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Qin Hai hurriedly embraced Bai Ruyan in his arms and repeatedly called her name.

Bai Ruyan seemed to have fainted for a short period of time, but she quickly regained consciousness. After opening her eyes, she smiled sweetly at Qin Hai. “It seems like I haven’t recovered from the cold, I shouldn’t have ridden!”

Qin Hai held Bai Ruyan up by her waist without a word. Then, he returned to Maserati’s side and ordered Wu, who had a nervous expression on his face, “Open the car door!”

Ah Wu opened the car door with a guilty conscience. After Qin Hai carried Bai Ruyan into the car, he hurriedly got into the driver’s seat and started the engine.

“Mr. Qin, are we going back?” Ah Wu turned around and asked.

“Go back my a.s.s, to the hospital!” Qin Hai scolded him while holding back his anger.

“Oh, okay!” Ah Wu hurriedly backed the car out of the parking s.p.a.ce and sped out of the stable.

Bai Ruyan suddenly burst into laughter. She raised her hand and gently caressed Qin Hai’s determined face and the stubble on his chin. Her eyes revealed a deep love and reluctance to part from him.

“Alright, don’t be angry. I told them not to tell you.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Qin Hai was indeed a little angry. “Even Zhao Pu knows the reason behind your visit to the M Country, yet you kept it a secret from me. Why?”

Bai Ruyan smiled and asked, “Are you jealous? You’re blaming me for telling Zhao Pu, but not you? “

The smile on Qin Hai’s face stiffened as he denied it, “No, I just thought that something might have happened to you. In the end, I could only watch and do nothing to help!”

However, the smile on Bai Ruyan’s face became even more radiant. “Did you know that when you’re lying, you subconsciously avert your eyes?”

Qin Hai: “…”

“Haha …” “Okay, let’s not go to the hospital. Let’s go home, I’ll tell you everything when we get home.” After Bai Ruyan finished speaking, she snuggled back into Qin Hai’s embrace and hugged him before closing her eyes. Not long after, her breathing once again became even and long, and she actually fell asleep again.

Qin Hai frowned. He could only tell Wu to go back to the Bai family first.

Not long after, Maserati stopped at the door of the small villa that was as white as smoke. Qin Hai carried Bai Ruyan off the car. Just as he was about to go upstairs, Bai Ruyan woke up.

Looking at Qin Hai, Bai Ruyan smiled again. “It feels so good to be able to see you as soon as I open my eyes. I wish I could be like this forever!”

Qin Hai wordlessly carried Bai Ruyan up to the second floor and gently placed her on the bed. After that, he undressed her and covered her with a blanket. He stood beside the bed and said, “You can tell me now!”

Bai Ruyan pouted and said, “You’re so far away from me!”

Qin Hai could only sit on the edge of the bed. “Is it okay now?”

“Still far away!” Bai Ruyan eagerly looked at him, “I want you to hug me like before!”

Qin Hai had no choice but to lean against the headboard and let Bai Ruyan lean into his embrace. A smile immediately appeared on Bai Ruyan’s face. Her hands were also tightly entwined with Qin Hai’s.

The two quietly snuggled together. Through the French window, they could see the scenery in the distance. There were mountains there, birds flying, and the meandering spring river in the distance.

The bright sunlight shone down on everything, even shining through the French windows onto the bed, shining down on their tightly clasped hands.

At this moment, it was so quiet that even time seemed to have frozen.

After a long while, Bai Ruyan softly said, “If Lin Qingya knew we were like this, would she be angry?”

Qin Hai: “…”

Without waiting for Qin Hai to speak, Bai Ruyan laughed, “Actually, although I have fought with her for more than ten years, there is not much of a conflict between us. “We all have similar tastes, I like what she likes, and she also thinks what I like is good. Right now, even the men we like are the same, this is really fate, it seems like we are destined to be enemies for the rest of our lives.”

Qin Hai said, “You can actually be friends.”

Bai Ruyan shook her head and smiled, “I don’t have any more chances. If there’s a next life, I hope I can be friends with her. “

After a short pause, she continued, “You’re right, I’m going to M Country to see a doctor. I have a disease, a genetic disease, and that’s what killed my mother. I used to think I didn’t, but I had a fit a while ago, even worse than my mother. The doctor said that I had only a month at the most and might leave at any time. “

Qin Hai’s hands suddenly tightened around Bai Ruyan’s, but a smile remained on Bai Ruyan’s face, as if she was talking about someone else.

“Actually, I’m not afraid of death. I’m really not afraid, I just don’t want to leave you, and I don’t want to never see you again. I want to be like before, seeing you the moment I open my eyes everyday!”

Crystal clear tears quietly rolled down from the corners of Bai Ruyan’s eyes, her voice also becoming choked with sobs.

Qin Hai felt as if his heart had been struck by a sledgehammer, and his heart ached endlessly for a moment.

No wonder, no wonder Bai Ruyan bought him so many clothes and shoes, and even said that she would buy enough clothes for him to wear for the rest of his life.

Forcefully suppressing the bitterness in his heart, Qin Hai helped Bai Ruyan wipe away her tears and said, “I know a few very powerful doctors. I’ll get them to come and take a look for you.”

“No need. When I was in M Country, my dad went to a lot of doctors. All kinds of doctors went to look for me. However, they were unable to cure my illness, and my mother also failed to cure it. This disease has no rule of law, so this is my life! “

“No, I can’t give up until the last moment!” Qin Hai said.

Bai Ruyan smiled, “Alright then. I’ll listen to you. From now on, I will listen to you except for one thing. “

“What is it?” Qin Hai asked curiously.

“Don’t tell anyone else about my illness, especially Lin Qingya!” Bai Ruyan raised her head to look at Qin Hai and pouted, “I fought with her for more than ten years, but still lost in the end. I don’t want her to pity me, and I don’t want her to pity me. Can you promise me that? “

Qin Hai said snappily, “What time is it? Are you still thinking about this!”

“Just promise me, okay?” Bai Ruyan twisted her body in Qin Hai’s embrace. “Worse comes to worse, she’ll just let you bully her as you please. It’ll be fine even if you want to help her vent her anger!”

Qin Hai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He couldn’t help but pat Bai Ruyan lightly across the blanket. “Stop messing around, hurry up and tell me where the medical records are. I’ll call my friend and ask around.”

“Then you promised me?” Bai Ruyan asked with a smile.

Qin Hai nodded helplessly. Bai Ruyan immediately happily kissed his face, “The medical history is in the drawer. Take it yourself. I don’t have the strength now, so I don’t want to move.”

He took out the medical records from the drawer of the bedside table and flipped through them. After checking the information on the internet, Qin Hai’s mood immediately sank to the bottom.

Bai Ruyan’s disease is a very rare genetic disease with a very high mortality rate. This disease may lurk in the body for decades, but once it breaks out, it will be very troublesome. There has been no cure until now.

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