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Chapter 190 – The Shocking Thundershock Blade

Anger, helplessness, murderous heart.

Before that, Zhao Changhai also felt that Chu Mo, this small monster, was really ruthless, carrying a peerless treasure blade, killing a lot of people.

Now he wished he could have such a murderous blade and cut off all the heads of the greedy dogs behind him!

The group behind him did not speak at all. They all stared at Zhao Changhai, gnashing their teeth and vowed to take the Dragon scales in the hands of Zhao Changhai. At this time, those who still insist on not retreating, the greed in the depths of the heart, are all extremely strong. In fact, this included Zhao Changhai, who was hunted at this time.

Looking at the scene below, Chu Mo was speechless and said with a wry smile, “It’s really lively!”

The giant rooster sneered, “This? This is nothing. There will be more exciting ones in a moment!”

At this moment, Chu Mo suddenly felt a tremor under his feet. The huge dragon nest… seems suddenly become alive!

Chu Mo was stunned at first, and then he thought of something, and his eyes widened.

Then… Chu Mo saw the huge dragon nest under his feet instantly shot out hundreds of vines.

All the vines, all incomparably sharp, flew out like spears, and maliciously stabbed at the group of people who rushed towards the dragon nest.


“What is this?”

“Get out of the way!”

“the dragon nest is alive!”

The crowd let out a cry of surprise. Followed by the sound of screaming.

Someone was directly pierced through their abdomen by the vines, and then his body dried up instantly, almost in the blink of an eye, and became a skeleton.

None of the others escaped the attack of the vines at all.

Someone was pierced in the thigh and got hanged on the wooden vine. Similarly, a moment later, the vine sucked up the whole body and turned it into a skeleton.

Some people were pierced between their eyebrows and died on the spot.

With the exception of Zhao Changhai, all the others, within a few breaths, were completely killed by the wooden vines!

The huge s.p.a.ce was still filled with the panicked screams of the crowd, but these people… were already all dead.

There’s only one left, Zhao Changhai. He stood there dumfounded with the dragon scale in his hand. He dared not move. At the same time, his head… almost stopped turning.

Until now, he hasn’t figured out what happened.

“Was I not being chased by this group of people? How come they… all died? How could these vines… kill people?” For a long time, Zhao Changhai’s motionless eyes slowly moved, and at the same time, murmured in his mouth, “Am I dreaming?”

Then, Zhao Changhai’s body suddenly shivered. His eyes, which were almost completely stupefied, finally recovered, but showed incomparable fear.

This scene is too weird. Not to mention him, even if someone from Lonely City One Sword and Foreign Heaven Flying Immortal were to come, perhaps they will also be frightened when they see this situation.

Almost every single one of those wooden vines had a dried-up corpse hanging from it. There were also a few vines that didn’t obtained anything and seemed somewhat unwilling, still dancing mid-air, like giant snakes.

Oddly enough, these vines turned a blind eye to Zhao Changhai. Even if a few vines pa.s.sed by Zhao Changhai, they all took the initiative to avoid him.

Zhao Changhai stood there motionless for a long time, looked at the dragon scale in his hand, and then suddenly looked up at the sky and laughed: “Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha! I can’t believe… I really can’t believe that I, Zhao Changhai will also have today? You bunch of b*stards… a group of animals, weren’t you chasing me? Catch up!”

Zhao Changhai laughed so much that tears flowed out, and his whole person looked like a madman. After a long time, he finally stopped laughing and stood there. His face flushed with excitement, he murmured, “Many thanks Sir Azure Dragon for your blessing, many thanks Sir Azure Dragon for your blessing.”

After saying those, he directly kneeled on the ground, facing the direction of the dragon nest, and respectfully kowtowed three times.

Chu Mo and the giant rooster were speechless and looked at each other.

The giant rooster said uncomfortably, “Lord Rooster wants to change his mind a little.”

On his side, Zhao Changhai didn’t know that there was someone on the dragon nest. After kowtowing, he stood up and said loudly, “Senior Azure Dragon… you must have left your heritage here. Today, the younger generation have brought a piece of your dragon scales to come here, and also hope that Senior Azure Dragon can grant the younger generation blessings…”

The giant rooster stretched out one of his wings, fluttered his head twice, and murmured, “Lord Rooster wants to beat him up.”

“Then go,” Chu Mo encouraged.

“But I feel that this may brought disgrace me with Lord Rooster’s ident.i.ty.” The giant rooster looked at Chu Mo and said, “Why don’t you go?”

“Why would that bring disgrace to your ident.i.ty but it’s normal for me to go?” Chu Mo rolled his eyes. “Anyway, you said to give you face and don’t kill him, then what should I do?”

With this, Chu Mo said with some regret, “My Master originally planned to use this group of people for me to practice my skills on, but I didn’t expect that they would all be killed by the vines on the dragon nest…”

The giant rooster looked at Chu Mo speechlessly. “You’re not normal. It turned out you inherited it from your master…”

At this time, a violent shaking of the earth, suddenly came.

Chu Mo and the giant rooster looked at each other, and both eyes showed a look of horror.

If this place collapses, none of them will be able to get out.

Even if the giant rooster has the ability to drill holes and Chu Mo has Murdering Heaven, but if they were to be trapped here and want to leave, it will not be an easy task.

Over on his side, Zhao Changhai was also scared. He had just finished asking for the blessing of Azure Dragon… when that happened. He was so scared that he dared not even make a sound.

At this moment, the giant rooster suddenly said, “It must be your master. This place can cut off Spirit Sense. He should be worried about you when he saw so many people coming in! What a prideful human. He wasn’t willing to get in through that hole!”

As the giant rooster said these, there was a sudden violent fluctuation overhead. It’s like there’s a ray of light coming from the sky.

Then… there was a loud crash.

Bang! Like a clap of thunder.

Unexpectedly, the dragon cave was cut open by someone at the top.

“Thundershock! Master unexpectedly used this move.” Chu Mo, at the instance he felt that aura, directly though in his heart the move performed by the Demon Lord.

It was the fifth blade of Eight h.e.l.l Blades, Thundershock!.

This power… it’s just liked the heaven’s might.

Even the giant rooster was startled. He leaned over his head, and the bright red crown on his head trembled. He looked at Chu Mo and said, “Boy… where did your monster of a Master come from?”

At this time, a cold voice from the sky sounded: “Where this monster came from, is it important?”

Then, there was a blurry image in front of Chu Mo and the giant rooster, and the Demon Lord dressed in black expressionlessly appeared in front of them.

“Master” Chu Mo looked happy.

“Monster!” The giant rooster looked fearful, and it felt uneasy from the murderous intent coming from the Demon Lord.

As for Zhao Changhai in the cave, he has been so frightened by the power of thunder that he directly fainted. And In his hand… he’s still holding on to that dragon scale.

The Demon Lord looked at Zhao Changhai with some disdain. Chu Mo said on the side: “Master, I promised the giant rooster to let this man live…”

The Demon Lord did not ask any question. He nodded faintly: “Then let him get out of this place!”

After saying those, with a turn of his wrist, Zhao Changhai immediately flew up, and just along the place where the Demon Lord came in… he directly throw him out.

To be continued…


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