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Read Mr Fu, I Really Love You Chapter 801 – Is It Too Late?

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Chapter 801: Is It Too Late?

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Mrs. Fu spiked the wine with sleeping pills. Were you trying to stop me from going to Dubai tomorrow? Hmm?” Fu Huai’an’s mature and raspy voice was charmingly intoxicating due to l.u.s.t.

Lin Nuan came back to her senses after what Fu Huai’an said. She stopped her thick eyelashes from trembling, looked straight at Fu Huai’an, and asked, “You already knew… and yet you still drank it?”

Fu Huai’an’s hand wrapped around her waist, and he hugged the woman under him tightly. There was a look of sincerity in his eyes, which were as deep as the sea. “So long as it’s from you, I’d drink it even if it were poison!”

“In that case…” Lin Nuan tightened her hold on Fu Huai’an’s neck, and her lips brushed against his. “I’m begging you not to go to Dubai. Why can’t you do that for me?”

Fu Huai’an gazed at Lin Nuan deeply. His l.u.s.t dissipated slowly, and there was only pain and guilt in his eyes. He gently caressed Lin Nuan’s long hair.

Lin Nuan didn’t want Fu Huai’an to stop just like that. Since he had taken the sleeping pills, so long as he was worn out to the point that he couldn’t wake up on time the next day, and as long as she didn’t allow anyone to disturb him, would Little Lu still be able to drag him from the bed?

She held Fu Huai’an’s sharp and well-defined face in her hands, and her voice was charming as she said, “Are you afraid that you won’t last until the end after taking the sleeping pills?”

Fu Huai’an placed his hand over Lin Nuan’s and turned to kiss her palm. He didn’t say a word.

Before he had Lin Nuan, Fu Huai’an got so little sleep that it was terrifying. Even when Fu Huai’an took a lot of sleeping pills, they barely had an effect on him. The number of sleeping pills Lin Nuan had put in his wine was completely within the dosage specified in the manual, so it probably wouldn’t affect him at all.

Lin Nuan wrapped an arm tightly around Fu Huai’an’s neck and held onto his muscular wrist with the other hand. She led his hand up her thigh and said beside his ear, “I’m not wearing anything underneath. What is Sir Fu still waiting for?”

Fu Huai’an already couldn’t control himself after touching Lin Nuan’s delicate skin, so her flirtatious voice drove him crazy.

Fu Huai’an held onto Lin Nuan’s slender waist and got straight to it, pressing his tongue against her lips.

That night, Lin Nuan and Fu Huai’an didn’t hold themselves back at all!

But Lin Nuan had predicted things wrongly. Fu Huai’an wasn’t exhausted from the sleeping pills and indulging in pleasure without holding back for the whole night.

With a blanket wrapped around herself, Lin Nuan stood at the window as she watched Little Lu walk to the front of the car to open the door for Fu Huai’an, who was dressed in a suit…

Fu Huai’an seemed to sense her eyes on him and raised his head to look in the direction of the window before stepping into the car and leaving.

The whole bedroom was still filled with a lewd scent that hadn’t dissipated, but Fu Huai’an had already left.

Her phone on the edge of the bed vibrated, but Lin Nuan looked towards the window disappointedly. She had mixed emotions that she couldn’t describe.

After a long while, Lin Nuan heard a servant knock on the door and ask if she wanted to eat upstairs or downstairs. She came back to her senses and said, “There’s no need to prepare breakfast for me. I don’t want to eat…”

“But Sir called and said…”

“I said that I don’t want to eat!” The moment Lin Nuan heard the word “Sir,” she couldn’t control herself and vented her anger on the servant.

“I’m sorry, Madam!”

“Sorry, I shouldn’t have flared up at you!” Lin Nuan controlled her emotions and said to the door, “You don’t have to trouble yourselves to prepare breakfast for me. I don’t have any appet.i.te. Sorry!”

“Okay, Madam!”

With the blanket wrapped around herself, Lin Nuan returned to the bed and picked up her phone. There was a missed call from Fu Huai’an and a few messages from him.

She opened them.

‘Fu Huai’an: You wore yourself out last night. You can sleep a little more after you’ve had your breakfast.’

‘Fu Huai’an: The trip to Dubai on behalf of the Kaide Corporation will be covered by the media. Don’t worry, the trip won’t be dangerous!’

‘Fu Huai’an: I didn’t know when you would wake up, so I didn’t say good morning to you today! I’ll say goodnight to you when I call you tonight. Love, Mr. Fu.’

Lin Nuan didn’t reply. She put down her phone and washed off her fatigue from the night before in the bathroom. Her body was sore and exhausted, but she didn’t feel sleepy in the slightest.

She changed into workout clothes and headed to the home gym. Once there, she combed her hair back into a ponytail with her fingers and got on the treadmill.

When You Nainai learned that Lin Nuan was in the home gym and went upstairs, Lin Nuan was already covered in sweat.

You Nainai didn’t disturb Lin Nuan, standing watch at the side conscientiously instead.

Time pa.s.sed, and Lin Nuan had no intention of coming down from the treadmill. The back of her s.h.i.+rt was soaked with sweat.

Lin Nuan gradually worked out the mess in her head.

She thought about what happened to Feng Yang’s pregnant wife, how helpless she was when she was kidnapped in Venice, how she still had to depend on people around her to protect her, the reason Fu Huai’an didn’t allow her to go to Dubai with him this time…

She had never felt such a strong desire to become stronger.

You Nainai sensed that something was wrong and called out to Lin Nuan. Seeing that Lin Nuan didn’t respond, she walked up to her to see her wearing earphones. You Nainai’s gaze swept across the time and speed indicated on the treadmill and pressed the pause b.u.t.ton.

Lin Nuan was covered in sweat. As the treadmill gradually slowed down, her hands held onto the handrails, and she slowed down with it.

Lin Nuan felt fine when she was running continuously. However, now that she stopped running, she felt like her whole body was on fire. Sweat dripped down her delicate chin furiously.

Lin Nuan wiped off her sweat with a towel. Her heart was beating rapidly. “When did you get here?”

“I’ve been here for a while!” You Nainai sensed something unusual about Lin Nuan, and her pretty brows furrowed. “What happened?”

Lin Nuan opened a bottle of mineral water and took a few sips. She then gripped the bottle tightly and closed it. “Nainai!”

You Nainai looked at Lin Nuan and answered, “Yeah?”

“I’m thinking…” Her eyes met with You Nainai, and she said, “If I learn some things that will help me defend myself… I mean…”

“Combat skills?” You Nainai asked Lin Nuan.

Lin Nuan nodded, her eyes clear. “Is it too late for me to start because of my age?”

You Nainai froze. She thought for a moment about what Lin Nuan had gone through recently. She could understand how she felt. After she paused for a moment, she asked, “Is it because you’re afraid of encountering people like Ah Zhan again?”

Lin Nuan gripped the bottle of mineral water tightly as she held onto the exercise equipment and sat down. She lowered her eyes to hide the intense sadness in them. “Nainai, I really envy all of you for being so skilled. In times of need, you can not only protect yourself but also save others! I know I’m not gifted or naturally talented in martial arts, and I don’t expect to be as skilled as you guys—that will never happen. I just want to be able to defend myself in times of danger and not become a burden to others!”

“It’s not too late, but it’ll be tough!” You Nainai sat down opposite Lin Nuan. “Why don’t you learn some simple stuff? Are you interested in handling guns?”

You Nainai had actually thought about Lin Nuan’s question before. In the past, You Nainai had also suggested that her former employer take up shooting. Even if You Nainai, her personal bodyguard, were to collapse, so long as she had a gun, she could protect herself!


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