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Read My 100-Day Secret Marriage With The Boss Chapter 109 – It’s Really Her! (III)

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Chapter 109: It’s Really Her! (III)

“See, I told you so. It’s right there inside her purse but you didn’t believe me.” Sun Ru stepped forward with a smug look written all over her face. “Miss Chu, weren’t you denying earlier? What else do you have to say in front of this cold hard evidence?”

Fifth Young Master Shen was completely stunned. He thought there was nothing in Chu Wuyou’s purse judging from her calm expression. The discovery of this “stolen good” was completely out of his expectation.

Perhaps someone had planted it inside her purse without her knowledge.

What a dumb woman.

Fifth Young Master Shen reckoned he needed to inform Third Elder Brother about the situation. No matter how much he disliked the brainless Chu Wuyou, she was still Third Elder Brother’s legal wife at the end of the day.

“Third Elder Brother, come over to private room 505. Something happened.” Fifth Young Master Shen made a quick text and sent it to Ye Lanchen.

After a moment of hesitation, he wrote another message. “Chu Wuyou’s in trouble.”

Over in another private room, Ye Lanchen narrowed his eyes at the text. He rose to his feet immediately and walked out of the room. The rest of the people who were left behind widened their eyes in confusion.

The crowd was taken aback the moment Ye Lanchen pushed the door open and stepped inside.

Why was Third Young Master Ye here?

Young Master Leng and Third Young Master Ye were not in a particularly close relations.h.i.+p with one another. The latter would never attend any events organized by Young Master Leng. In addition, no one had the capability to invite Young Master Ye to social events as such.

Every woman in the private room stared at Third Young Master Ye with intense infatuation.

Chu Wuyou was also surprised at his presence but she regained her composure immediately. It was stated clearly on the marriage contract that their marriage would be kept a secret from the public.

Besides, he married her to inherit the Ye family business. He probably did not want the public to know her as his wife because she really was not a great candidate.

Therefore, Chu Wuyou remained silent and did not acknowledge the man.

Ye Lanchen gazed at Chu Wuyou the moment he entered the room. The latter did not stir the slightest bit or show any initiative to speak to him. He narrowed his eyes and turned toward Fifth Young Master Shen. “What’s the matter?”

His voice was laced with obvious sternness.

Naturally, the crowd thought that Ye Lanchen was here to look for Fifth Young Master Shen. That explained his sudden appearance.

“These two women accused First Young Lady Chu of stealing their necklace. First Young Lady Chu reported to the police but we just discovered the said necklace in First Young Lady Chu’s purse.” Fifth Young Master Shen grumbled about Chu Wuyou’s stupidity in his mind when he offered the explanation.

He had never encountered someone as foolish as her. She had just sold herself out to the police.

Anyway, he was at fault too. He should not have listened to her and insisted on a thorough search of her purse.

Young Master Leng’s narrowed eyes regarded Chu Wuyou with an unfathomable expression.

Perhaps everyone else agreed that Ye Lanchen was here to look for Fifth Young Master Shen, but he did not think so.

Young Master Leng suddenly remembered the woman that ruined his event five years ago. It was mentioned to him that Third Young Master Ye was also in hot pursuit of that woman on that same night. This gave him something to think about.

Ye Lanchen s.h.i.+fted his eyes toward Chu Wuyou once more and noticed the latter sitting in silence. She had not given him as far as a second glance since he first stepped into the room.

She was treating him like a complete stranger which meant she was not hoping to receive his a.s.sistance either.

Ye Lanchen felt a sudden pang in his chest. It was probably caused by her.

“Is there a security camera in this room?” the young policeman asked out of the blue. This might be the only solution that could solve the problem.

“This is Young Master Leng’s private room and there’s nothing of that sort.” This was the reason for Fifth Young Master Shen’s frustration. There were security cameras in all other private rooms apart from this particular one that belonged to Young Master Leng because the latter refused so.

They all believed Chu Wuyou would not steal but they needed more than that to please the crowd.

The fact that had been laid out in front of their eyes was that the “stolen good” was indeed discovered in Chu Wuyou’s purse. The decision was final and there was no other way to turn the table around.

First Young Lady Chu was a thief. The family’s reputation would suffer a disastrous decline if this rumor was made known to the public. Besides, this incident that happened tonight was obviously an intentional frame. In other words, this unpleasant scandal would undoubtedly be spread all around Jin City in no time.


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