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Read Ms. Attractive and inciting CEO Chapter 167 – What is she to him…

Ms. Attractive and inciting CEO is a web novel completed by Harika2001, Har_v.
This lightnovel is right now Ongoing.

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Read WebNovel Ms. Attractive and inciting CEO Chapter 167 – What is she to him…

Chapter 167 – What is she to him…

Luckily this didn’t impact Scott. This revelations are absolutely big risk for the relations.h.i.+p Scott and Jean desperately wanted to hide. On the first place they are here because of Nathan’s bachelor party.

So, as his childhood best friend Scott must have attended the party moreover if his sister also got included into it. This would have of course caused the suspicion of Scott being Jean’s fiancée if Shawn isn’t there to help them. As Scott is in vacation Shawn agreed to subst.i.tute his brother as temporary CEO.

As most of the employees usually keep their count on presence of their boss according to number of executive meetings took place and number of projects got signed they didn’t see unusual changes in way of the work.

So they though that their CEO is the one who is taking the meetings. This made the reporters to believe that workaholic Scott Summers cancelled his vacation to celebrate his friends bachelor’s party.

This point of view protected the secret which is the most important one that should be under secrecy. Remaining revelations could be easily handled because there is nothing much to hide.

As these videos got viral in over night there was nothing much left to do because it already got spread overall the city. This incidents bought immense amount of popularity to Jean.

Her beauty, Her reserved character, Her ferocity is everything a girl could dream of, and this made her the popular in the socialites what are formerly favorable to Vanessa.

After seeing the aggressive side of Jean the persons allowed by Jasor to follow Jean withdraw themselves from their work. Even his plan of abducting Jean halted by the reluctance of the paid party. They simply don’t want to be beaten black and blue by a woman. Their goal to suppress her is lost hope. Some or other how this helped Jean.

After knowing the news from their respective parents Scott and Nathan woke the others up. Jean is reluctant to get out of bed after such a blissful time she had with Scott, for the first time she desperately hoped that this would happen more and more in future. The day is simply unforgettable experience for her…

But after seeing the videos she sprang out of the bed. She is totally surprised that the hacker is able to breach the security wall of David’s laptop. The hacker is truly capable that she started to feel worried.

She quickly wrapped her arms around Scott and inhaled his scent which instantly made her calm. She didn’t understood the real intentions of the hacker yet…

“Scott, don’t you think that this hacker is helping us some or other how. He might have revealed some personal things about us but on the bright side of it isn’t for him I would have not met my brother again” Jean sighed tiredly thinking of how this hackers mind is working.

“Hmm… he never revealed our relations.h.i.+p though it is in tip of his fingers. By whatever he did we are able to fasten up the revenge plan of yours” Scott saw her worried face and little sad. For G.o.ds sake they are here to be themselves for at least one week of this hectic and pretentious life they are living.

“Scott, did you notice that some of his actions actually made our bond stronger. I think he is trying to reunite me with the persons I believe in. I feel like he is helping me” Jean looked into his eyes and her face is all over written with confusion.

“But some of his actions also bought dangers to us Jean. It is like he want to help us but at the same time he is also holding some grudges against us” Scott remembered how the hacker exposed Aria which almost killed her.

“Scott on that day the satellites my team hacked actually didn’t give us Aria’s location. We actually got help from hacker and he is the one who a.s.sisted us in reaching her. This helped is Aria’s incident then.”

“Also on that day when Ca.s.sandra tried to frame you it didn’t take us much time to track her because we had got some help from unknown person. I think he is the same hacker” Scott remembered what Shawn said while they are trying to trace Casandra’s trail.

Today he helped her by leaking the video of her real side. Though it is only tip of iceberg she is capable to do still it is enough to chase some of the minor pests away from her.

Who ever this hacker is he is helping her to strengthen her position that could indirectly help her to seek revenge. But what is the need to reveal the marriage date of Nathan and Aria wedding. It is supposed to be secret till the end of the month.

Now Aria might again face the danger…..

Exactly what does hacker want to do…help her or destroy her friends. When it comes to Jean this hacker is too cautions with helping her but when it comes to her friends he simply doesn’t care….

What is she to him…


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