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Read Murder The Dream Guy Chapter 425 – From Heaven To Hell

Murder The Dream Guy is a web novel produced by Si Jin, 姒锦.
This lightnovel is currently ongoing.

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Read WebNovel Murder The Dream Guy Chapter 425 – From Heaven To Hell

Chapter 425: From Heaven to h.e.l.l

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

For the sake of Xiang Wan, Fang Yuanyuan even sacrificed her time with Huang He.

She “abandoned” Huang He who was still in the hospital and flew back to Jin City with Xiang Wan.

Xiang Wan did not want her to do that.

However, this cousin of hers…

She was worried that Xiang Wan might do something silly.

“What if you jump off from the plane?”

Xiang Wan returned Yuanyuan a disdainful glance. “Do you think I’m someone who can’t get over things forever? Do you think I’m like you?”

Hurhur! Fang Yuanyuan retaliated with a scornful frown. “I used to think you won’t, but after witnessing how pathetic you look when you cry earlier, it’s really hard to say—”


Xiang Wan closed her eyes for a rest.

“Don’t be so nice to me. I can’t marry you…”

Fang Yuanyuan bantered with her, “But I can marry you!”

Next, she took a bottle of gum from her bag, opened it, and pa.s.sed it to Xiang Wan, who didn’t want it. Fang Yuanyuan then took two drops of gum for herself.

“You don’t need to feel bad about this. I didn’t choose to go back purely because of you.”

Hmph! Xiang Wan snorted, “I knew it.”

Fang Yuanyuan puffed a sigh. “If I don’t go back, not only would my mom kill me, my company will fire me!”

Fang Yuanyuan informed her colleagues and superiors about her situation in Xi City. Although her colleagues and superiors were understanding and that she still did her fair share of work remotely, it was still inappropriate for her if she didn’t show up at her workplace for too long.

Xiang Wan gave her a sidelong glance. “What about your Huanghuang?”

Fang Yuanyuan’s face seemed a little down with the mention of Huang He.

“I have no choice. We have to be separated until he’s fully recovered.”

After this, she paused for a moment and immediately showed a happy face.

“When he’s fully recovered, we can register for our marriage. I actually have an important mission this time as well…”

Xiang Wan was puzzled. “What is it?”

Fang Yuanyuan winked. “Steal the household register booklet!”

Pffft! Xiang Wan cracked up when she heard that. “You have so many tricks up your head! You’re not afraid of being caught in the act?”

Fang Yuanyuan pouted. “I can’t register my marriage if I don’t have that with me!”

“Who told you that?” Xiang Wan sat up straight and seemed livelier. “You can get the household registration certificate instead. That’s all you need, and it’s so convenient! Moreover, you won’t get caught.”

“How do I get that certificate?”

“Just bring along your ident.i.ty card to the household registration office.”

Xiang Wan knew about this since she had worked in the Criminal Investigation Unit before.

Fang Yuanyuan was amazed to know that. “Just like this?”

Xiang Wan nodded in certainty. “Of course!”

“Wow! It’s actually so simple to get married!”

Fang Yuanyuan was thrilled to know that and drew closer to Xiang Wan by holding her arm.

“Don’t you think by telling me that you’re actually encouraging me to ‘commit a crime’? In future when my parents and youngest aunt knew about this and wanted to beat me up, you’ll bear the consequences with me, you know?”

“Hurhur!” Xiang Wan seemed unperturbed. “You think too much!”

The plane flew across the sky, leaving a trail of the white line behind it.

A person’s emotions were really insignificant compared to the vast sky.

However, human beings were the most complex creatures in the world, and they couldn’t free themselves from their complex and bizarre nature.

When Xiang Wan went to the Capital, she had gone there for the sake of Bai Muchuan. However, because of the 121 case, she hardly stayed in the Capital but was mostly in Nanmu and Xi City. Her break up with Bai Muchuan not only shocked Fang Yuanyuan, it was also the same for Xiang Wan’s mom.

Of course, they also felt that it was a pity that things turned out this way.

There was also disappointment in them.

No matter which parent, if their daughter had a boyfriend like Bai Muchuan, they really couldn’t find anything bad about him.

When Tan Yunchun fell ill, Bai Muchuan really helped out a lot. He chipped in money as well as pitched in the effort. There was nothing she could complain about him.

Tan Yunchun had been feeling glad and proud during this period in front of her friends and relatives that her daughter actually found someone who was such a good catch.

Even when she went out to get supplies and chatted with the neighbors, she felt as though she was being looked up to. She also talked in a more confident manner compared to her mild old self.

Those materialistic relatives of theirs only preferred her eldest sister and youngest sister. They only treated them as their relatives but not her. When they saw her, their smiles seemed too stiff. When they talked to each other in her presence, they would even reveal a sense of superiority before her.

In the past, Tan Yunchun had kept her mouth shut when these relatives came to visit.

There was hardly anyone they could consider wealthy among their relatives besides her youngest sister.

However, although their relatives were not wealthy, at least they were not in the same predicament as her and her daughter, who basically had nothing.

A turning point came ever since Xiang Wan and Bai Muchuan became a couple, the news spread amongst their relatives.

They heard that Xiang Wan had found a boyfriend from the Capital whose father was a high-ranking official. They also heard that his boyfriend had more than one house registered under his name that Xiang Wan need not worry about her life anymore in future…

Some were envious while some were sarcastic.

Of course, there was always no lack of relatives who would flatter Tan Yunchun, but there were more who would mock and denigrate both the mother and daughter behind their back…

During this period, Tan Yunchun was bathed in these envious and jealous gazes, there were moments that she felt she was on cloud nine.

Now that she knew about this, she had suddenly fallen from heaven to h.e.l.l. Frankly, she felt this was a little too much to bear.


She was not a young woman anymore and had been through hardships.

Moreover, she loved her daughter.

Fang Yuanyuan had sent her the flight details the moment she got it. Tan Yunchun then specially made a trip to the airport to receive them.

To make her daughter happy, Tan Yunchun had her hair done up and dressed appropriately. Besides the strands of white hair that obviously still appeared on her head, she looked good and spirited. There was definitely not a trace to show that she had not slept well the night before.

Tan Yunchun smiled cheerfully when she saw Xiang Wan and Fang Yuanyuan walking out of the pa.s.senger pick-up point.

“La.s.s, you’re back!”

She walked over to Xiang Wan and wanted to help pull her luggage. Her appearance at the airport made Xiang Wan jump.

“Mom, why are you here?”

The next moment, Xiang Wan thought of the reason herself.

When she sent a glare over, Fang Yuanyuan quickly lowered her head.

“It was unintentional…”

This girl really has a big mouth! she thought.

Xiang Wan immediately changed her expression, smiling as she pulled her luggage over.

“Mom, let me do it myself.”

“Let mom do it, your mother has more strength than you!”

Back when Xiang Wan was small, her mom was always busy trying to earn money. She took on the role of a father and mother at the same time. Because of that, she had not much time or patience to care for Xiang Wan. Since she was young, she got more scolding than praises from her mom. Because of that, while other daughters treated their moms like their best friend and almost shared everything with them, Xiang Wan could not do that.

Hence, when she saw her mom smiling so warmly at her, she knew something was amiss. This was because, in her eyes, such warm behavior was unusual. Xiang Wan looked at Fang Yuanyuan, and immediately understood what was going on.

“Mom, you… don’t have to be sad.”

“Mom’s all right!” Tan Yunchun’s eyes went red, but she was still wearing a doting smile. She pulled the luggage while trying her best to console Xiang Wan. “Mom’s just… Aye, Wanwan, there’s nothing in life that you can’t get through. Besides, you still have me. Mom will support you!”

Xiang Wan was speechless. “…”

She did not explain what was really going on.

It was clear to see that something had happened because of their sudden return to Jin City even if Fang Yuanyuan had kept it a secret from her mom.

Furthermore, Xiang Wan had no intention of keeping this a secret.

It was just that, the words “mom will support you”, made her felt like crying.

Of course, she had never thought of leeching on her mom. Even if she would leech her mom, her mind would never be at ease.

She could see those white hairs that had started to appear along both sides of her mom’s head. She felt a tug at her heart, and she wrapped her arms around her mom for a half-embrace.

“Even if your daughter isn’t doing very well, I don’t need you to support me!”

“Heheh, of course. My daughter’s the best. Hmph, do you still remember Aunty Zhou from that old street we used to stay? I met her one day, and I told her that my daughter is a web novelist. She was so envious and kept praising you…”

Tan Yunchun started to jabber away.

Xiang Wan just smiled at her and grabbed onto her mom’s arm gently.

Tan Yunchun was one of those typical middle-aged plump women. The fats around her waist were soft like a swimming float.

The glory of her youth had long gone. All these years of hardship made her look older than most women of her age.

“Mom,” beseeched Xiang Wan as a thought dawned on her, “in the future… you need not work anymore. I’ll support you!”

Tan Yunchun couldn’t help but grin as those words were what she had said to her daughter just a moment ago.

“Sure, mom will wait for you to take care of me…”

As she said this, she glanced at Xiang Wan and Fang Yuanyuan; she seemed a little tongue-tied.

“Your youngest aunt was at her company earlier. I think she should be home when we reached her place. If she were to say something unpleasant, don’t talk back to her…”

To Xiang Wan and Fang Yuanyuan, it was common for them to hear such advice coming from their moms.

“Mm,” responded Xiang Wan.

Fang Yuanyuan was holding her mobile phone and seemed to have not heard anything. “Eh? The cab should have arrived already, why didn’t we see it?”

Tan Yunchun glanced at her and wanted to say something when Fang Yuanyuan raised a hand and interrupted her.

“The cab’s here!”

The most awkward thing for Xiang Wan now that she had returned to Jin City was—she had no place to stay.

To avoid her youngest aunt’s nagging, she wanted to stay with Yuanyuan.

Hence, they made a trip to Yuanyuan’s home and left her luggage there before they headed to the “execution ground”—youngest aunt’s house.

Xiang Wan’s act of leaving her luggage at Yuanyuan’s house annoyed their youngest aunt.

“Can’t you just stay in my house? Why make a roundabout trip? There are so many rooms here! Why do you have to share a bed with Yuanyuan?”

Youngest aunt, Tan Yuechun, was always very strict toward the two of them.

Xiang Wan was used to that. She just smiled and gave an excuse. “I can chat with Yuanyuan if I stay at her place…”

Tan Yuechun snorted as she gave her a sidelong glance.

She was such a smart and alert woman; how would she not know what Xiang Wan was actually thinking?

Although she could not see both Xiang Wan and Fang Yuanyuan as her own kid, she wanted them to live a good and happy life. However, these two nieces of hers were not as close to her once they grew up. She knew that they wished they could avoid having contact with her whenever possible…

Tan Yuechun worries about them a lot, but she always showed a face that was stiff and cold before them.

When they were seated at the living room, the nanny served them snacks and tea before she took Tiantian away. Only then did Tan Yuechun start to inquire about what happened between Bai Muchuan and Xiang Wan.


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