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Read Ms. Attractive and inciting CEO Chapter 321 – I think Kiara is alive

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Read WebNovel Ms. Attractive and inciting CEO Chapter 321 – I think Kiara is alive

Chapter 321 – I think Kiara is alive

“I think Kiara is alive and is here for taking revenge” Jean said in her hoa.r.s.e voice as she panted heavily

It make sense….

Why are they trying to kill Aria, she is not even aware of a word called ‘council’. So basically it should be Nathan, Jean or Scott….but they are solely concentrating on Aria.

It clearly depicts that this attacks are because of personal grudge on Nathan. It might be Kiara because….this poison is one of the invention of Braxton’s, the same family which was suspected as a cause for Kiara’s death.

Kiara might have died in the raid aimed for Keller’s. But Keller’s work for Braxton’s.

There are more chances that she was not killed back then…may be they are using her as a bait. If someone are aware of how depth this friends.h.i.+p and love have gone through, they should also be equally aware of how precious Kiara is to them. If she appears and point the gun towards them, Jean is sure none of them would be able to do the same. They will be helpless.

Scott understood what Jean is trying to tell him. If that was the case, what Nathan so…… what will happen to Aria. This might be the reason why Jean stressed herself so much back at Aria’s house.

The worse thing is Aria is not yet aware of who Kiara is or what council is. She has right to know each and everything of him. But Nathan is too determined not to tell Aria about this because he don’t want to hurt her.

If Kiara is alive and suddenly appears, Aria would be heart broken. Not because she is his second love but because he didn’t open up to her. She might think she is just a replacement.

This is not healthy for a relations.h.i.+p whose foundation is still not strong. It might cause a huge havoc. But they cant ask Nathan to tell everything to Aria because of the suspicion that Kiara might be alive.

This will be a death of him….

“Jean, Aria must know about his past. She should understand why he is not brave enough to tell her everything.” Scott said as Jean nodded her head.

“But how? It is not our right to interfere between them and say about all these. It must be Nathan”

“Baby, their marriage is just after five days. Do you think we will have enough time to convince him about this and as well as save Aria. Trust me, it will be better if you interfere….what’s wrong with looking out for your brother and your best friend” Scott caressed her cheek and wiped off the sweat on her face and neck.

“But…” Jean is not ready for this. According to her it must be Nathan who should explain it to Aria.

“Jean, you are the one who introduced Aria to Nathan and took every initiative to help them get close to each other. So, you should be the one to protect their relations.h.i.+p. I understand how you feel about this, but baby….we don’t have time” Scott explained as he tucked back her to sleep.

“Sleep now. I hope you will take the initiative to save their relations.h.i.+p. We don’t know if Kiara is alive or not but the past can’t be hidden for life long…..honey” Scott kissed her forehead and pulled her onto his arms. “Good night”

“Good night Scott.” Jean closes her eyes but she is still thinking….

Meanwhile at Sarah’s…..

Sarah is sitting in her wine cellar…

She has already completed ten bottles of wine and she is drunk and broken beyond her endurance.

It is her private villa so no one could come inside without her permission. This is the place where she be like herself…..where she can show her vulnerable side and let all the grief consume her slowly.

With a anguish and hollowness, Sarah is staring at the wall which is having many photos of her family and friends. Slowly standing up from her place she made her way to it.

With her trembling hands she caressed her big brother’s face and her eyes misted up with tears, how could she hate him…..she shouldn’t…but she is hating him to his death now. But Why?? …she couldn’t comprehend the answer to it.

After looking at her other brother and two sisters with the same heart ache she moved to the photo of her friends.

It is of Nathan, Raymond, Jean and Kiara. The girl in photo is not Sarah… she is Kiara. The sweet girl who love her friends. But now she is Sarah the same person who is hating them to the extent that she wanted to kill them.

Her hand stopped at Nathan’s smiling face, her eyes teared up more and more as she looked at the picture, he is carrying her in princess style as she is laughing like a love stuck fool. Looking at it she completed other wine bottle.

She sat down and held her head in her hands. “You will hate me even more Nathie…I tried to kill your fiancée. I am so sorry but I couldn’t control my emotions anymore. I couldn’t help….I am sorry” she sobbed and looked at other picture.

It is of Jean, Scott and Kiara. Scott had his arms wrapped around both of them while they are pinching his cheeks. It is a selfie taken by Nathan when they were hiking in Alps. She let out a small smile as her eyes became tender as she looked at Jean. She was her best friend, her sister whom she loved more than anything….

“I have left enough hints for you to figure out who the enemies are, Jean. Please save Aria from me and save yourself from the enemies. Jean, They knew who you are…” Sarah mumbled while her eyes slowly fluttered shut and she pa.s.sed out.

This is the only time, when she be herself…when she is drunk beyond her tolerance.


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