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Read Mr Fu, I Really Love You Chapter 882 She Absolutely Won’t Betray Them!

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Wen Moshen saw Miss Xia saying something to Lin Nuan and putting a doc.u.ment before her. Lin Nuan was holding Tuan Tuan’s little hand with one hand, with milk in the other, as she turned her head and kept nodding as she looked at the scribbles that Miss Xia had made on the doc.u.ment.

The feeling of being lost grew heavier in Wen Moshen’s heart…

Back then, when that accident happened, causing him to vanish from Lin Nuan’s life for several years, not only did Lin Nuan not become despondent, she managed to find the right direction in her life. She even had a lover and a child!

But ever since he learned of Lin Nuan and Fu Huai’an’s marriage, Wen Moshen had become a complete wreck!

The thing Wen Moshen did most up to that point was reminisce about the past, unable to extract himself from his past mistakes. Meanwhile, Lin Nuan was progressing at a pace that he couldn’t have imagined, leaving him far behind!

As Wen Moshen looked at Lin Nuan, who was serious and busy at work, it felt as if a ray of light had penetrated into his heart, which had previously been enveloped in a haze, and was slowly ripping that haze apart…

It was time to let go!

There was more to life than love!

Such as kins.h.i.+p, such as career…

Wen Moshen’s depressed state had made his parents incredibly worried.

All those halos that once surrounded Wen Moshen had disappeared due to his sinking into dejection and letting himself go. The term “career” was now a distant thing to Wen Moshen, and it had been that way for a long time now…

Life shouldn’t be like that!

One should live their life like Lin Nuan. They should be responsible for their own career and their own life!

The corners of Wen Moshen’s lips slowly turned up, a gentle gaze in the depths of his eyes.

Lin Nuan didn’t know when Wen Moshen left…

But after Lin Nuan finished interviewing the last soldier of the morning, Miss Xia received a call from Fang Yan, who said that Wen Moshen had posted on Weibo after a very long period of inactivity. The number of views was exploding.

The minute Miss Xia heard about Wen Moshen’s Weibo post, she thought of how Wen Moshen had come to the army that morning to look for Lin Nuan. She involuntarily felt cold, afraid that something had happened.

“Have you coordinated with the army? Can we use the internet?” Miss Xia turned around and asked the a.s.sistant standing beside her, curious as to what kind of Weibo post Wen Moshen had posted.

Miss Xia’s a.s.sistant nodded. “We’ve coordinated with them. We can use the phone to surf the net, but we can’t use iPhones and Blackberries. We also need to turn off the GPS, and we’re not allowed to upload any photos or text a.s.sociated with the army on social media! I was about to tell you!”

Miss Xia nodded. “That’s fine, tell everyone in the production crew!”

Most of the people in the production crew were using iPhones, but not Miss Xia. Miss Xia had always been supportive of China-branded phones. Hearing her a.s.sistant say that, she hurriedly took out her phone, connected to the network, and tapped open Weibo…

Hearing someone ask her a.s.sistant to go eat, Miss Xia looked up and glanced at her a.s.sistant, saying, “I have nothing that needs to be done here, you can go take your lunch!”

The a.s.sistant had been busy all morning and had long been feeling famished. Upon hearing Miss Xia say that, she nodded and went off with her friend towards the canteen.

Miss Xia tapped open the hot search rankings on Weibo. Wen Moshen’s Weibo had made the top searched list in a short period of time, so it wasn’t hard to find. Leaning against the corridor rails, she tapped open and scrolled down…

Before reading Wen Moshen’s long Weibo post, Miss Xia was feeling perturbed, but as she scrolled down, her heart was gradually put at ease.

After interacting with Lin Nuan for such a long time, Miss Xia regarded Lin Nuan as a friend in her heart. She wouldn’t have been so worried about Lin Nuan otherwise.

After she was done reading Wen Moshen’s long Weibo post, especially the last line, Miss Xia’s eyes were a little moist. She didn’t hesitate, getting up and going to the canteen to look for Lin Nuan.

When Miss Xia got to the canteen, Lin Nuan was taking Tuan Tuan to get their food.

“Lin Nuan!” Miss Xia called out to Lin Nuan and began running towards her.

Lin Nuan s.h.i.+elded Tuan Tuan, who was holding his lunch tray with one hand, as she turned her head to look at Miss Xia, who had walked briskly to her side. “What’s the matter?”

“Take a look at this Weibo post that Wen Moshen posted…”

“Isn’t the mobile network prohibited in the army?” Lin Nuan reached out to take the phone from Miss Xia’s hands.

The period in which they were allowed to use their mobile phones was regulated in the army. Only the more important members on their production crew could use their phones at any time, in case they needed to be contacted for some emergency matter.

“I went to the army’s leader and negotiated with him. We can use our phones now, except for iPhones and Blackberries…” Miss Xia then said to Lin Nuan, “I’ll go get food, you can read it first!”

Lin Nuan nodded. After sitting down at the table with Tuan Tuan, she started reading Wen Moshen’s long Weibo post…

The contents were as follows:

When I was overseas, I heard a rumor that Lin Nuan and Fu Huai’an’s child was my and Lin Nuan’s child. Over this period, seeing as Fu Huai’an wasn’t standing out to clarify things, and on top of that, seeing that Lin Nuan had brought the child to the army and was uncontactable, anxiety got the better of me, and I rushed back to the country to see Lin Nuan.

Regarding this, I admit that I had my selfish aims. I had hoped to sound out whether something had happened between Lin Nuan and Fu Huai’an, wanting to see if I had the chance to woo Lin Nuan again.

After I met Lin Nuan, the little hope that I had when I returned to the country was crushed.

But as a relevant party in this rumor, I have to stand out and clarify matters.

I think that the people around Lin Nuan know what kind of person she is…

She has never been one who’s willing to explain her personal life to others. Back then, because of me and Gu Hanyan, so many people scolded Lin Nuan and called her names, but did anyone see Lin Nuan standing out to explain anything?

There was a period when the internet attacked Lin Nuan, using all sorts of reasons, but did Lin Nuan stand out to explain herself?

But when the truth came out, everyone owed Lin Nuan an apology.

Now, people are trying to slander Lin Nuan once again, with keyboard warriors rampantly leading the discussions in a certain direction, causing netizens to lose their rational senses and attack Lin Nuan!

Lin Nuan and her husband are unwilling to explain her personal life to everyone, but I can’t stand by and do nothing after returning to the country. I can’t watch everyone declare her guilty because she and her husband aren’t standing out to explain things.

I dare to vow with my life and the Wens’ name at stake. That adorable kid has no blood relations with me. The one who truly has blood relations with that child is Fu Huai’an. If I lied about any of this, the Wens and I won’t come to a good end.

Based on my understanding of Lin Nuan after having known her for so many years, she is conservative and keeps her heart guarded, so it’s hard for her to fall for someone. But once she falls for someone, she absolutely won’t betray them!

According to what I know, Lin Nuan and Fu Huai’an’s child was nearly kidnapped before Fu Huai’an left the country. With Fu Huai’an not in the country and Lin Nuan going to the army to record a show, she decided to bring the child with her.

So, everyone, please stop attacking Lin Nuan. Please stop slandering Lin Nuan because of a blood test report that could have been falsified!


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