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It was a pity that her opponent was Qin Hai, who had rich experience in life and death battles. He had experienced almost all kinds of crises before, and his reaction speed was not at all inferior to hers, and his attack speed was also much faster than hers.

Bang! A heavy kick landed on the woman’s stomach, followed by a groan. The woman was sent flying, rolling on the ground for seven or eight meters before she finally came to a stop.

Qin Hai didn’t wait for her to recover before he chased after her. But at that moment, the woman in black suddenly took something out from her pocket and threw it at the ground. Black smoke immediately rose into the air, and when the smoke dissipated, the woman was no longer there.

“Ninjutsu?” Qin Hai’s eyes turned cold as he coldly snorted, “It’s you guys who are hiding your heads and showing your tails again. Come out quickly, otherwise, don’t blame me for being impolite!”

The surroundings were completely silent. Because they saw that there was a fight, the cars behind them also stopped in the distance and didn’t continue driving.

Qin Hai slowly paced back and forth, carefully listening to the sounds around him. Not long after, a shining dagger appeared behind him and stabbed toward his back without a sound.

Just as the dagger was about to hit Qin Hai, he suddenly disappeared. The woman in black turned pale with fright. It was too late to turn around and flee. A hand landed accurately on her neck. The woman in black fell with a cry, falling weakly into Qin Hai’s arms.

Qin Hai lowered his head to look at the woman’s face. Although she was wearing thick makeup, he could still tell that she was not that old. From her face and figure, she was the same woman who tried to kill Zhang Zhengdong at Shangri-La Hotel and escaped. Qin Hai couldn’t understand why this woman would appear in the bar and follow them all the way here. He also couldn’t understand why this woman would want to kill him. Was it because he ruined her good fortune?

He dragged the woman toward the Range Rover, ready to take her back and ask her more questions. But at this moment, a strong sense of danger came over him, and Qin Hai quickly retreated. With a “Chirp” sound, a bullet almost flew right past him. Seeing Qin Hai dodge the bullet, the gunman hidden in the shadows fired again. No matter how good Qin Hai was, he couldn’t use his body to forcefully carry the bullet. Furthermore, this gunman’s marksmanship was very good, so he could only let go of the woman in black and fly to the side of the Land Rover to temporarily dodge.

There was a loud rumbling sound, and a man in black leather clothes rode that motorcycle of hers and quickly rushed over. While suppressing Qin Hai with bullets, he approached the woman in black and quickly pulled her up from the ground. Then, he quickly drove away.

Qin Hai walked out from beside the Land Rover. He frowned as he stared at the distant motorcycle. If he pursued them now, he would have a fifty percent chance of catching them. However, if this was a trap set by the other party, then Xiaoxiao and Mengmeng would be in danger.

He didn’t chase them. Instead, he waited for the motorcycle to get far away before he returned to the car. He looked at the two little girls who were cowering behind him and said in a bad mood, “Do you dare to run around in the middle of the night again?”

The two little girls quickly shook their heads, shaking it like a rattle. Qin Hai laughed inwardly. The two little fellows were probably frightened as well. They didn’t say anything else and just started the car, continuing on their way to Jade Dragon Island.

At the same time, at the Wu Clan on the northern outskirts of the Spring River. The huge villa had been turned into a mourning hall. Almost everyone in the Wu family had a mournful look on their face. The crying sounds in the house were deafening.

The women were crying miserably, while Wu Xuan, who was sitting beside them, was filled with grief and indignation. He was still wearing the clothes he had worn in the evening. Even now, he still could not believe that his big brother, who had been alive not too long ago, was already separated from his life.

A young man walked into the room, approached Wu Xuan and said in a low voice, “Uncle Xuan, we just got the news that these killers are from Xiangjiang and their target is Zhang Zhengdong. The police are trying their best to capture the remaining two killers.”

“Impossible!” Wu Xuan patted on the armrest and said with a gloomy face, “This is not that simple. Their target must be our big brother. Any Jiang killer is trying to divert our attention.”

A middle-aged woman who was crying said, “His second uncle, then who do you think is the mastermind?”

Wu Xuan’s eyes overflowed with killing intent as he said in a deep voice: “I think it is most likely that b.a.s.t.a.r.d Qin Hai, and the Bai Clan has also partic.i.p.ated. Otherwise, how would those surnamed Qin know that there would be a gunshot attack, and they just happened to push Zhang Zhengdong and Liu Qingmei away.” “In addition, I was set up by someone at the royal ball. They might have done this to me. These b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, I will definitely not let them get away with it.”

With that, he turned to the middle-aged woman and said, “Sister-in-law, you can rest a.s.sured that I will definitely avenge brother!”

The middle-aged woman cried, “With your big brother gone, our Wu family will depend on you. Little Xuan, although revenge is important, don’t let anything happen to you.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.”

Wu Xuan got up and left the house. He went to a quiet place and dialed a number. He said in a deep voice, “I don’t care what your reason is. You must send people here immediately. I want to get rid of Qin Hai as soon as possible.” If you don’t agree, then this will be the end of our cooperation. Furthermore, I will even reveal your secret.

After a few seconds of silence, a hoa.r.s.e voice came through the speaker. “I can understand your mood. Don’t worry, I’ve already arranged everything.”

After hanging up, like an angry lion, Wu Xuan dialed another number.

“Three days! I will see Bai Hongtian die within three days!”

On the other end of the phone, Chen Yanqiu was so shocked that her face turned pale. When the sound of water splashing came from the washroom, she quickly hung up the phone and deleted the previous record before placing the phone under her pillow.

Bai Hongtian walked out of the washroom and casually asked, “Who else is calling you so late at night?”

Chen Yanqiu smiled and said, “My colleague asked me if I would like to go to school tomorrow morning. She wanted to invite me to do her beauty job, so I agreed.”

Bai Hongtian didn’t seem to care. He casually picked up the teacup on the bedside table, only to realize that there was no water in the teacup. Chen Yanqiu quickly took the teacup, “Lie down and rest for a while, I’ll go pour some water for you.”

Chen Yanqiu poured half a cup of water and after a moment of hesitation, she took out a small plastic bag from the drawer beside her. She poured half of the powder out and mixed it with the tea water.

Returning to his room, he placed the teacup into Bai Hongtian’s hands. Chen Yanqiu was so nervous that her entire body was trembling, and her fingernails were about to dig into her palms.

Fortunately, Bai Hongtian didn’t notice anything amiss. With a few gulps, he finished the entire cup of tea and fell back asleep. Soon, thunderous snores could be heard.

Chen Yanqiu let out a long breath, as if she had put down a heavy burden. Section error, click on this report (no registration), after reporting the maintenance personnel will correct chapter content within two minutes, please wait patiently, and refresh the page.


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