running over here. You really think I am made of mush?”

No one answered Goldie. These monsters stayed in the same spot and continued to search for treasures, they felt that since there was so many of them, they didn’t have to explain anything to the duck.

The Pi Xiu didn’t make any move. After all, it was a magnificent quasi G.o.d, and it doesn’t need to do anything itself.

These monsters were its followers. In fact, highly gifted mythical creatures like them never lacked followers. When they become G.o.ds, these followers would live in their territory and become their servants or subordinates.

When there were battles, they would contribute support.

Similarly, Pi Xiu would need to ensure their safety and protect their descendants.

Goldie leapt from the hillside and landed firmly on the ground.

The edges of his horns were very distinct, and his golden body reflected a faint glow under the suns.h.i.+ne.

“You guys… have no manners,” Goldie sounded provocative.

With Goldie as the center, all monsters within a hundred kilometers turned around.

Their huge eyes were filled with shock.

“Is it provoking us?”

“Aha ha ha ha ha!” A blood-red crocodile with a body length of nearly 100 meters raised his head and laughed.

As though it had heard the funniest jokes ever.

“Gaga Gaga Gaga.”


A group of monsters laughed wildly.

Goldie’s face darken.

“Your laughter is wrong.”

The laughter of the Ancient Feathered Duck came to an abrupt stop, it looked down at Goldie who was standing in front of it.

“Ga?” The Ancient Feathered Duck lifted its wings and pointed at itself. My laughter was wrong? Didn’t all ducks sound like this?

“It should be this way, I’ll show you and you can follow,” Goldie said calmly.

After that, Goldie took a deep breath.


Ancient Feathered Duck’s eye widened to the size of copper bells. Is that how ducks call out?

Could it be that the duck was a mixed breed?


“Wrong, gua!”



Goldie was expressionless. He grabbed the legs of the Ancient Feathered Duck with both his wings and threw it aside. The impact was so large great that the duck had a bleeding head.

A group of giant monsters stopped their movements and turned their heads to stare at Goldie.

The corner of Goldie’s mouth lifted, he wiggled his right thumb, “attack together, those who dare not is a loser.”

Who would have tolerated that? A group of monsters became angry, shrieking that moved forward to kill Goldie.

The Pi Xiu squatted on the mountain top, watching the battle quietly. He saw Goldie fighting with increasing strength, and getting brighter and brighter.

When the last monster was punched by Goldie, the Pi Xiu couldn’t tolerate it anymore and stood up with a roar.


Monster Name: Pure-blood Pi Xiu 

Monster Level: 97

Monster Grade: Mythical grade / Mythical grade

Monster Attribute: Wind / Mystic 

Deification Part: Single horn, eyes, mouth, body and limbs.

Monster Territory: Evil-expulsion domain

Monster Skills: Wind Mastery Lv10 Mystical Scaly Armor Lv10 Exorcism Lv10

Special Characteristic: To ward off evil spirits (ancient mystical beasts that suppresses evil spirits and exorcises evil spirits).

Effect (1) Pa.s.sive effect: Increased damage to demons and monsters, with the ability to scorch.

Effect (2) Pa.s.sive effect: It has a deterrent effect on soul, dark, magic and yin attribute monsters, able to reduce the damages caused by these to itself.

Mystical Creature (Brings prosperity, good luck, and build marriage.

Effect (1) Pa.s.sive effect: Improve prospects for oneself.

Effect (2) Pa.s.sive effect: Pi Xiu immunizes all kinds of negative states.)

Brings in wealth. It has a mouth but no a.n.u.s so can swallow everything and never had let anything go, therefore since there is only entry and no exit, it can attract wealth and gather treasures and is known as a symbol of wealth.

Effect (1) Pa.s.sive effect: The Pi Xiu can enhance its strength by devouring gold, silver and various treasures.

Effect (2) Active effect: After use, the Pi Qiu would open its mouth to seal all the treasures (artifacts) nearby for a period of time, and the sealing period is dependent on mastery of it controlling power.

Monster Description: Legend has it is one of the nine sons of the dragon, a mystical creature. It can exorcise evil spirits, draw in wealth and change fortunes.

Goldie stared at the Pi Xiu, slapped his forehead and exclaimed, “I remember now, I read in the book that you are a Pi Xiu.”

There was a sign of complacency on the Pi Xiu’s face. It seemed that the fame of our kind had spread far and wide.

Goldie shouted in surprise, across to Gao Peng, “Gao Peng, I heard that all Pi Xiu have mouths but no a.n.u.s. This fellow has no a**hole!”

No a**hole——

No a**hole——

Goldie’s loud voice spread far… far and wide


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