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Read Ms. Attractive and inciting CEO Chapter 643 – Climax 4

Ms. Attractive and inciting CEO is a web novel made by Harika2001, Har_v.
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Chapter 643 – Climax 4




When Jaxon woke up he is tied up to a metal chair and he is placed in a small cube size room.

He don’t remember anything. The last thing he could remember is that he is pointing a gun at his father’s forehead.

Then a sudden pain reverberated in his head a shape thing penetrated his arm.

Before three hours…

When Jaxon is pointing the gun to his father….

Jasper who is standing in between Julian and Jean, pouted. “In will use my drones”

Jean looked at her little brother and smiled faintly. “We already positioned them as per what you and me decided” Jean whispered.

“And, the right ones have a paralysis serum and the left one have tranquilizer” she whispered.

Jasper nodded his head and he looked at his wrist watch. His sister helped him to design them in such a way that they can target the specific part of the body using the small wrist watch.

Later she, who is also a doctor have access to these drugs that are actually used on wild animals.

As everyone of them felt that Jaxon is a animal they decided to use the powerful one on him.

Jasper targeted the right side drone to Jaxon’s leg. When that paralysis medicine hit his hand he lost the ability to pull the trigger. As Elder Braxton is now safe, they used the powerful tranquilizer and targeted it on his neck.

As soon as it hit him he lost his consciousness….


Back to present….

“How did I end up here” Jaxon muttered to himself and looked around.

Instead of panicking he laughed at himself. “Well, you people are one step ahead of me” he chuckled bitterly.

His voice reverberated in the room.

His hands started to feel again but his head still hurts.


Scott, Edward and Julian stood upstairs and saw him..

Jean went back to their home to feed the baby. As Jaxon is almost done, she could at last feel relieved.

“Unlock his hands, Scott.” Julian said.

“Yeah, let the fun begin” Raymond smirked.

But Scott didn’t respond and looked at Edward. “Are you sure that you are fine with this plan” Scott asked.

The way they decided to torture him….it is really very cruel and inhumane.

Edward might hate his father…..but still Jaxon is his biological father.

“Nah…’s fine. He is just a s.p.e.r.m donor nothing else. Me nor my sister have ever treated him as our father.” Edward said.

Meanwhile, A hand came and rested on Scott’s shoulder. Then she hugged him and peeked out from his shoulders…

Jean is really relieved that she felt good and relaxed. He is at last happy…

Scott tenderly smiled and hugged her sideways.

“What are you guys still discussing about…” Jean asked.

“How to torture him??” Jean continued.

“Well, baby. I am asking if Edward is okay with that” Scott smiled and pecked her lips.

The previous day Jean got checked up and they confirmed that she is past her confinement period. They can go back to their normal routine again.

So, after finding this Scott couldn’t take it anymore. He wanted to finish off all these things and go back to their home.

He wanted to make love to his wife endlessly…

Meanwhile Edward looked at Jean. “We have seem how he tortured people…..Jean. Let him suffer with same pain” Edward determinately said. In face he never thought of Jaxon as his father…

“Then all is set. Why you guys waiting” this time it is Edward’s mother.

Even she don’t want her husband to live anymore.

“Everyone are waiting downstairs. Come fast” she patted Edward’s back and smiled at everyone before going back downstairs.

As they succeeded in making Jaxon powerless….this is their time to celebrate.

Jean smiled and looked at Jaxon. He can hear them but he is helpless.

He can’t move his body nor he could think straight. Moreover he is tied to chair and can’t even move an inch.

She sighed. He is her uncle but she couldn’t help it. They must kill him for what all he have did.

Jean looked up at Scott and saw him staring at her.

“Let’s finish him” Scott kissed her forehead.

Then Jean walked up to the monitor and looked at Edward.

Edward nodded his head and went inside his father small cubicle.

“Bye dad….forever” he gave his farewell and injected the transparent serum.

Then he pressed a b.u.t.ton and the hole below of his father’s chair opened.

In the span of some seconds, Jaxon is thrown into it.

That was the gla.s.s room. It is in hexagonal shape…

And it has no openings. It was isolated from top to bottom.

“What are you trying to do with me??” Jaxon hissed.

“Watch and see” Jean whispered.

Then she operated something in the monitor for few minutes….and smirked darkly.

The serum is made in such a way that it can make a person hate the specific person particularly… much that it will make him kill that person.

Jaxon use to use this on his enemies. He would bring his enemies family members and manipulate that enemies mind to hate them.

After that he use to leave them in a isolated room till his enemy would kill his own family.

Later, Jaxon use to enjoy the mental torture of his enemy and eventually make him listen to whatever he say.


Edward injected the same serum into Jaxon and throwed him into a gla.s.s room.

Meanwhile, Jean manipulated Jaxon to hate himself.

As the room is full of mirrors he couldn’t do anything but hurt himself. To his worst he can’t even close his eyes for more than few seconds… eventually he will kill himself.

As Jaxon realized it his eyes filled with fear and he looked at the persons upstairs, his hands placed on the mirror.

“You are doing a grave mistake killing me… will regret, let me tell you….” He stopped in middle and held his head in between his palms and shrieked in agony.

The serum started it’s effect….

Later he couldn’t even close his eyes anymore. Whenever he tried to close his eyes shut…a burning feeling inside of the made him open them wide again.

As there are no any sharp objects are something that could harm him….he started beating himself. Sometimes he would bang the mirror wherever his image is seen.

But everything he touch the gla.s.s, he would shout even more. The gla.s.s is constructed right on the fire chamber….so the that are surrounding him or very hot.

It is a pure torture but he deserve it.

Meanwhile the people standing in upstairs looked at him. He is now prisoned in underground in the hexagonal chamber filled with mirrors.

He is beating himself and banging the walls. Every time he does it his shrieks would increase…

“Let’s go. He will meet his own end” Julian said as he wrapped his arms around Jean’s shoulder and Edward’s.

Scott smiled at Jean and kissed her forehead. “Now, no need to worry about anything anymore….baby” he gently whispered.

Jean nodded her head and they shared a pa.s.sionate kiss.

Edward rolled his eyes. “Guys, we are in torture room… can you feel romance now” he shook his head.

“Now…, don’t start bickering again. We have to first go to Sophia’s tomb and then back to Braxton’s mansion. A family get together…remember” Elder Braxton said.


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