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Read Mr. Yuan’s Dilemma: Can’t Help Falling In Love With You Chapter 36: Distant Niece

Mr. Yuan’s Dilemma: Can’t Help Falling In Love With You is a web novel made by Shy Maple Leaf.
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Yuan Xuan held Mu Chenyan in his embrace; not a word was said throughout the night.

The two clearly shared the most intimate contact, yet there always seemed to be an invisible barrier between the two.

The next day, after Mu Chenyan awoke and had finished her breakfast, she saw that Yuan Xuan had not yet left for work, so she made a request, “I want to go to the hospital to visit my mom.”

Yuan Xuan hesitated a little before going to the garage to pick out a Ferrari for Mu Chenyan.

“Go, and be back quick. The gown for the banquet will be arriving soon, so try it on when you’re back. If it doesn’t fit, we still have time to make alterations.”

Mu Chenyan raised her brow, then she accepted the car key and nodded her head in approval.

Hailing a taxi in this area was too troublesome. It would be much more convenient for her to get around if she had a car.

She didn’t know if Yuan Xuan had deliberately arranged for Yan Mei to stay in Sheng Yu, the private hospital in Luo Hai.

This was an aristocratic infirmary, and it was not rowdy like the public hospital. The environment here was good and the medical conditions were far better than the other grade three hospitals! (TN: the hospitals in China are categorized into three grades, with grade three being the top level;

Of course, staying here required lots of money. The ordinary rooms were already freaking expensive, what more the VIP intensive care unit that Yan Mei was occupying?

Mu Chenyan followed Yuan Xuan’s instruction and made her way to her mother’s room.

The woman who was once so elegant and distinguished now had tubes inserted all over her body and was lying on the bed completely motionless.

Mu Chenyan merely took a peek through the window in the door, and her legs instantly became heavy, as if they were filled with lead. She could not get herself to take another step!

When she was little, her mother had been very good to her. The quiet and graceful temperament of Mu Chenyan had been completely cultivated by her mother.

Mu Chenyan did not expect to see the day when this graceful woman, who had been well-versed in poetry, literature, and rites and was always fastidious about everything, would be laying naked without an ounce of dignity as she relied on plastic tubes to preserve her life.

Mu Chenyan had not shed any tears in front of Mu Feng’s gravestone, but she could not hold them back right now.

She clamped her hand over her mouth and wept quietly as tears flowed through her fingers.

She did not dare to weep out loud, but was struggling to keep herself sane. All the repression from her time in prison had caused her to develop the habit of crying with her mouth covered.

Maybe it was because she had stood at the door for quite some time and was suppressing her crying so that her shoulders were shaking that she attracted the nurse’s attention!

“Miss, what’s your relations.h.i.+p with Madam Yan?”

The young nurse was holding a book, and she looked like she wanted to keep a record of the visitors.

Mu Chenyan hurriedly wiped away her tears, and her voice was slightly hoa.r.s.e. “I’m her distant niece!”

She did not mention that she was Yan Mei’s daughter because there were too many versions of the story regarding the sensational marriage and murder from two years ago.

Moreover, it seemed that her mother was well-taken care of, and she did not want to cause any unnecessary trouble.

“Madam Yan’s recovering rather well! When she first came in, she needed to be kept on the ventilator 24/7. Now, although she’s still in a coma, the doctor says that she had already become self-aware and that her vital signs are relatively stable. If she gets better, she might wake up very soon…”

The young nurse was probably trying to comfort this sad ‘distant niece’, so she said a lot of positive things.

“Does anyone usually come to visit her?”

Mu Chenyan knew that she still had an uncle from her grandmother’s side of the family.

She had not been able to accompany her mother for the past two years, so she had was hoping that her mother had not been left completely alone.

“During the first 6 months of her admission, I heard that someone from the Yan Family in Jiangling had come visiting, but not in the past year and a half.”

Mu Chenyan’s heart sank. In prison, she had heard that the Yan Family was making an inventory of the Mu Family’s remaining property in the first few months following the tragedy.

What the young nurse was probably referring to this matter.

Alas, this was merely the way of the world.

“Oh, Mr Yuan would also come by occasionally!”

When the young nurse mentioned Yuan Xuan, her cheeks blushed, presumably because she had not come across many of these outstanding men before. It was inevitable that she had developed a special kind of sentiment toward him.

Mu Chenyan was well-aware that Yuan Xuan’s dazzling charm was irresistible to the eyes of many women!

Was not she herself not the same in the past?

Now, she was able to share her nights with this man. Yet, as she watched her mother in this state, she was unable to fathom even one-tenth of the sentiments she used to have for Yuan Xuan.

After hearing that Yuan Xuan would come to visit her mother often, Mu Chenyan smirked. How ironic.

“Alright, I got it. Thank you very much for your attentive care. I’ll be coming over more often in the future.” As Mu Chenyan spoke, she prepared to leave.

The young nurse saw that she was about to go and muttered, “Last month, a man came to see Madam Yan in the middle of the night. As Mr. Yuan had instructed that everyone who comes to visit register themselves, Sister Xiao Mei came by and asked him to register his details. However, he was very resistant and even hurt Sister Xiao Mei…”

Mu Chenyan immediately tensed up. ‘A mysterious man?’

“What did he look like?” Mu Chenyan asked in a low voice.

“At that time, Sister Xiao Mei was the one who was on duty. She said that it was a tall young man. He was stout and well dressed but was wearing a mask and a cap. Before she had a good look of him, she was pushed away and knocked her head!”


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