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Read Ms. Attractive and inciting CEO Chapter 512 – Her weapons…

Ms. Attractive and inciting CEO is a web novel created by Harika2001, Har_v.
This lightnovel is right now Ongoing.

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Read WebNovel Ms. Attractive and inciting CEO Chapter 512 – Her weapons…

Chapter 512 – Her weapons…

But she didn’t even lift her finger. Everything is taken care by her family. She just have to finalize the arrangements…

Scott came back with medicines and sat down beside her. Jean instantly snuggled closer and rested her head on his chest.

“You slept well last night. I thought you will have that nightmares again” Scott caressed her cheek as she took the sip from her green juice.

Jean closed her eyes and waited for few seconds before taking another sip. “Hmm….I am so tired so I slept good compared to the before night” Jean said and leaned into his inviting hug.

“Good. I will make you even more tired” Scott shamelessly chuckled and kissed her forehead. Mrs. Warren couldn’t help but roll her eyes.

She got habituated to their shameless words and actions. So she didn’t feel embarra.s.sed to listen their flirting. Moreover she started to suspect if their shamelessness started rubbing on her.

Even she started flirting with her husband in their calls. For G.o.ds sake they are already in their forties to act like youngsters.

Meanwhile, Jean’s morning sickness started showing up. Like always she felt so frustrated to hear any noises around her.

“Don’t talk honey. I am feeling nauseous” Jean weakly said as she climbed on to his lap and buried her face in crook of his neck.

His morning shower gel and his manly scent soothed her from sickness. She doesn’t like this juice especially at morning times but her grandmother strongly recommend it. As by heredity her pregnancy is going to be rough she is forced to take all the precautions.

Scott didn’t talk anything and no one dared to. All the house staff stopped doing and stood quietly till their lady boss complete her morning torture.

It took him solid one hour to feed her all the food that is recommended by his grandmother in law.

“Are you fine now. I have to go baby. There is a emergency meeting that need my attention, will you be fine or should I ask mum to come?” Scott asked after seeing her complexion became normal

Jean chuckled. “This is the question you ask everyday Scott. You also know my answer right” she couldn’t help but pinch his cheeks.

Scott grabbed her hand and kissed it. “I know love. But I cant help but worry about you. After what your grandmother said I am worried” he leaned in to her palms and she pressed her fingers on his cheeks.

It is not only his grandmother but he met one of Sophia’s subordinate in council. When Sophia is pregnant with Jasper, she actually had twins but one of it died in her fourth month of pregnancy…

Even Jean’s grandmother told him that Sophia had triplets first.

His wife is sensitive when it comes to babies. She has been taking care of her unborn baby or babies very cautiously. If something happens she would not take it easy.

“Mm….Scott, mom will be busy. I can take care of myself. Don’t make her worry over nothing” Jean sat on his lap and kissed his lips.

They are in their room, as Scott changed into his work attire.

“Okay baby. Call me if you want anything all right. Are you can accompany me to my company” Scott grinned as he said the last sentence.

Their hot scenes in his office room are still vivid in his mind….

He wanted to reminisce that moments again…

Meanwhile Jean’s face flushed. His new director and personal secretary almost coughed her death out as she mistakenly opened the door.

“No need. I will stay here with Mrs. Warren. Go away” Jean mused as she debated whether to tell her husband about her shopping plan with Seline and Kiara.

Scott chuckled seeing her flushed face. His eyes trailed over her curvy body and stopped at her slightly swollen stomach. She became little chubby and her more obvious curves made him go crazy with need.

This didn’t go unnoticed by Jean. His dark eyes are too obvious of what he wanted now….

She decided to tell him about her plan. Because she is so sure that he can’t say no to her, especially not in this condition.

Jean stood up from bed and walked to Scott who is trying his level best to avert his eyes from his wife.

Loosening her bathrobe Jean sn.a.k.e.d her arms around his neck. His breathe is haggard and his Adam’s apple bobbed in his throat as Jean pressed her body against his.

“Honey….me, Kiara and Sally decided to go for shopping today after lunch” Jean said enjoying the effect she has on him.

Who would have thought that he like her more when she is not skinny but chubby.

“Don’t…” Scott’s hoa.r.s.e and extra dry voice made Jean chuckle.

“Don’t what?” Jean asked as she totally covered up the s.p.a.ce between them.

Scott felt his heart go haywire. The impact she use to have on him increased thousand folds in this past month.

“Baby, don’t go. If you want I will take you” Scott said as he gently parted Jean from him. He made sure she isn’t touching him.

Otherwise he will surely loose his control and cave in to her request.

Jean knew that her first plan ‘seduction’ failed. Now it is second plan ‘Blackmail’.

Seriously, she haven’t been anywhere since half month. She is technically in home arrest….

“You don’t want to hold me anymore do you? Is it because I am becoming fat….” Jean frowned, Her mood taking a one eighty degrees turn.

“I am feeling lonely here. See!! You only care about your baby but not about your pregnant wife and her feelings. You are same like all” she pretended to scoff as her eyes teared up.

Thanks to acting she took with Kiara in their School.

Scott sighed. “Go. But be careful okay” he shook his head sideways.

His wife will be death of him


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