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Read Ms. Attractive and inciting CEO Chapter 388 – Teary reunion..

Ms. Attractive and inciting CEO is a web novel created by Harika2001, Har_v.
This lightnovel is right now Ongoing.

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Read WebNovel Ms. Attractive and inciting CEO Chapter 388 – Teary reunion..

Chapter 388 – Teary reunion..

“Jeff, don’t you want to talk to your brother now” Iris asked.

As if on cue, Jasper entered the room with a gift box in his hand. He is not a ‘child’ to not understand what they have talked now. He just pretended as if he didn’t listen anything.

“What’s in that gift Jas” Iris asked him.

Jeff couldn’t help but smile. This might have not happened to any person other than him in this world. His fiancée is the one who introduced him to his own siblings. Her bond with them is stronger than the siblings bond he share with them.

However he is very determined to strengthen that bond between them.

“Well, this is sister Jean’s favorite thing. But I will not tell you, what if you try to s.n.a.t.c.h the attention from her” Jas pouted.

Jeff looked at his younger brother with shock and awe. This little genius has even planned how to get close to Jean. So, he is now having a compet.i.tor…wowww

But at first he decided to get close to this young brat.

Jeff walked to him and kneeled down… their heads will be in same level. Looking into his eyes Jeff gave him a warm smile. “Can I get a hug from my little brother” his eyes teared up a little.

Jasper smiled brightly and his eyes twinkled with joy. He wanted to talk but he is too overwhelmed to express how he is feeling now, thus, the only thing he could do now is to nod this head frantically and wrap his arms around his neck.

Jeff understood how his younger brother is feeling now. They both were feeling very emotional to talk….and the only way to express their happiness is just by hugging each other.

Jasper who is still not habituated to control his feelings started to cry. “I missed you and sister so much. Don’t ever leave me…” he sobbed.

Jeff felt his heart pierced with millions of needles at a time. This is his little brother…..he still can’t believe it.

“I promise, I will never leave your side…okay. We will reunite with our sister soon…..and we will stick to each other for life long and forever” Jeff promised.

“Uhmm…..forever” Jasper chuckled happily.

Rick and Iris were smiling and their eyes were also misted with tears. This is really a happy reunion. But too sad that Jean have to wait a little more to meet her younger brother.

Finding out about Jeff is okay because he is no way connected to the council. But if she finds out about Jasper there will be surely a great deal of misunderstandings.

“OK…..guys. Jasper will anyway stay with you in this penthouse and you will have plenty of time to spend with each other. But for now we have to go for your sister’s anniversary…get ready” Rick said.

Jeff nodded his head. After Jasper and Iris went inside to change, “You have to tell me everything about what happened till now. I want to know why you are hiding this from Jean” saying so he too went back to his room to change.

Enrick sighed. They haven’t planned this….but Jeff found out about this. But he should not do same mistake twice with Jean.

He messaged Iris that he is leaving and went to his apartment to get ready.

He told Hope that he will accompany her to this party. So he should at least get ready a little more than always.


Kiara and Ria did their best to doll up Jean and they are really content with their work. Jean is now looking too stunning and incredibly s.e.xy…her hair is sprayed on her right shoulder exposing her slender neck which of course is filled with concealer.

“Hmm…at last honey. But ask him not to do this again when you should attend a events like this…especially when you will be in lime light” Ria teased.

“I am sure Scott’s gonna eat you up today again…” Kiara brought Jean into a room in her closet which have mirrors fixed on four sides. “See how dazzling you are looking now” she beamed.

Even Jean looked at herself in slight shock. Kiara is the best of best when it comes to make over and styling up. She is really looking too beautiful…

Scott who just entered the room is now staring Jean with wide eyes. The desire in his eyes is too apparent that this two girls decided to leave the couple alone for some time.

“This dress is delicate so I suggest you to be little cautious because we don’t have a spare here” Kiara teased.

Ria chuckled. “And don’t make hickeys again because the concealer your wife uses just got completed” she too mocked and exited the room giggling from ear to ear.

Jean blushed. Ahhh… why the h.e.l.l do she feel like a bride now….

Scott walked to her taking his sweet time while staring at her from head to toe as if scanning her. As he reached her side he hugged her from behind and pecked her ear.

Looking at her reflection in the mirror Scott kissed her neck and slowly sucked it till it became red. Successfully making a hickey.

“You-” Jean sighed. She is embarra.s.sed enough for now.

“Hmm…Now you look perfect. Hickey is the best ornament baby….” Scott chuckled making Jean roll her eyes.

But after seeing his adoration for her how could she be so heartless. With his possessive nature she never thought he will throw a party for her. She knows how much he wanted to keep her all to himself but still…..

He knew she missed her friends too much and his understanding level always made her amazed and feel lucky.

Smiling at him lovingly Jean gave him a sweet and pa.s.sionate kiss. “I love you”

“And also thanks for this surprise Scott” Jean kissed him again.

After having some intimate moments together Scott took her hand. “Let’s go”


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