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Read Mr. Xiao’s Unconditional Love Chapter 448 – Danger

Mr. Xiao’s Unconditional Love is a web novel completed by Yi Xiyan.
This lightnovel is presently ongoing.

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Read WebNovel Mr. Xiao’s Unconditional Love Chapter 448 – Danger

Chapter 448: Danger

The man in a suit and tie was tall and handsome. His shirt was open and his hands were in his pockets. On his left wrist, he wore a mechanical watch that matched his temperament.

“What do you want?” he bent down and whispered while listening to Ye Qiao.

“You,” Ye Qiao leaned against his ear and said with a smile.

He carefully studied the meaning of what she said in his mind.

He couldn’t help but grit his teeth and he replied her, “Rich lady, I’m very happy to serve you. So, let’s go home.”

Although Ye Qiao felt that he was just so handsome that she wanted to pounce on him, she was just a paper tiger. She hurriedly stepped back and avoided him, “You still need to buy vegetables!” she said with a mischievous look.

Lu Beixiao gave her a contemptuous look. This little girl knew how to flirt.

After Qiao 300 million went to get the rest of the money, the two of them went to the supermarket downstairs.

“How’s business on the fourth floor these two years? It hasn’t closed down, right?” he asked faintly.

“Brother Xiao, with a marketing genius like me around, how can it close down?! However, the consumer group is a niche group after all. It won’t earn too much,” Ye Qiao said loudly.

They were talking about the shooting range that Lu Beixiao had invested in on the fourth floor. Now, the investor was Ye Qiao. Ye Qiao had been coming here a lot in the past two years.

Most of the consumers were military enthusiasts so they were very niche. For this reason, she did a lot of marketing activities.

The two of them took the escalator to the supermarket on the ground floor.

Ye Qiao planned to have a romantic candlelit dinner with him at home tonight. Otherwise, it would really waste his rare formal suit. She had ordered this suit for him because she was planning for him to wear it during the wedding photo shoot.

Therefore, she went to the fresh area to buy marinated steaks and some ingredients for mushroom soup, side dishes and fruits. The two of them went to the tobacco and wine area and picked a bottle of red wine. Although there wasn’t much good wine in the supermarket, what they wanted was the sense of ceremony and not just the taste of wine.

“Strange, where are the people on the second floor?” the two of them took the escalator to the second floor. She wanted to buy some sanitary pads.

Lu Beixiao narrowed his eyes at the unfamiliar sight. There were no customers on the second floor and in the daily necessities section.

It was very unusual.

At that moment, the radar on his watch in his suit pocket rang.

He had just taken out his watch when he heard a loud noise coming from the first floor of the supermarket. The ground shook. Ye Qiao was so scared that she quickly hid in his arms. Lu Beixiao reacted quickly and hugged her as he hid behind the shelf.

“Brother Xiao, what happened?! That sound just now sounded like an explosion!” Ye Qiao asked anxiously.

Lu Beixiao took out his radar watch. This watch had the ability to automatically detect dangerous explosives. Based on his experience, the sound just now was indeed an explosion.

A robbery?

“Brothers, I’m now on the first floor of the department store. Who knows what happened?” he took off his watch, put on his radar watch and whispered to the watch. He leaned against the shelf and looked around for any clues.

Lu Beixiao was alert to his surroundings, trying to figure out what happened.

“F*ck! Master Xiao! Where are you?! Five minutes ago, I received intelligence that someone is going to cause trouble in the department store! I have already informed the customers to evacuate immediately! We don’t know what is happening at the scene either!” Fang Zhuo’s voice was heard.


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