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“Don’t you think it’s strange that these pirates are here?”

At this moment, a voice came from behind Guy.

Guy turned in surprise to see Qinhai standing calmly behind him.

The white brute behind him was equally shocked, because even he did not notice when Qin Hai had approached them.

In a hurry, the white brute immediately took out his dagger and stared at Qin Hai warily. At the same time, Guy immediately turned his gaze towards the reception hall.

Qin Hai smiled, “There’s no need to look. Those idiots have already been knocked unconscious. Mr. Guy, now that the enemy is here, we need to work together to get through this. Otherwise, if these pirates were to board the ship, it would be useless even if you had the Blood Rose, don’t you think? “

Guy considered for only three seconds before nodding. “You’re right!” He then asked, “What did you mean when you said these pirates came here?”

Qin Hai said, “Although this is the high seas, as far as I know, there haven’t been many pirates appearing here in recent years.” As for Captain Barran, he immediately determined that these people were pirates, and even stated their ident.i.ties with absolute certainty. It seems like Captain Barran is very familiar with these people. “

Guy was shocked, and when he thought about it more and more, he felt that Qin Hai’s words made sense.

“You mean, these people aren’t pirates. They’re Barran’s men?”

Qin Hai shook his head, “I can’t be sure whether it is or not. All I know, though, is that if these so-called pirates were friends of Captain Barron, Captain Barron would have put them on board. If that’s not the case, then Captain Barran will definitely try his best to resist.

Guy’s expression changed greatly. He thought for a moment before replying with a serious expression, “This is too risky. If these pirates really are Barran’s men, then we’ll all be dead after they board the ship.”

Qin Hai shrugged his shoulders and said with a smile, “There’s no other way. We can only pray that the G.o.ds bless us. Hopefully Barran isn’t on the same side as those pirates.”

At this moment, a small head appeared on the gangway, peeking out to observe the surroundings.

Qin Hai looked back and waved at him with a smile. When Xiao Lingling saw Qin Hai, she was overjoyed. She quickly waved to him and ran over excitedly.

Other than Qiao Wei and Anna, Serena also came up with Xiao Lingling.

Guy was surprised to see them. “How did you —”

“How did we get out, right?” Xiao Lingling was rather dissatisfied with Guy. She snorted and said, “Professor Guy, you’re Selina’s uncle. Do you feel good about treating her like this?”

Guy’s face turned ugly, and he stuttered, unable to speak.

Qin Hai smiled lightly and said to Anna, “Thank you for your hard work!”

There was no need to ask, the fact that Xiao Lingling and the rest were able to escape from the second floor was definitely Anna’s doing.

Anna smiled: “It’s all because of everyone’s cooperation. Otherwise it wouldn’t be so easy.”

It turned out that after they were imprisoned in the second level of the ship, the few of them had decided to use the most primitive and effective method, the beauty trap. As expected, the moment they opened the cabin door, Anna, who was hiding behind the door, put them on the ground, and all the female guests were able to escape.

After knowing what had happened, Qin Hai couldn’t help but laugh. He gave a thumbs up and said, “It really is amazing. It looks like I’ve underestimated you guys!”

Xiao Lingling smiled as she held onto Qin Hai’s arm. “If it weren’t for you bullying that Barran and giving us a chance to leave the reception hall, we wouldn’t have been able to do anything about it. You know, even Selina is very impressed by what you just did. She rarely praises people. “

Qin Hai looked at Selina in surprise. The latter blushed and nodded slightly. “Thank you so much today.”

Serena’s face had always been tense and cold as ice. She had never spoken to him in such a pleasant manner, let alone with such a shy look. He was not used to hearing her gentle voice.

“Don’t be too happy yet. Maybe Professor Gaye will let that Captain Barran lock us up later. Right now, there is still a new problem. A group of pirates are approaching the cruise ship, and Captain Barran has already led his men down to snipe at them. However, whether they can succeed or not is still unknown. “

When Qin Hai recounted the current situation, all the girls turned pale with fright. Serena gave Guy a deep look, then said, “Uncle Guy, if you want that crown, you can ask me directly for it. I definitely won’t reject you.”

Guy looked ashamed. “Serena, I was wrong. Right now, the most important thing was to chase those pirates away. At the same time, he had to be on guard against Barran and the others. Barran could very well be in cahoots with those pirates. Once they get on the cruise, we’ll be in grave danger. “

Ce’Nedra looked to the starboard side of the cruise ship, but the night was too dark to see the approaching pirates.

She looked at Qin Hai. “What do you think we should do now?”

If it was before, Selina would definitely not ask for Qin Hai’s opinion. However, after what had just happened, Qin Hai’s cleverness and bravery had left a deep impression on her, so her first reaction was to ask Qin Hai for his opinion.

“Bullets have no eyes, you guys go back to the cabin and hide, then close the doors and windows. Leave the rest to us. ” Qin Hai said with a relaxed expression.

Serena hesitated for a moment but still nodded and rushed to the reception hall. She brought the male guests to the second floor and found a place to hide.

However, to Qin Hai’s surprise, after a while, in addition to Anna who returned to his side, Selina also followed him.

Seeing that Qin Hai was looking at her with a puzzled expression, Selina said, “The events of tonight happened because of me. I must stand in front or else I will never forgive myself.”

“Alright, be careful later!” Seeing that Selina was so adamant, Qin Hai didn’t try to persuade her further. He distributed the guns among the others. Everyone was holding a gun, including Selina.

Right at that moment, the sound of gunfire came from the distant sea, followed by the crisp sound of bullets. .h.i.tting the cruise ship.

The few of them quickly bent over and laid down on the ground. The bullets that were flying everywhere felt as if they were flying above their heads, hitting the cruise ship and making loud noises.

(End of chapter)

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