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Read Mr. Yuan’s Dilemma: Can’t Help Falling In Love With You Chapter 308 – We Have Definitely Overlooked Some Details

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Chapter 308: We Have Definitely Overlooked Some Details

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Wu Huai temporarily gave up when he saw that Mu Chenyan was not giving in. He looked at Su Qingcheng glancing at his other team members. He said in a low voice, “We’ve definitely overlooked some details!”

Wu Huai pondered for some time. He said suddenly, “Bring those two reporters over. I want to interrogate them in person. I’ll have to go through the materials that they provided again. Little Jiang, go to the Yuan household and call Mrs. Yuan over!”

He was really going to question Wen Ya. Mu Chenyan’s heart was troubled when she heard this, but she knew that it was wrong for her to be swayed by her own emotions.

She turned to Wu Huai and whispered, “Wen Ya is a pitiful person. If she really wanted to harm Yuan Zhe, she would’ve done something many years ago. She suffered in silence instead for a such a long time…”

“Miss Mu, you have to put your sisterly bond aside when you’re trying to solve a case. She would be questioned even if she didn’t do anything wrong. You shouldn’t be too bothered about this.”

When Wu Huai spoke, he noticed that Mu Chenyan did not bat an eyelid. He continued, “Miss Mu, you’ll be questioned as well. I’ve heard that the members of the Yuan Family have been at odds with each other…”

“Captain Wu, go ahead and interrogate me. This isn’t my first time!”

Mu Chenyan’s expression remained unchanged. As she spoke, Mu Chenyan rose and left the meeting early.

Su Qingcheng rushed over to her. “Chenyan, don’t take Captain Wu’s words to heart. This is just a part of the investigation.”

Mu Chenyan smiled when she noticed that Su Qingcheng looked anxious. “I’m not afraid. I just feel bad for Wen Ya. But I know that this is merely one of the procedures to solve the case. Don’t worry about me!”

It did not take long for the Old Mistress to discover that Wen Ya was taken to the police department. She was infuriated when she heard that Wen Ya was their primary suspect. She called Yuan Xuan over and made him investigate the situation, and they should bring Wen Ya home immediately if she had done nothing wrong.

Yuan Xuan behaved rationally. He consoled her by saying, “Grandmother, I understand that you like Wen Ya, but the police have to do this when a murder is involved. They will have to interrogate me as well. You wouldn’t have to worry too much about this.”

The Old Mistress sighed. “We’ve had an unlucky year. There have been two murder cases that involved the Yuan Family. Ruoxin’s death is still a mystery while my Zhe Zhe…”

The whole family could not mention Yuan Zhe’s death now. The Old Mistress would cry until she was out of breath whenever she thought of him.

Yuan Xuan continued to comfort her until his grandmother had finally calmed down.

Yuan Xuan left Upper Mansion and drove to Shao Yibai’s mountain villa.

The young soldier had transferred several strong troops from Capital City over here because he felt lonely living in this huge manor by himself. They would ride horses, shoot, and spar with him every day around the manor. He busied himself with these things every day.

“Yuan Zhe’s death has made everything boring.”

Shao Yibai threw a pistol at Yuan Xuan. He loaded his own gun and fired 5 times at a target that was 50 meters away.

He was a muscular and attractive man. The bones in his arms were strong and healthy while his muscles were also well-developed. He had no issue with controlling the gun’s recoil. Yuan Xuan looked at his results. He had gotten 10 points three times and 9 points twice.

Yuan Xuan also liked shooting, but he could not beat Shao Yibai in terms of marksmans.h.i.+p.

He loaded his gun and fired 5 shots as well. Shao Yibai laughed when he saw the results. “That was terrible!”

“Hmph! I’m no match for you on the shooting range, but I’m certainly better in the bedroom!”

Yuan Xuan smirked. He turned around and saw Shao Yibai’s lips tremble. He felt much better now.

“How do you know?” Shao Yibai refused to back down. “I made Daisy feel as though she was about to die from ecstasy…”

“But how many times could you do it? I can do that anytime!”

Yuan Xuan gave a faint smile. His expression showed that he wanted to pick a fight with him…

Shao Yibai felt miserable lately. Su Qingcheng had completely severed her ties with him after they slept together once.

Her exact words were: “You’ve already gotten what you wanted, so our relations.h.i.+p ends here!”


What did she mean? Did she think that he only wanted her for her body?

Was Shao Yibai really that kind of person?

Nonetheless, he was certainly upset now that Yuan Xuan was making fun of him and it had truly been a while since his last s.e.xual intercourse.

Shao Yibai wanted nothing more than to drag Su Qingcheng over here now. He wanted to trap her on his bed and make love to her for three days and three nights. Yuan Xuan would never dare to tease him ever again…

“That woman has no time for anything other than that case. I couldn’t even get hold of her if I wanted to…”

Shao Yibai remembered that Su Qingcheng was basically living in the police department now. He became slightly dejected when he realized that he could not charge into the major crimes department and take that woman away.

“Little Chenyan is constantly busy too! Both of us have been sabotaged by Yuan Zhe’s death. Little Chenyan can’t rest peacefully if this case isn’t solved. She shouldn’t have been a reporter!”

An affectionate smile appeared on Yuan Xuan’s face when he mentioned Mu Chenyan. The sight made Shao Yibai’s skin crawled.

“Hmph, she should’ve chosen a different career path if she’d rather solve the cases than write about them! Your Little Chenyan certainly has big goals.”

Shao Yibai smiled and asked, “What do you think of Yuan Zhe’s death?”

Yuan Xuan and Shao Yibai sat at the tea table under the veranda. The servant came and served them some fragrant Pu-er tea.

Yuan Xuan liked the Pu-er tea that Shao Yibai brought over. He had served in Yun Nan and Gui Zhou before and he still remained in contact with the locals there. They would always send him the purest Pu-er tea when the season came around every year.

“Yuan Zhe was an unreasonable b*stard with a violent temper. It wasn’t surprising that this happened to him. However, the killer was very cautious as they managed to think of a seemingly flawless way to kill him. The major crimes department can’t even make heads or tails of the situation.

“Yuan Tangzhong is basically helpless now that Nie Chao and Yuan Zhe have died. He was forced to leave his son’s murder case to the police as he’s dealing with other matters. This is certainly a good opportunity for us to tie up our loose ends.”

Yuan Xuan pressed his seductive lips against the rim of his teacup as he spoke.

“When do you plan to make your move?”

“Not now.” Yuan Xuan was still apprehensive about many things. “The Old Mistress had yet to recover from Yuan Zhe’s death. It’ll be too much for her to handle if we hurt Yuan Tangzhong now!”

“You’re right. However, Yuan Tangzhong wasn’t the only one who was seriously affected by Yuan Zhe’s death. He had previously maintained close ties with Mu Chenwu. Now that he’s dead, Mu Chenwu is fighting a lone battle. He might contact Little Chenyan for help!” said Shao Yibai.

“I’d thought of that too. I’ll make the necessary arrangements for Little Chenyan. Perhaps we can use this to expose him.”

Yuan Xuan seemed to have everything in the palm of his hand.

“The police will be investigating this case openly while I do the same in secret. I believe that the person who is hiding behind our backs will be unable to support himself sooner or later!”

Shao Yibai pondered for some time. “Once this case is solved, I’ll take Su Qingcheng somewhere and show her that it’s worth giving me a shot!”

Shao Yibai’s wish would be fulfilled very quickly. The case was far less complicated than they thought. The major crimes department immediately realized their mistake once they put their minds to it.

Yuan Zhe had made two pots of coffee throughout the duration of the interview. All three of them drank more than half of the first batch of coffee once it was served. After that, he boiled more water to refill the coffee pot.

He was the only one who drank the second batch of coffee; the two reporters only had the coffee that was made with the first pot of water…

“Go to the Yuan Family Mansion immediately and examined the water supply system there!” instructed Wu Huai at once after he heard the reporters’ statements.


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