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Read Moto Sekai Ichi’i No Sub-chara Ikusei Nikki Chapter 2

Moto Sekai Ichi’i No Sub-chara Ikusei Nikki is a web novel created by 沢村治太郎(合成酵素).
This lightnovel is currently Ongoing.

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02 Sub-Character

“――Ehh? “

 By the time I noticed, I was in Mobius Online.

 I was in the middle of the main street, Vinceton, right in front of the grocery store 『Icicle』, that I often used.

 These medieval European-styled streets that I’ve seen so many times. To be honest, I never thought I’d see this scenery spreading before me again, this world of magic and swords. Anyway, no matter how many times I see this, I really love it. It gives me the feeling like I’m home.

 But… Just when did I log back in?

“Hey, you’re in the way! Don’t just zone out right in front of my store! “

 From behind me, I heard the voice of the poster girl, Ice-chan.

 It’s the familiar tone of a famous voice actor… huh? But I’ve never heard this line before. Was there an update I wasn’t aware of?

“Mm……! Eh… Excuse me. Did you need something from my store? “

 When I turned around, surprise could be seen in Ice-chan eyes and her att.i.tude swiftly turned meek.

 Looking closely, her cheeks also were thinly dyed in a slight crimson color.

“Ohh, how cute! “

 I involuntarily spoke my thought aloud. But this is nice. Extremely nice. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call it a G.o.dly update.

“W-wh-what are you talking about, jeez! “

 After that, the blushed Ice-chan turned around looking ashamed and went right inside the store.

 What an incredible behavior! It seems like, in the time since I haven’t logged in, some sort of popularity system was implemented. This is a nice addition, stupid developers. It seems that thanks to this, the number of players is increasing, the market seems quite――……


 Just now…

“――――! “

 I saw my reflection in the window of the grocery store.

 Ahh, as expected.

 It’s not the same.

It’s not 『seven』.

 This is――

“……Second, huh?”

 I muttered as I touched my cheeks, confirming it was my face.

 At the same time I created my main character 『seven』 I created the alt character 『Second』. This one was to serve as a bank character with zero experience, one I never bothered leveling up.

 Unblemished white skin, blueish-black hair and silver colored eyes. A transcendental handsome avatar shaped using the limited-time avatar change billing service was reflected in the window showing a surprised expression.

“I see, so it’s like this.”

 I then remembered the last time I logged out was in front of this store.

 Since the inventory of my main character got full while buying industrial amounts of mochi rice for the New Year’s event, I think I used this guy too and just left him here.


 A f.u.c.king huge sigh leaked.

 I was stupid for even considering for a moment that I had recovered seven.

 My seven, the world’s rank 1, no longer exists anywhere.

 I went over it over and over again, and just by recalling it I feel like crying.

 It’s useless.

 I don’t think I can bring myself to start over again in Mobius.

 I’ll just log out.




“Huh? “

 I can’t log out.

 Or rather, I can’t even open the menu screen.

 Is it a bug?

 For now, should I just press the emergency stop b.u.t.ton and return to the “real world”――?


 Wait a moment.

“――――Ah, I see.”

 So that’s it. There is no real world. How did I even forget? That’s right. Right. I already.



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