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Read Ms. Attractive and inciting CEO Chapter 201 – He was her crush before and she is still his admirer…

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Read WebNovel Ms. Attractive and inciting CEO Chapter 201 – He was her crush before and she is still his admirer…

Chapter 201 – He was her crush before and she is still his admirer…

By the time Jean changed her dress and came downstairs, Enric was already sitting with Iris as they talked about something seriously. None of them are smiling, nor have a frustrated expression plastered on their faces. It is just a normal casual talk.

Listening to her approaching footsteps, both of them tilted their heads in her direction and as soon as Jean saw Enric, she instantly halted on the same spot, momentarily dazed by something.

He is Enric Richards, he was her crush once, any way it is before she met Scott. He was not only her crush, but he was also the Prince Charming of the medical university. He is motivation and role model for many young students and Jean was not an exception to that in her recent years as a medical student.

His accomplishments and proficiency made her admire him and respect him. But she never met him directly, though she is a member in the same research group. She has always wondered how he could be that good in his career.

Seeing her fazed, Enric smiled politely making her heart skip a beat. “I am Enric Richards, nice to meet you Jean,l.” He bowed his head slightly, not having any other intentions to make any physical contact with her. He, of course respect others private s.p.a.ce.

Jean cleared her dry throat and coughed a little, before returning his smile in same polite manner. She also bowed her head like him but internally she was jumping with joy that he knew her name. “Mr. Richards, of course I know who you are. You might not know me, but I am your one year junior in neurological sciences. You all know me as Ms. Grey.”

“Sorry, Ms. Jean I couldn’t recognize you quickly. But I started vaguely remembering you,” Enric smiled. She is such a fool, how could he not know her. As the same way he was called as Prince Charming, she was the idol of many people, but sad that she never acknowledged it nor thought that she was this famous. Despite of his status in university he is also one of her admirer, a secret admirer to be precise.

“Yes, Mr. Richards. I use to be in my disguise then.” Jean smiled reminiscing how hard she use to try to avoid attention from others. She use to try to look like a average shy and over studious girl, but it didn’t help her much in avoiding others.

“Ms. Grey, you can just call me Enric or Rick. After all we will be training together from now on,” Enric beamed inside.

She is indeed someone he admired and respected most. Even with her extraordinary professionalism and many achievements, she still likes to keep low profile just like him.

“Of course, only if you call me Jean and….” Jean smiled mischievously

“And…” he raised his eyebrow and said in his deep seductive voice. Making his sister snap her head in shock, she stared at them with wide eyes. Why is she feeling that chemistry between them would be unimaginably great.

They even share same profession, both are very proficient in both cardiology and neurology. Coincidentally they are now studying radiology under guidance of same professor. Their research papers and thesis have resembled a lot, confirming their same way of thinking, they both would be a perfect pair, right.

“And… I would like to know how you exactly explained your recent research paper. I am quite surprised,” Jean said genuinely. She has been trying in the same way but she couldn’t succeed in explaining it like he did.

“You have read it,” Enric asked in total shock. He didn’t expect such as her to read his paper, when she has succeeded in many complicated things than him. He is more skilled than him in neurological sciences where he is very good.

Even their thinking is same. Both of them think very low of themselves and they don’t have any idea how much others are inspired by them. There have some hard dying fans, who wished for both of them to become a couple, sad that none of this fools knows about it.

“Of course, I read every paper and reports of yours. I am fascinated by your explanations every time, you never stopped surprising me, Rick.” Jean beamed as she talked about her pa.s.sion of being a researcher.

“I feel same way Jean. Your previous months thesis is so interesting that I have read it many times.” Enric stammered a little after hearing her calling him Rick. Why is his heart started going wild like a crazy teenager. He is sure that he didn’t have any heart diseases, but what is happening to him now? It felt like someone is choking his lunge to suffocate his breathing.

“Really, then we can work together for best result in an our thesis. I am now doing research about depression mechanism and neuropathy,” Jean squealed happily. At last, she got someone to share her joy and happiness in achieving something. Moreover, that someone is not an ordinary one but a man she admired for his work.

“It would be more than awesome Jean. It is quite a surprise that I am doing about same one. It will be really my honor to work with you,” he said in his utter most sincere and joyful tone.

“It’s great,” Jean beamed dreamily. At last she can find more and more knowledge in her research.

“Then we should exchange numbers,” Enric smiled casually, no wonder they became good friends in no time. Both are obsessed with their pa.s.sion of seeking more wisdom.

Iris raised her eyebrow mockingly at her brother. Still she didn’t expect them to go along this well. Jeff and Rick are very close friends and that is how she met Jeff. Now, her brother is also becoming close to other Valdez. If this continues in same manner, her and Jeff’s marriage would be a lot easier.

They chatted happily for some time. As their mentor left very soon because of some urgent matter, they decided to use this time to strengthen their bond with each other. Among three of them, Jean and Enric got along too well and didn’t notice how long they have been discussing about various things related to neurology and radiology.

After some combat and other intense exercises, three of them bid their goodbye and left for their respective places, none of them are happy to leave so soon.

By the time she reached Scott’s house, it is already past eight and he was awake. As she came inside their room, he stared at her indifferently and continued doing his work. He is very angry on her for not receiving his calls and not replying his messages. She even turned off her tracker, making him very anxious about her whereabouts. She promised she will keep in touch right, she knows how worried he will be. Moreover, when she fainted three times just in same week.

However, Jean is in a very good mood that she never stopped humming her favorite song. She kissed him teasingly and acted very adoringly, though his heart melted into puddle of b.u.t.ter because of her actions. He still maintained his poker face.

He will have his payback soon.

To his shock, she didn’t protest when he cooked the most disgusting breakfast for her. It is full of veggies and other herbal leaves that could make others puke. But her diet chart recommended it at least once a week.

He thought she will plead him for mercy…

But, she looked at it indifferently, as if it was her everyday breakfast. She started singing her favorite song while she saw her favorite TV series and completed her breakfast with out bothering him. While he is still in shock, she herself drank her morning tonic without caring how bitter it is.

Now, Scott started to worry about her. She has been acting so unusual, like she was possessed by some good and obedient ghost. Not even once, she protested against him while having her tasteless food. This is not the Jean he knew.

As his anxiousness level reached its peak measures, he contacted Raymond to share this unbelievable news with him.


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