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Read Ms. Attractive and inciting CEO Chapter 634 – Preparation for last war.

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Read WebNovel Ms. Attractive and inciting CEO Chapter 634 – Preparation for last war.

Chapter 634 – Preparation for last war.

After Jean woke up, she saw her son sleeping peacefully curled up beside her. She don’t even remember when she slept.

She thought that her husband would have taken her back to their room after she slept. This is his usual habit to hug her and sleep. Without her in his arms, it is very difficult for him to fall asleep.

That too at this time, when he is having nightmares it is next to impossible for him to let her go and sleep alone. But she is still in nursery sleeping beside her son.

But she love seeing his cute and tiny face as soon as she woke up. It made her heart warm up with love and she felt relieved seeing him safe and secured.

After seeing her son for few more seconds, it is only when she saw her husband sleeping in a uncomfortable position on the other side of the bed.

He still had his laptop on his lap and he is sleeping with his head leaned to headboard.

She is obvious of what would have happened. Without her in his arms he couldn’t fall asleep so he worked till his body couldn’t take it anymore and fall asleep.

She couldn’t help but pity him and curse herself. Her first priority should be her husband right!!

But here she is….sleeping very peacefully when he was suffering there.

Meanwhile at last night when Scott noticed that his wife dozed off he really thought of taking her back to their room but he didn’t wanted to spoil this sweet moment of mother and son.

They looked very cute sleeping beside each other. They have same sleeping habits…they both curl up and one of their hand will be resting on their chest.

The most cute thing is they pout sometimes in middle of sleep.

So, he didn’t have heart to be selfish just to hug her tight and sleep.

Jean cautiously woke up and carried the baby to his small bed from the king size bed they have spent on earlier.

As it is still early for his feeding time she didn’t dare to disturb his precious sleep. After that she forced herself into his arms and kissed his lips.

Hooking her arms around his waist she closed her eyes. But too late, Scott woke up because of the phone.

As they saw the number on it, both of them morphed into a serious mood.

It is Edward.

“Brother” Jean greeted.

“Good morning Jean. Good morning Scott. Sorry to disturb but we are already downstairs waiting for you to wake up” he said.

As soon as the maid heard the noises from inside she informed Mrs. Summers.

“Oh….ok then. We will come” Scott said and stood up.

Jean clutched his hand and pulled him closer. “Let’s bath together” she sweetly asked.

Scott chuckled and kissed her forehead. “Not now baby. As much as I want to do it, your father and Edward are waiting downstairs. We can’t let them wait right” he carried her to the washroom in the nursery.

“Come out fast” he said and gently shooed her away.

After his mother came inside to stay with Jason while he sleeps, Scott went back to his room to fresh up.


“Everything is set from our side. As my father is not yet aware that Elder Braxton know everything…..he didn’t suspect anything.” Edward said.

“But if he will find out that his inner circle is know in our side, he will easily find out that Elder Braxton found out everything” Julian said.

The people in the inner circle are actually the loyal people of Elder Braxton. They will listen whatever he order them.

“If that happens…he will surely go into hide out. Though first segment will offer a deal he will hesitate to come. This will ruin our plan” Scott said.

Jean just came down after freshening up and feeding the baby. She sat beside Scott and looked into the information Edward gave her.

“We should hurry up then” Jean shrugged her shoulders and nonchalantly leaned back.

Even Scott gave them a devilish smile.

“What’s there in your mind now. You both…don’t laugh like that…it gives me chills” Edward complained.

“Well. We already sent the invitation to the second segment. To avoid the suspicion we faked it as if the invitation was sent a month back itself” Scott chuckled.

“And, we made it look like Johann stopped it from reaching him” Jean continued.

As Second Young master of Braxton is not aware that Scott is one of the four who rules the underworld of first three countries he couldn’t even suspect it as a trap.

But for safe purpose they avoided every loop hole from making it look suspicious.

“That’s good. So, we should wait for him to respond” Julian asked them. He is really proud of this children. Even in his absence they totally handled the matter without messing it up.

“So, is he aware of anything” Jean asked.

“Hmm…he found out that you are my daughter and I am Council’s founder. So, he is watching moments of council very closely. All his attention is on Council and it’s sub bases” Julian said.

“As he don’t want Elder Braxton to find out anything….he sent him back to country B and increased the security around it. But he doesn’t know that Elder Braxton knows everything” Edward said.

“So, he don’t suspect you right? I mean when you came for the business meet” Jean asked.

“I showed him the termination papers we signed and his people who were following us gave him a fake information that we met in your company” Edward laughed.

Though there are many people under his father, ninety percent of them are now in their side.

“He said that we barely talked for more than half an hour. At that time he had his people watch council’s main headquarters and he is reported that uncle (Julian) is country X. So, he didn’t suspect anything” Edward grinned.


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