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Chapter 317: Yuan Xuan Flew into a Rage

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Yan Jun could see Yuan Xuan’s gloomy expression through the rearview mirror. He was still carrying Miss Qinger. Yan Jun jumped out of the car right away and opened the door.

Yuan Xuan carried Shu Qinger to the car and stuffed her in the backseat. He sighed in relief. This woman had put up a strong fight earlier. He was gasping for breath now.

Yan Jun was too afraid to ask any questions. He watched his boss remove his wrinkled suit jacket before throwing it in a nearby trash can. He understood then that Yuan Xuan’s germophobia was acting up again.

That piece of clothing was completely useless to Yuan Xuan now. It was covered in snot and tears. Judging from Yuan Xuan’s temper, Yan Jun knew that he could not stand situations like these.

However, what Yan Jun did not know was that Yuan Xuan’s s.h.i.+rt was once covered in snot and tears as well when Mu Chenyan was dazed with the fever…

The other woman was still sobbing in the car. Her wails were getting louder and louder.

“Yuan Xuan… You’re a terrible person… You’ve forgotten everything… If it wasn’t for me… You would’ve died in England long ago…”

Yuan Xuan narrowed his eyes. The handsome man leaned against the car door and lit a cigarette.

He had unb.u.t.toned the two b.u.t.tons near the collar of his white s.h.i.+rt, exposing his seductive collarbone, muscles, and tanned skin. His body was completely flawless.

One could tell that Yuan Xuan was in a bad mood. The arrogant aristocrat was seething with rage. Shu Qinger’s shrieks was making his solemn expression all the more ominous!

He hated being indebted to others, but it hated it more when they tried to guilt-trip him!

Yan Jun was too afraid to make any remarks.

Yuan Xuan attended a dinner party right after he left the office. He had rushed here with his staff when he received a phone call during the banquet. He walked out of the club with Miss Qinger in his arms in less than half an hour.

Yuan Xuan smoked for a while. He narrowed his eyes and stared at the entrance to the club.

Several moments later, a group of men charged outside. Tian Qi led the way while the rest trailed behind him. Each of his subordinates was restraining another man in their arms.

Yuan Xuan threw the cigarette b.u.t.t away when he saw them. It seemed like a dark cloud had shrouded his face.

These men were beaten black and blue. s.h.i.+vers ran down their spines when they recognized that this demonic man was actually Yuan Xuan. They collapsed on the ground and wailed pitifully.

“Third Young Master Yuan, we didn’t know that this chick was one of yours… We wouldn’t have laid a finger on your woman if we’d known earlier. We’d never be brave enough to do that!”

Yuan Xuan remained silent. His cold eyes scanned across the four trembling men on the ground without saying a word. A foolish chubby man with a greasy face rushed over and grabbed the bottom of Yuan Xuan’s pants. “Third Young Master, we’ve suffered enough beatings. Please let us go this time…”

Yuan Xuan furrowed his eyebrows when he saw the man’s fat hand tugging at him. He simply raised his foot and kicked him without a second thought.

The man held his chest after being kicked two meters away. He gasped for breath because of the pain. Almost a minute later, the man sighed quietly once he had caught his breath. His face was a ghastly purplish shade now.

The others feared for their lives after witnessing this. They were so scared that they took several steps backward. They were too afraid to step forward and provoke this G.o.dlike man.

They could not stop s.h.i.+vering despite the one-meter distance between them and Yuan Xuan.

“We’re in trouble. We’re in big trouble!” they murmured.

Yuan Xuan took another box of cigarettes out of his pocket. He lit one and took a puff. His expression was abnormally serene when he exhaled ring after ring of smoke. Suddenly, he muttered, “Get rid of them. They’re completely useless. After all, all they do is harm women!”

Yuan Xuan was enraged!

His chivalrous aura was still present, and he still resembled a fine gentleman, but Yuan Xuan could not conceal the murderous intent in his bones anymore. The men gaped with their mouths open when they heard this. Everyone was too afraid to breathe!

Tian Qi came over and was prepared to execute his orders.

“Third Young Master, have mercy!”

One of the men finally returned to his senses and responded. The other two men simultaneously kneeled on the ground and begged for mercy. “The young lady was very friendly when we went to her gallery in the afternoon to buy some art. We bought numerous paintings from her because she was so beautiful. After that, we simply took the opportunity to invite her for a meal…”

“She didn’t reject us. We were tempted to go further when we noticed that we had a chance with her, but you arrived before we could even do anything. We merely touched her a few times… Have mercy on us, Third Young Master… If you beat us up again… We’ll be laughing stocks in Luo Hai…”

The three men interrupted each other when they spoke. Meanwhile, the chubby man was too afraid to even step forward. He was so frightened that he wetted himself…

Yan Jun stood on the sidelines and heard everything. He finally understood that it was Miss Qinger who had called his boss to save her when the men hara.s.sed her.

The memory of Qinger being raped in England was ingrained in Yuan Xuan’s mind.

Yuan Xuan raced here when he heard Qinger’s pitiful sobs through the phone. He saw that Qinger’s clothes were torn while several men had their hands all over her. The familiar scene from the past was being recreated right before his eyes.

Yuan Xuan felt his blood rus.h.i.+ng straight to his head!

He s.n.a.t.c.hed Qinger from them and left the rest to his bodyguards.

Tian Qi got rid of these sc.u.mbags in a flash before he dragged them away with the help of the other bodyguards. Yuan Xuan’s anger had yet to be released.

He discarded the cigarette b.u.t.t once he had finished smoking. The corners of his lips curled downward while the murderous look in his eyes remained unchanged. “It seems like you guys like women a lot.”

The men had no idea what Yuan Xuan meant.

Their intense fear kept them from responding. They merely trembled as though their legs had turned into mud.

Yuan Xuan shot a glance at Yan Jun. He instructed coldly, “This club provides a special drug. Go and tell the boss, Mr. Wu, that I brought some guests today. Get a few young ladies to accompany our important guests and bring them inside for a fun night!”

Yan Jun said a prayer for the men after hearing this. They were not going to be beaten up any further, but their bodies would definitely be ruined by the end of the night.

Yan Jun would never dare to defy Yuan Xuan’s orders. He looked at the men and guessed that they were probably headhunters or executives that worked in the smaller companies in Luo Hai. They had no one to blame but themselves for trying to take advantage of a member of the Yuan Family.

The men sighed in relief. They a.s.sumed that they were safe. However, only fate could tell what would happen to them after they took the drug later.

Tian Qi enlisted the help of others to drag these limp bodies back into the club. Meanwhile, Yan Jun went over to speak to Mr. Wu.

Mr. Wu clearly recognized these men as his frequent customers. Unfortunately, he knew that they were in deep trouble today. It was bad enough to offend a member of the Yuan Family, but nothing was worse than angering Yuan Xuan. Mr. Wu said a silent prayer for them as well.

Mr. Wu was not a model citizen in any way. However, he had always gotten his priorities straight. It was pointless for him to offend Yuan Xuan for the sake of a few frequent customers.

He told his staff to feed these weaklings some powerful aphrodisiacs. After that, he sent several prost.i.tutes over to their rooms.

This experience was usually a pleasant one, but it was terribly painful now. The effects of these aphrodisiacs would last the entire night until the next morning. Their “members” would certainly have trouble waking up again in the future…

Yuan Xuan smoked another cigarette outside his car. He had broken his vow to quit smoking tonight. The smell of smoke now lingered all over his body. He thought of the woman at home and wondered what was bothering her.

Yuan Xuan looked at his watch and noticed that it was almost eight o’clock. He called home. “Has the Mistress returned?”

“Not yet!” Ah Fu replied cautiously. She had a.s.sumed that the Young Master had taken his wife out since both of them had yet to return tonight.

Yuan Xuan furrowed his eyebrows and hung up. He called Mu Chenyan’s cell phone number. He heard the familiar and unchanging message that went, “Sorry, the number you’ve dialed is currently unavailable…”


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